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Rob Lucci[1] is a current member of the CP-0,[3] having originally been the strongest member of the CP9[10] unit operating undercover to obtain the Pluton blueprints from Iceburg.[4] Introduced as one of the five foremen of Galley-La Company's Dock One, he was a sawyer, treenail, and bolt specialist.[1] After his defeat by Luffy, he was dismissed from CP9 by Spandam, who declared him and the other assassins to be responsible for the Straw Hats' havoc on Enies Lobby.

He was the main antagonist of the Water 7 Saga, specifically the Water 7 and Enies Lobby Arc.


Rob Lucci is a very tall and slim, yet muscular man with arched eyebrows and a close-shaved goatee. He has shoulder length wavy hair that is sometimes tied in a ponytail. When he is not fighting, his pet pigeon Hattori is usually perched quietly on his right shoulder.[2] He has a tattoo of a crossed-out square on each upper arm,[2] as well as five cannonball scars on his back in the shape of the World Government symbol.[10]

He wore a large black top hat with a sepia band until he lost it during his fight with Luffy[11]. As a shipwright, he wore brown trousers with caramel suspenders over a white tank-top [2] and shoes with black toe-caps.[1] As an assassin, he wore a two-piece black suit with the sleeves normally rolled up, complete with black leather shoes and a white tie and handkerchief in the breast pocket.[12]

When invading Iceburg's mansion he was wearing a bull mask and a light pink dress with thick sleeves and a yellow "tie" above.[13]

He was noted to be good looking by some women from Water 7 and Gatherine. [14] [15]

Lucci was drawn as a child by Oda after a fan asked to draw the CP9 members as children. Oda drew young Lucci with the kanji for "peace" (平和 heiwa?) on his shirt, which possibly suggests that the branch Lucci is holding is an olive branch in tribute to the type of branch held by white doves (in this case Hattori) as a sign of peace.

The anime had also portrayed Lucci as a teenager in its rendition of his past story. Though the two portrayals of Lucci are meant to be him, they have different styles to them, mostly because Oda's version was drawn after the anime had already depicted him and not just because they show him at two different ages. Note that Oda did depict the silhouette of thirteen-year-old Lucci from the backside, though only briefly - this most likely is where the anime design for him originates.[16]

In CP9's Independent Report, he wore a light spotted shirt with a black coat over his shoulders and had bandages over his forehead and chest from his fight with Luffy and let his hair fall freely.[17]

In One Piece Film: Gold, he wears a blue-white suit with a white coat draped over his shoulders. His beard has also grown longer and has a small ball on the end.


Main SeriesEdit

Rob Lucci as a Child
Lucci as a child.
Shipwright Lucci
Lucci undercover as a shipwright of Water 7.
Lucci in his bull costume.
Masquerade Lucci
Lucci's Cipher Pol mask.
Lucci casual outfit
Lucci without his jacket.
Rob Lucci
Lucci's CP-9 attire.
Lucci close up
Lucci's face when using his devil fruit ability.
Lucci One Piece Green
Lucci's color scheme after the Enies Lobby incident.


Lucci in Film Gold
Lucci after the timeskip in One Piece Film: Gold.

Video GamesEdit



During the time he was in Water 7 as a carpenter, Rob Lucci never spoke, preferring to instead talk through his pet pigeon, Hattori, using ventriloquism.[18][19] However, after he revealed himself to be a CP9 agent he spoke normally,[20][21] with Hattori becoming a regular pigeon that displayed some human qualities. Hattori always rides on Lucci's shoulder until Lucci begins fighting, at which point he will fly overhead until the battle is over. Lucci seems to have a rivalry with Paulie, and often chides him for having money problems. Because of this rivalry, the two often fight;[22] however, the matches generally end before there is a victor.[23] Other than this, however, Lucci appears to be very distant from everyone else, including the other foremen and Iceburg.


Lucci comes off as a cold and collected CP9 agent, almost never displaying any emotions (nevertheless even he displays shock at the knowledge that Franky had the Pluton blueprints the whole time[24]). A testament to his cold nature is his brutal assault on his friend of five years, Paulie, whom he even tries to kill after the CP9's identities were revealed.[25]. He is likewise shown smirking when telling an official that taking Nico Robin back will never happen[26], when convincing Kaku and Kalifa to eat Devil Fruits[27], as well as when he and Spandam realize Luffy was following them (probably because of his lust for battle[28]). He also states that he feels no true bond with the city he's lived in for five years,[29] and he seems to have no feelings for his fellow CP9 colleagues, least of all Spandam.

However, it appears that in spite of his seeming lack of emotions, Lucci does not like being insulted - during his fight with Luffy he does not pay attention to Usopp until he starts to insult him. In addition, he reacts rather violently if anyone calls him a gakki (slang in Japanese for kid or brat), responding with a kick and a retort both times after Iceburg and Franky referred to him as such.[30][31] He also finds it offensive when someone shows weakness around him, as seen when he told the cowardly Marines on a Buster Call ship to shut up[32], and goes as far as to dismiss a new colleague by presumably killing him for being weak.[33] The reason that he killed the five hundred soldiers in his past was due to another belief of his - the belief that weakness is a sin. Personally, he believes anyone who shows weakness is no better than a criminal.[34][35] He also believes if he is involved then the situation means blood will be drawn and that he also does not have to accept the views and ideals of his superiors as long as he completes his missions efficiently.[36]

In combat, he is a very sadistic and violent fighter, and also seems to derive amusement and gratification from inflicting physical and emotional pain on others, making him a typical sadist. These scenes, along with when he anticipates battle, are the only times where he seems happy at all. In the Tower of Justice at Enies Lobby, he reveals that he only joined the World Government so he can be legally allowed to kill people. An example of Lucci's lust for violence is when he compromised the mission of bringing Robin to the Gates of Justice by allowing Monkey D. Luffy to tail him, for the sole purpose of having a battle, smirking when Luffy burst through the door.[37] Lucci's violent and cruel nature is also shown when he goes into full-beast mode during battle, in order to attack Luffy more violently.[32] Another example of his sadism is when Lucci flooded the underwater passageway to the Gates of Justice in an attempt to kill the Straw Hat crew members in the passageway, because he wanted to eliminate Luffy's chances of having everything just to anger him.[38] He has a habit of demoralizing and taunting his opponents, which is seen when taunting Luffy about the possibility of him killing Nico Robin.[39] While in his full beast form he acts more like a bloodthirsty animal, as seen when he mauled Luffy.[32]

Despite all this apparent lack of morality, he has displayed some, if very little, sympathy for those he dubs innocent; when the Candy Pirates are attacking a small village, he quickly dispatches the captain to save the people,[40] though his demonstration of Absolute Justice later prompts him and his comrades to leave.[41] This shows that deep down, he's not completely heartless. He also displays some morals such as when he shows disgust towards Spandam for assaulting Robin when she was unable to fight back, despite claiming to hunt her to the ends of the world. Likewise, he shows concern for his pet pigeon Hattori, sending him away when in dangerous situations. Lastly he expresses gratitude to the doctor who saved his life after his clash with Luffy on Enies Lobby.[17]




With the exception of Spandam, he seems to have no feelings for his fellow CP9 colleagues. Even though Spandam is a weakling, Lucci respects him as his boss[42]. However, he does appear to harbor some disdain for Spandam, as seen when he deliberately neglects to stop Chimney from following them to the Gates of Justice because he received no order to do so (and presumably because of his own desire for a battle) and when he flippantly refers to Spandam as "a certain idiot" and wishes he could witness Luffy's excellent initiative as a leader [43]. Spandam also believes in Lucci’s strength and he always refers to him as the strongest member of the organization.[10] He has a fierce rivalry with Jabra that is most evidently expressed by their opposing Zoan fruit forms.[44] Despite this however, Jabra still seems to care about Lucci's well being, raising money to help pay for an operation that Lucci needed to save his life. He also doesn't care for CP9’s newest member, Nero, stating that his defeat was expected due to his inability to use the whole Rokushiki move set. He even decided to kill him after his defeat by Franky.[33]

Galley La CompanyEdit

Lucci seemed to have had a rivalry with Paulie, and often chided him for having money problems. Because of this rivalry, the two often fought;[22] however, the matches generally ended before there was a victor.[23] Other than this, however, Lucci appeared to be very distant from everyone else. Upon the truth being revealed, Lucci had no qualm trying to kill Paulie and Iceburg, and even claimed that he feels no true bond with the city he's lived in for 5 years.[29]

World GovernmentEdit

Lucci was very loyal to the World Government. The Government saw Lucci as a very important asset and his strength is acknowledged by them. Lucci was willing to do whatever it takes for their sake and he followed the doctrine of Absolute Justice; he believed that the 500 soldiers who surrendered to pirates were no different than criminals who deserved death, and the Government apparently did not argue with his unauthorized killing of them. However, after Spandam framed CP9 for his debacles, Lucci and his colleagues have become fugitives of the World Government.

As of the time skip, however, this seems to have been rectified, as Lucci has been granted CP-0 status and Spandam has become his subordinate.[3]


Straw Hat PiratesEdit

Lucci along with the whole of CP9 is a major enemy of Nico Robin. However, Lucci was especially interested in arresting her. Lucci and Franky are enemies. Lucci was shocked to see Franky burn the blueprints of Pluton,resulting in his five year mission ending in failure.[24] Finally, Lucci personally made an enemy out of the Straw Hats’ captain, Monkey D. Luffy. The two engaged in a vicious battle at the tower of Enies Lobby. Lucci was quite a formidable opponent and made Luffy exert himself more than ever before.


Iceburg was the holder of the plans to Pluton for four years after Tom's death. After those four years, he secretly gave them to the man who he thought to be dead, Cutty Flam. As this was done in secret, the government still believed that Iceburg was in possession of the plans. As such, he was forever pestered by officials who came to try and convince him to hand over the plans. After years of being stalked by government officers for the Pluton plans, the strongest divisions of the Cipher Pol were secretly sent for Iceburg.

Without him knowing, four of the CP9 agents infiltrated Water 7 and disguised themselves to look like normal people, several even gaining entries into his trusted inner circle. Three more masked people entered the room and revealed themselves to be not only CP9, but also people that Iceburg trusted: Lucci, Kalifa, Kaku and bartender Blueno. Lucci revealed his theory about the real Pluton blueprints' whereabouts, while Kaku felt his pulse and Iceburg's heightened and nervous reactions only confirmed it.


During the CP9’s independent report, the CP9 members made Spandam their enemy. They were unable to turn to the World Government for help as Spandam has dispatched pursuers to capture them so they could be blamed for the mission's failure. After defeating the Marines led by Very Good, Lucci contacted a physically crippled Spandam using a Den Den Mushi and promised to come for him very soon.

However, he seems to let go of his vengeance against Spandam, as they are part of CP-0 though he does seem to treat him poorly, even going as far as to call his former boss annoying.[3]

Candy PiratesEdit

The crew invaded St. Poplar during one of their raids. Unfortunately for them, CP9 were in the town at the time, having escaped from Enies Lobby and ending up there. Rob Lucci attacked the captain while the other CP9 members struck out at his crew. However, the citizens became horrified when Lucci took the attack too far and began to show "excessive justice" against their captain by stepping on the pirate's skull, killing him.[40]



Why Hattori is with Lucci is unknown considering the man's reputation as a heartless mass-murderer, though Lucci has had him since he was a child. He apparently is not afraid of Lucci and is very loyal to him, as he stays close to his master even in dangerous situations like the Buster Call. When Lucci is not fighting, Hattori is usually perched on his master's right shoulder. Lucci would have had to express some emotions to blend in with citizens while undercover, but Hattori did this for him as his ventriloquist dummy; this allowed Lucci to be somewhat sociable while remaining emotionless.[18][19] While Hattori reverts to being an ordinary pigeon after Lucci was revealed to be an assassin, he occasionally exhibits human traits such as drinking from a cup.

Abilities and PowersEdit

No battle has a certain outcome. (...) Who could have predicted that Rob Lucci would be defeated?
— Bartholomew Kuma warning Gekko Moriah to never underestimate the Straw Hats[45]

As the strongest member of CP9, Rob Lucci's great power is acknowledged even by the Shichibukai.[45] Even at the tender age of thirteen, Lucci was already known to be a very capable mass-murderer, having killed 500 soldiers and a crew of pirates single-handedly. It should be also noted that Rob Lucci is the strongest member of CP9 in history by far;[10] with his Doriki at 4000, almost twice that of the second strongest member of CP9, Kaku's 2200.[8] Franky himself noted that his strength is levels above the rest of CP9, and later remarked that, if it were not for Luffy, he was not sure how many of them would have been slaughtered.[46] Lucci is the only person so far to single-handedly bring Luffy to the brink of death with nothing other than refined brute force.[citation needed] Despite his first and currently only known loss to Luffy, it remains unknown whether or not Lucci's strength has changed during the timeskip. However he is now officially a member of the CP-0, which is considered to be the strongest and the most exclusive of the Cipher Pol's.[3].

Because of his reputation, he is a very valuable asset to the World Government, almost to the point of legend; the Vice Admirals even believe that he can survive a Buster Call attack.

Along with his great superhuman strength and speed, Lucci is a highly intelligent and cunning individual, being able to become a master carpenter within a 5-year period merely as a form of espionage and surveillance over his "boss" Iceburg (who CP9 believed to have possession of the blueprints for the Ancient Weapon Pluton), and even when it was discovered otherwise, Lucci quickly deduced the next most likely candidate (Franky) based solely on their adolescent friendship. He and the other CP9 agents that infiltrated Water 7 deceived every single inhabitant, a clear sign of their manipulative skills.

A sound tactician, Lucci manages to almost single-handedly eliminate the Straw Hat Pirates (excluding Luffy, who he was battling) by understanding the structure of his environment and firing a well-aimed "Rankyaku" through a stone wall, flooding the ground floor of the Tower of Justice and all its hidden underground passages with seawater.[38] Had it not been for the unexpected arrival of Kokoro and her mermaid heritage, they would not have survived. He also quickly analyzes the mechanics behind Luffy's Gear Second technique after engaging it for just a couple of minutes at most, explaining it to the rubber-man and stating that such bodily pressure would shave years off his lifespan. [47] The fact he was able to reach the same level as the Galley La carpenters (who spend their whole life building their skills) in five years just to do an undercover job shows a great talent for it.


Since Lucci worked as a shipwright during his mission on Water 7, this means that he has some carpentry skills and has knowledge about ships. He worked as a sawyer, treenail, and bolt specialist. He, along with Kaku, was able to recognize that the Pluton blueprints Franky revealed on Enies Lobby were indeed real.[24]


Further information: Rokushiki
Shigan Infobox

Lucci effortlessly dispatches Paulie.

Lucci has complete mastery of Rokushiki, having used at least one or more moves from each of the different forms, such as Rankyaku Hyoubi and Tobu Shigan: Bachi. He demonstrates this when he unveils the Rokushiki hidden technique, Rokuougan, during his fight with Luffy. The massively powerful technique is so strong that it causes severe internal injury to Luffy's body, who described its effect as an Impact Dial with greatly amplified power, which is no small feat considering that he is made of rubber. With his complete mastery of Rokushiki, in conjunction with his Devil Fruit ability, Lucci proved to be a resilient and formidable foe, fighting on an equal footing with Luffy in Gear Second, and literally forcing him to exert every ounce of strength against him.

Devil FruitEdit

Further information: Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard
Lucci Mauls Luffy in Leopard Form

Lucci mauling Luffy in his leopard form.

Rob Lucci ate the Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard,[9] a Zoan-class Devil Fruit which allows him to transform into a leopard and a giant leopard-human hybrid. As Zoan class Devil Fruits enhance physical capabilities the most, it is most favored by martial artists like Lucci. Also, being a carnivorous animal, Lucci is more bloodthirsty and predatory than a regular Zoan class user, proven when he mauled Luffy as an actual leopard.[32]

Life ReturnEdit

Further information: Life Return

It has been revealed that Lucci can perform Life Return, like Kumadori, and use it to alter his body into forms that amplify his skills in a specific Rokushiki ability. However, only the Kami-e Form, which makes his man-beast form smaller and thinner, more like an average man-size, has been seen.


In One Piece: Film Gold he is shown to use Busoshoku Haki while fighting Sabo.



The Early YearsEdit

Rob Lucci Young

The Young Lucci during training.

Twenty-two years before the start of the series, an eight-year old Rob Lucci (alongside a ten-year old Blueno and a fifteen-year old Jabra) was seen training to master the Rokushiki style and in assassination with the other CP9 hopefuls on their homeland when Gol D. Roger was executed.

Notably, Hattori (or possibly another pigeon that serves as a predecessor to Hattori) was around back then — he was perched on top of Lucci's hat; Lucci already sported his top hat, even in training. They trained hard in order to be "stronger than justice". In the anime, Kumadori and Fukuro were also seen training with them.[48]

The Island RaidEdit

Rob Lucci Slaughters Soldiers

Teenage Lucci's massacre of soldiers.

Lucci's back-story concerning his admission into CP9 is revealed by Vice Admiral Doberman during the Buster Call on Enies Lobby. According to Doberman, fifteen years prior the start of the series, a kingdom had five hundred of its soldiers taken hostage by a pirate crew, with the captain demanding to be made the new king of the kingdom. As the government saw the king beginning to admit defeat, they sent in the thirteen year-old Rob Lucci.[10]

He infiltrated the prisoners' holding ground, killed all five hundred hostages in the room, thus neutralizing the possibility of a trade and eliminating the soldiers that Lucci believes to be weak, and then mercilessly slaughtering the entire pirate crew, and took the captain's head as proof. During his confrontation, the crew fired upon him with firearms which left him with the noticeable scars across his back; the fact that he survived these shots was the first indication to the World Government of how strong Rob Lucci would turn out to be.[10]

CP9's Secret MissionEdit

Five years before the current storyline, four members of the secret organization CP9 took guises in the city of Water 7. Lucci as part of his mission infiltrated Galley-La Company by applying for a job as a shipwright, in the attempt to retrieve the blueprints for Pluton from Iceburg, mayor and former pupil of legendary shipwright, Tom.[30] He became a treenail specialist.[1] Two other members Kaku and Kalifa became a ship mechanic and diagnostic and a personal secretary respectively, while the last member Blueno became a bartender. While gaining the city's trust and respect, they tried to get close enough to take the Pluton blueprints in Iceburg's possession, though cutting no corners in their assumed occupations, as Lucci assured Iceburg when they revealed themselves. Unknown to them, a year later, Iceburg had passed the blueprints to Tom's other pupil: Cutty Flam, better known as Franky.[30]

Water 7 SagaEdit

Water 7 ArcEdit

Once back at the shipyard, The Straw Hats are stopped from entering by one of the workers who explains only workers are allowed in there. The worker, Kaku, who Luffy comically calls Usopp at first due to his long nose, is given the letter from Kokoro and explains that Iceburg is the mayor of Water 7 and the president of the Galley-La Company. After being told the location of the ship, Kaku decides he will check the ship's condition and jumps off a cliff. Then they have to wait for Kaku's return and Iceburg has nothing better to do (despite just cancelling all his appointments), he offers to show them around Dock 1. Paulie is brought back to Dock 1 by fellow carpenter, Rob Lucci, while being scolded by Hattori, Lucci's pet pigeon, for stealing money. Iceburg explains to the three that if they had not stopped Paulie, the Galley-La Company would lose face. He continues to explain that the Franky Family members are professional ship scavengers that also work as bounty hunters and often cause chaos in Water 7. The Straw Hats note that they did not look that strong however, Iceburg warns them not to underestimate Franky himself.

At this, Rob Lucci returns Paulie to Dock 1 while Hattori apologizes for the events and demands that they are apologized to. Paulie returns the money to Luffy but is hit over the head by Lucci while Hattori apologizes and explains that Paulie is in debt to a confused Luffy. Angered by this, Paulie throws Rob Lucci who breaks his fall with only his fingers and Iceburg states this is usual. Comically, Luffy tells Paulie that the true enemy is the pigeon, Hattori, and yells that it should fight its own battles instead. Once returned back to Lucci's shoulder, Hattori introduces himself and Rob Lucci. Nami finally realizes that Lucci is a ventriloquist amazing both Luffy and Usopp. Paulie states that he always speaks through the pigeon before getting mad at the way both Nami and Kalifa are dressed. As the doors of Dock 1 open, Iceburg explains that Lucci, Paulie and Kaku are part of the chief mechanics despite their odd personalities. At the rooftop of an inn, the Straw Hats, excluding Nami, are seen sitting as Sanji enters remarking about how they spent money on rooms that's none of them used. After Chopper he went he explains to Chopper that he was keeping watch at the Peninsula for Robin and he has decided to look for her that day to which Chopper decides to look with him. At that moment, Nami rushes into the room and informs everyone that Iceburg had been shot. Meanwhile, at the Galley-La Headquarters, Iceburg is seen unconscious in bed while a doctor informs Rob Lucci and Kalifa that he was shot a total of five times. Lulu explains to Kaku that the doors did not appear to have been open and the only clue is a common mask while Paulie charges past the reporter to get inside Galley-La Headquarters. At the Galley-La Company Headquarters, the members discuss Robin and conclude that, since she is a member of the Straw Hats, they must all be involved. Tilestone arrives into Iceburg's room and reveals that Luffy and Franky are fighting at the shipyard to the other members. All the members, except Iceburg and Kalifa, head off to the shipyard to confront Luffy.

At the shipyard, Luffy and Franky continue to battle while destroying their surroundings. Nami, Mozu and Kiwi are seen cheering on at the sidelines. However, somebody attacks Luffy and sends him crashing into rubble. It is revealed to be the chief mechanics from Galley-La Dock 1. The Galley-La Company members interrupt the fight between Franky and Luffy at the shipyard, much to the annoyance of Franky. Rob Lucci combats Luffy, who is not returning attacks. At Blueno’s bar Kokoro and Franky begin to discuss Iceburg being shot, Kokoro suggesting that the government, who have been stalking him, would be more likely suspects than pirates. She continues by bringing up an organization known as CP9 which both Franky and Blueno states as a rumour however, she insists that they exist by working in the shadow. Franky asks Kokoro why she is so confident they exist and she states she heard about it, which Franky comically says is a rumour.

At Blueno's Bar, Franky suddenly rages out of the bar followed closely by Mozu and Kiwi. A confused Blueno wonders what happened while Kokoro simply says she has no idea how idiots think. Paulie and a group of Galley-La members decide to return to headquarters while citizens hiding in the shipyard basement all discuss the rumors they heard about the Straw Hat Pirates. Back at the Galley-La Company Headquarters, all the workers are seen guarding the outside while the elite five are all guarding Iceburg's bedroom. Inside, Kalifa is curious about why Iceburg keeps Nico Robin's bounty in his room to which he simply states that it is because she is a devil.

Nico Robin, along with the bear-masked man, is seen standing on a rooftop answering a Den Den Mushi saying they are both ready. An explosion suddenly goes off at the Galley-La Headquarters alerting everyone around the area and starting a panic causing Tilestone and Peeply Lulu to leave their post. A musketeer-styled assailant is seen being chased around using a spiked whip to escape to a higher floor where they are confronted by more Galley-La workers. Robin and the bear-masked man are also being chased around the area.

In the President's room, the two masked men introduce themselves to be members of Cipher Pol No.9 (CP9). A shocked Paulie mentions that they should have been confronted by employees however, one of the two reveal a blood soaked hand while explaining that neither of them have seen any carpenters. In the hallway, a number of men are seen slumped on the wall and floor. The two men then tell Paulie to hand over both the documents and his life. Pushing the bear-masked man against the wall, a doorway opens into Iceburg's room to find a shocked Iceburg waiting for them. The bear-masked man explains that this is the power of the Door-Door Fruit and shoots Iceburg to the shock of Robin explaining "a good cook is never lazy in his preparation". He continues to confirm themselves to be CP9 and explains that the reason Iceburg was allowed to live only to frame the Straw Hat Pirates. He also explains that their main objection is blueprints which they state he has handed down to Paulie who will be dealt with. Paulie still has the blueprints tightly in his grasp despite being covered in blood. As he falls to the ground defeated, he informs the two masked men that the blueprints are fakes. Shocked by the news that the blueprints are fake, the two masked men continue to stay silent as Paulie explains he knows nothing about them or what they are after. The pair decide to eliminate him since he is now involved however, they are interrupted by Luffy who comes crashing through the wall and initially notices a beaten Paulie before the two masked men. The skull-masked man kicks the wall just as Monkey D. Luffy manages to escape, breaking it with ease. Shocked by the strength of the kick, the buffalo/bull masked man sneaks behind Luffy and restrains him to the ground. Restraining Paulie as well before they leave, the pair arrange with the others to meet in the bedroom and to not shoot Iceburg. All the members of CP9 arrive, one picking up Rob Lucci's hat on the way in. Hattori is also flying into the room and perches himself on the buffalo/bull masked man's shoulders as he reveals himself to be Rob Lucci. It is seen outside that the defeated "Rob Lucci" and "Kaku" are simply look-a-likes as the skull-masked man is revealed to be Kaku. Kalifa also reveals herself to be the musketeer and Blueno, the bartender, as the Doa Doa no Mi user. Shocked by the fact that they are CP9, he sits listening as Rob Lucci tell him to state the blueprints location or else there will be more victims.

Rob Lucci explains to Iceburg about the existence of Cipher Pol and CP9. He states the reason CP9 is not to be known to exist is because they have permission to kill anyone who does not co-operate. He continues by revealing that the World Government wishes to resurrect the ancient weapon in the name of "justice".

As Rob Lucci decides to explain their theory while Kaku keeps track of Iceburg's pulse. He explains that it's odd that he would not try to hand down the real Pluton blueprints after being attacked, not unless he had already done so. As for the fakes, they are signed by Tom's Workers; Tom, Iceburg and Cutty Flam. He continues that Iceburg's mistake was that he thought that his enemies were not so close to him so they know of "Tom's Workers" whom are surrounded in mysteries so much so that it took them ages to deduce that Iceburg was a disciple and that the other, Cutty Flam death was confirmed 8 years ago by a government officer. However, the four of them remember that a year after they had arrived, a man arrived to see Iceburg and named himself only once. Cutty Flam is still alive and in Water 7 known by the name Franky, who had any opportunity to receive the Pluton blueprints since he was there selling material. It is stated that Iceburg's pulse confirms that it is all true. Just as CP9 are about to escape, they are interrupted by Luffy and Paulie as well as Zoro, Nami and Chopper.

Paulie is shocked when he realizes the situation and with Rob Lucci's voice confirming that his friends are really his enemies, he begins to attack. Rob Lucci however, stabs Paulie with only his finger after saying "Shigan". Lucci then explains that the members of CP9 have all trained countless hours to make their bodies into weapons and have mastered numerous skills that soar above normal human capabilities, Rokushiki. As Lucci is about to eliminate Paulie, Luffy attacks him with Gomu Gomu Gatling only for it to have no effect on Lucci after he uses Tekkai. Using Soru, Lucci manages to hit Luffy with Shigan to the neck. Luffy, who only escapes injury due to the abilities of the Gomu Gomu Fruit, brings Paulie to where he and the Straw Hat Pirates are and explain to the CP9 that they promised to kill those who were trying to kill Iceburg.

The Straw Hat Pirates then ask Robin to explain why she wishes to leave the crew and she states that if she is to stay with them, the dream which she would sacrifice anything for, would never be achieved. Iceburg interrupts only for Robin to attack to stop him interfering to the shock of those around her. Chopper asks whether she is their enemy however, before she could reply, Lucci interrupts and informs that the mansion will be engulfed in flames within two minutes. As Kalifa, Kaku and Blueno stand in the way between Robin and Lucci, Luffy states he is not happy about her leaving and the four Straw Hat Pirates prepare to attack. Monkey D. Luffy is caught and thrown against a wall by Rob Lucci as Robin escapes through the window. Rob Lucci then explains that CP9 have trained since they were young and are always sent out to extreme missions. He states that they have a huge difference in combat power compared to the Straw Hats. Kalifa interrupts and announces that it is almost time for the fires to start as Rob Lucci states he has something interesting to them. Lucci begins to transform shocking the others there.

CP9 Burns Galley-La Headquarters

CP9 destroys Galley La headquarters.

The group in Iceburg's bedroom watch in horror as Rob Lucci transforms using his Devil Fruit ability, Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard. Grown massively in height, Rob Lucci towers over them explaining that of all the Devil Fruit types, Zoan users' special quality is to strengthen themselves physically as the more they train, the more powerful they become. Kalifa informs them that the other shipwrights are on their way towards the bedroom however Lucci, with only a kick, destroys the upper levels of the Galley-La Headquarters causing them to collapse. Paulie manages to reach Iceburg and the pair attempt to escape however the CP9 stand in their way. Just as Lucci is about to strike the pair, Luffy manages to hit him before he could use Tekkai. Rob Lucci, who now saw sharp nails, pierces through Luffy and sends him flying somewhere in Water 7. Zoro then attacks however; he shares the same fate as Luffy however he is seen landing in the sea. On a rooftop close by, the CP9 members are seen watching the Galley-La Headquarters burn while Rob Lucci explains that there is now nobody to confirm the truth.

The CP9 members go in search of Franky's location. They spot members of the Franky Family below yelling a message for Monkey D. Luffy. Rob Lucci, wearing a mask to conceal his identity, asks them where Franky is however they do not reply and instead state they will teach him a lesson. At this moment, Mozu is sent flying over to where the pair stands shocked as they watch Kiwi being knocked out by Kalifa. Angry at the attack on his friends, Franky lunges to attack but is blocked by Blueno who he is shocked to see. Usopp who is shocked to see the Galley-la Workers he met the day before. Franky, confused to why he is being attacked by the four and angry about the attack of his "sisters" questions how they found out about the hideout.

CP9 Invades the Warehouse

CP9 reaches Franky's warehouse.

Rob Lucci informs them that the four attackers are spies for the World Government and that their lives in Water 7 were fake. They also reveal that they know his real name shocking Franky even more however; he acts calm and asks them how Iceburg is. Lucci tells him that he is dead, which Franky appears both shocked and devastated to hear, and that they are after the blueprints to Pluton. Franky recalls a much younger Iceburg naming him "Franky" and attacks Lucci who in seconds smashes Franky through a wall and into another room while Usopp watches unable to prevent anything. The CP9, unaware that there was another room, begin to search it and find plates engraved with the names "Cutty Flam", "Iceburg" and "Tom". Franky tells them to get out of the room as it is where he grew up and the world's best builder lived. While explaining this, a photo of all the members included into Tom's Workers is seen in the room.

Rob Lucci kicks one of the work places as Kalifa binds Franky in him in the thronged whip. Usopp panics as he continues to have no idea of what is happening while Lucci states that they have the trump card that "Cutty Flam" had committed a crime, just as Tom had done. At this, Franky angrily states that Tom was not a criminal however, he is kicked by Lucci as Usopp is seen holding his slingshot. Remembering what Tom had told him, he asks the CP9 how much they really know about Water 7. Rob Lucci tells Franky that the "Tom" they were told of had good skill but was a violent fishman with great power. Despite this, Franky tells them that he does not care about the World Government and will not say anything. Lucci continues to explain that despite hurting so many people, his crimes were dropped due to the fact he was confirmed as dead however, he will be escorted to Enies Lobby as a criminal. Blueno then takes out a Den Den Mushi and hands it to Lucci who then hands the receiver to Franky stating their chief wanted to speak to him immediately

Later, Rob Lucci confirms that they will leave early and that he has no regrets in leaving Water 7. Then, they are making preparations to board the Sea Train. Sanji is shocked to see so many people riding in the last cart and seems not to care at the fact they are all pointing guns at him. After witnessing him kicking one of their members, they instantly realize he is no ordinary civilian and decide to tell Rob Lucci about him however, they are stopped by Jerry, a member of CP6. The CP9 is informed of the last two coaches being disconnected and that those in the fifth coach have been easily defeated. It is revealed that Nico Robin is in the first cart of the train and that the CP9 and Wanze are the only ones left to prevent her from being taken. They are also informed of the attackers’ appearances and conclude that the only thing they have to do is take both Franky and Nico Robin to Enies Lobby alive. They decide to focus on capturing Franky since saving Robin is impossible.

Franky is seen falling off the roof injured by Nero who has taken advantage of his weakness. As he begins to mock Franky who is holding on to the side of the train, he is tricked and his arms and legs are locked down by Franky who smashes him through the roof of the third car. There, he meets with Sanji and the CP9 who are all now onto their feet. Rob Lucci gravely injures him explaining that he was too weak since he only knew four of the forms.

Lucci continues to explain that it is worthless trying to save Robin and reveals that the reason she was given such a bounty at a young age was due to the fact she has the ability to wake a weapon so powerful. Angered by this, Sanji attacks Lucci just as Robin enters the room with Usopp having defeated Corgi. Sanji attempts to persuade Robin to escape with them, Blueno uses his Devil Fruit ability to appear behind him and attacks him. The CP9 explain this to a shocked Franky as Usopp is also attacked by Blueno. He explains to Robin that she cannot leave a pirate crew without the captain's agreement and that she should have faith in Luffy shocking her. As the Puffing Tom continues on with Robin and Franky captured, Enies Lobby comes into sight.

Enies Lobby ArcEdit

The CP9 are all reunited as Rob Lucci confirms that both Cutty Flam and Nico Robin are in custody. Despite this, both Lucci and Jabra appear to show rivalry between one and other while both Kaku and Kumadori tell them to calm down and show affection towards their long seen friends. All of a sudden, the four returning CP9 attack Fukuro and it is revealed that he can count their strength in "Dōriki" and he orders all the members in strength. Despite the reunion turning more into a comedy show, Spandam interrupts them and shows them a chest with two Devil Fruits. [49]

Spandam then tells the members of CP9 to go back to their rooms and rest. Rob Lucci then tells Spandam that is not in the mood for a toast and has no interest in status or authority. Lucci says that their brand of justice exists for the World Government and that the government recognizes Spandam as the leader of CP9 and it is their duty to complete their missions perfectly. However, Lucci goes on to say that he does not necessarily have to support Spandam's ideals. Spandam then asks Lucci what he wants. Lucci transforms into his animal-human hybrid form and answers blood, saying if he is there, even death is justifiable. Rob Lucci and the others then leave to go to their rooms.

When Spandam's reward for CP9's hard work is shown to be devil fruits for Kaku and Kalifa to eat, the conversation steers towards the effects of and myths surrounding devil fruits. Jabra reveals his belief that devil fruits actually have devils inside of them. He then adds that since he has already eaten a devil fruit, he has a little devil inside of him, and expresses a fear of getting close to other devil fruits; he fears that the devil in him and the devil in the fruit will fight each other and kill him. Blueno clarifies things for Jabra and quells his fears, stating that a devil fruit user will only die if they eat an additional devil fruit. Lucci adds that any greedy fool would die that way, and considering what one fruit does to a person, it is easy to see what two could do. He is then seen with his colleagues in another room. Having poured himself a drink, he tells them that regardless of the type of power, how they use it is what matters, adding that there is a very low chance the fruit would weaken them, and that being a "hammer" is not much of an inconvenience. He goes on to say that some people sail their whole lives looking for a single Devil Fruit.

Lucci and Hattori at Enies Lobby

Rob Lucci and Hattori at Enies Lobby.

He then joins the other CP9 on top of the roof when Luffy defeated Blueno commenting on how he's surprised how a pirate actually defeated him.[50] Lucci and the rest of CP9 members witness the Straw Hats' arrival and their challenge to them and the World Government, much to his amusement. Spandam is thunderstruck, and immediately starts to drag Robin away, heading to the Gates of Justice. Before he leaves, he tells CP9 that they have permission to butcher all of the invaders. He tells Rob Lucci to come with him to take Robin, since he needs to be protected, then calls Funkfreed.

Spandam, Lucci, and Robin are walking down a spiral staircase, as Spandam keeps mocking Robin. He tells her that no one is coming to save her and they do not even know the way to the Gate of Justice. Spandam tells Lucci he hears a noise, wondering if it is his imagination. Lucci suggests that it might be the pirates breaking through the door. Spandam is astounded, saying that the door is solid steel, and that there was no way they could have found the door to begin with. Lucci tells him he remembers a small girl following them earlier, so she probably told them. When Spandam asks Lucci why he did not kill her, he smugly replies that he never received an order to do so. Spandam is annoyed, telling Lucci he should decide those things on his own. He then asks if that means someone is following them.

In the undersea passage, Spandam is yelling at Nico Robin for not keeping up with him. He yells at her, telling her not to stop and ordering Rob Lucci to drag her over and pull her by the hair if necessary. Robin is looking back at the dark tunnel, thinking she just heard a voice. Lucci grabs her by the arm, telling her it is an order for her to walk. Spandam laughs at her, asking if she really expects her friends to save her. He tells Robin that the sound she heard earlier was just her imagination and there is no way they could come here. Spandam tells her that they are getting closer to the Bridge of Hesitation, which stands before the Gates of Justice. When they cross the bridge halfway, the other half will come up and they will go through the Gates of Justice. After that, Robin will never feel hope again. As they continue walking, they all hear someone call out to Robin. Spandam panics, asking what that voice he just heard was. Robin smiles. Lucci tells Spandam to take Robin and continue on.

Luffy and Lucci Clash

Luffy and Lucci clash.

Luffy chases after Lucci and initiates a second fight with him. The two engage in an extremely hectic and boisterous fight from which Lucci still holds a noticeable advantage where Lucci bests, outlasts, and survives Luffy's attacks and counters with twice as much power. Hearing Robin's warning, Luffy tries to force his way past Lucci to reach her, but Lucci fights back fiercely and stops him in his tracks, forcing him to continue the fight. Luffy is later joined by Franky but even with the added reinforcement the two of them are still woefully outmatched by Lucci.

Luffy is unable to hurt Lucci, who hits him with a rapid-fire Shigan. Franky comes to Luffy's aid by trying to hit Lucci with the same moves he tried to Fukuro. Franky's move is unsuccessful and soon Lucci comes to strike Franky. Luffy however enters his Gear Second ability and blows Lucci away. Franky is surprised by Luffy's strength and power and eggs on Luffy to beat Lucci. Luffy manages to keep Lucci at bay and allows Franky to leave the room to chase after Spandam and Robin. However, Lucci still manages to gain the advantage when the Gear Second effect wears out, leaving Luffy in the same situation.

At this point, Lucci floods the tunnels with water by using Rankyaku to break the wall, to stop Luffy's crew from escaping and taunts Luffy, asking him whether he will continue to fight or rescue his friends and promptly escapes to higher ground, Luffy pursues him claiming that if he could not defeat Lucci, he could not protect any of his friends. The fight continues with Lucci easily countering every one of Luffy's attacks and thrashes him around so much he could barely stand anymore.

Rob Lucci, confident that Luffy used up all his energy using Gear Second, remarks that he is helpless before him like so many other pirates. In response, Luffy chuckles and claims that he is going to use a different strategy and activates Gear Third with Bone Balloon. After Luffy uses Bone Balloon, Rob Lucci questions the importance of "bone", while Luffy simply continues with his preparations.

Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol

Lucci struck by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Gigant Pistol.

Luffy claims that his left arm is now the hand of a giant. Rob Lucci is unfazed by what seems to be an intimidation tactic. Lucci stands firm against Gomu Gomu no Giganto Pistol with his Tekkai but the momentum is simply to high to block. Monkey D. Luffy, using the humongous strength of Gear Third, punches Lucci so hard that he is flung all the way onto a Buster Call ship, almost passing out in the process. Nevertheless, he takes advantage of Gear Third's lack of speed to quickly strike Luffy down with another Tobu Shigan Bachi, causing Luffy to deactivate Gear Third. He then uses Rankyaku Gaichou for the very first time in the air while Luffy is down on a Buster Call ship to finish him off, causing an explosion and cutting through steel on the ship.

Monkey D. Luffy was fortunate that it was close; had he been actually hit by Lucci's strongest Rankyaku technique, he would have been literally split in two. Rob Lucci, while using Geppou to hop in the air, comments that, whether Monkey D. Luffy is being serious or joking around, the fact that he is still alive is entertaining - and, if he were to die from such a bombardment, that it would be boring. He then uses Kamisori to get to where Luffy is, and thrashes him again. While Luffy is down and still deflated from deactivating Gear Third, Rob Lucci says that Gear Third is a very unbalanced technique and that he says that Luffy is willing to take the hits, in exchange for that power.

He uses Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin to make his hybrid form smaller and thinner and attacks Luffy with Shigan, crashing him to the wall, and destroy a part of it. While Lucci is choking Luffy who is now stuck to the wall, he was going to say that his stupid attack is not going to hurt, but was interrupted when Luffy punched him, angering him and smashes Luffy into the wall further. With Luffy now completely stuck to the wall, Lucci comments that is unfortunate, but in Luffy's "stupid" form, he told him to die. Rob Lucci then attempts to end the fight quickly with Shigan Madara, with Luffy in danger that if his body is not back to normal, he would certainly die. But suddenly, Lucci partially collapses, realizing that Luffy had managed to fracture both his legs with Gear Third.

Now partially disabled, he is easily beaten down by Luffy. While Rob Lucci is down by Luffy's Gear Second Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol, he says that he will show Monkey D. Luffy the most powerful technique known to those who have absolute mastery over Rokushiki, using Soru and coming to a halt in front of Luffy. He then pulls and uses his trump card - his ultimate move and the most powerful technique in Rokushiki, Rokuougan - to severely injure Luffy, evening the odds once again. Luffy claims that Rokuougan is like an Impact Dial, but with greatly amplified power. Rob Lucci, in his smaller form, then attempts to finish off Luffy with another Rankyaku Gaichou. Luffy continues to press the fight, but Rob Lucci says that his Gear Second technique is starting to lose its edge, claiming tauntingly that, as he had surmised, it was impossible for Luffy to escape Enies Lobby after all. He then continues by saying that even if this island lost its shape, he will pursue Nico Robin to the end of the earth, and obliterate her or anyone who gets in the way of the World Government, all in the name of "Dark Justice", while attacking Luffy with many Rankyaku shock waves. Luffy countered them with his punches, and says that they've come this far to set Robin free from such a thing.

He then attacks Lucci with Gomu Gomu no Jet Stamp, but it was evaded by Lucci's Soru. Rob Lucci then uses another Rokuougan on Luffy to greatly damage him again, having him face down in a pool of his own blood. Lucci comments that he would still kill Luffy's crew no matter how hard Luffy tries to prevent him from doing so. Lucci remains confident even after Luffy gets up again due to Usopp's encouragement, and uses Seimei Kikan: Kaijo to return to his giant, stronger form, saying that he will defeat Luffy with all of his power at once. He continues taunting Luffy by telling him not to worry about his friends, as he'd send every single one of them to the same hell.

Sai Dai Rin Rokuogan

Rob Lucci unleashes Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan on Luffy.

Continuing the fight with his opponent, he uses Shigan Madara again, while Luffy counters it with his punches. After getting hit again by Luffy, he attempts to use Rokuougan again. Luffy, in Gear Second, tries to get out of its range and claims that he will not get hit by that attack again, but Lucci uses his tail to prevent him from escaping the technique. Determined to end the fight once and for all, Lucci channels all of his power into his next attack, the powerful Saidairin: Rokuougan, to greatly wound Luffy once more - but this ultimately proves futile and perhaps even served to weaken him further due to the energy required for the attack and the fact that it was used as a final resort.

Lucci Defeated by Luffy

Lucci is defeated by Luffy.

Rob Lucci turned around after performing his ultimate attack on Luffy, but is surprised to sense that Luffy is still standing upright behind him. He turns around to see Luffy unleashing an attack, recalling all the pain Lucci had put Robin and his friends through.

Luffy unleashes a brutal Gear Second "Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling" attack on Lucci. Rob Lucci attempts to use Tekkai to deflect the blows, but unfortunately for him, the enormous attack strikes Lucci so hard and fast that it appears he is being hit with dozens of fists at the same time. The attack smashes Lucci against and through a brick wall, leaving him unconscious and defeated.

CP9's Independent ReportEdit

Blueno is shown using his Devil Fruit's ability, Air Door at Enies Lobby while carrying Lucci. Kalifa and Fukuro are also shown at the back of Blueno.[51] Due to the severe and near fatal injuries he suffered in his battle against Luffy he is still unconscious or even comatose.[52] They are unable to turn to the World Government for help, as Spandam has dispatched pursuers to capture them so they could be blamed for the mission's failure.[53] He was seen being carried by Kumadori while the rest are walking along the Sea Train tracks and is in serious need of medical attention. They reach the city of St. Poplar, where the rest of CP9 try to gather money for his medical fees by becoming street performers, with Kalifa becoming a street cleaner. They gather enough money and Lucci is given his much needed medical attention; Lucci finally wakes.[54]

It is interesting to note that, despite Lucci's reputation as a cold-blooded assassin, the rest of CP9 (excluding Spandam) seem to genuinely care for Lucci's well-being, evidenced in their efforts to revive him and their celebration when he is discharged from the hospital. Lucci is seen expressing gratefulness for the first time in his known life when he shakes his doctor's hand.[17] He was then seen bowling with the other CP9 members.[55]

Excessive Justice

Lucci deals excessive justice.

Along with the rest of CP9, he attacks the Candy Pirates when they start ransacking the island; Rob Lucci knocks out the captain with a kick while the others take out their ship.[56] However, he starts going overboard and tries to crush the skull of the captain, much to the horror of the spectators.[40] This makes the group realize they cannot stay on the island much longer.[41] As they make their way to the harbor, a little girl gives Kalifa a flower as thanks for saving them. They depart with the Candy Pirates' ship and eventually settle on the lush forest island where they were trained.[57] They begin watching the CP9's next generation and when Captain Very Good arrives to arrest them, they stand their ground in a peculiar image that reflects their animal themes.[58]

As CP9 battled, and eventually defeated the Marine troops led by Very Good, Lucci contacted a physically crippled Spandam using a Den Den Mushi, and promised to come for him very soon.[59] With that, CP9 left their homeland and set sail into the distance.[60]

Dressrosa SagaEdit

Dressrosa ArcEdit

After the timeskip, Lucci reappeared as a member of CP-0. Lucci went to Dressrosa to recover evidence of the Donquixote Pirates smuggling operation only to find that they were already taken. Lucci suspected that the revolutionaries were responsible.[3]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Yonko SagaEdit

Heart of GoldEdit

CP-0 captured a girl named Myskina Olga, who could lead them to a valuable treasure called the Pure Gold that the World Nobles desired. One of Lucci's agents reported that they had lost Olga to Mad Treasure, and Lucci threatened consequences should he fail further.[61]

The agent later reported that Mad Treasure had failed to acquire the Pure Gold and it was lost in the ocean. Lucci decided to end the mission in order to maintain balance in the world, and they figured out that Mad Treasure had looked for it on the orders of Gild Tesoro.[61]


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Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

They were criminals, so I killed them in name of justice... As soldiers, weakness is a sin. They surrendered to evil, and caused a crisis in the kingdom. That type of soldier doesn't deserve to live. So they're dead.
— Lucci's view on justice as explained in the anime

The anime follows the same trend for Lucci's back story, but with several differences and elaborations.

Teenage Lucci

Thirteen-year-old Lucci in the anime.

After being sent, he approached the king, who begged Lucci to save the soldiers, but Lucci told the king not to question the ways of the World Government. This left the king to wonder what the Government was thinking, sending a young boy to such a dangerous assignment. Lucci stepped into the pirates' ship and claimed to serve justice against them, and they laughed and mocked him. After sarcastically telling Lucci to go home, two pirates attempted to strike him down with swords, but Lucci blocked it with his Tekkai.

The crew thought Lucci was using some weird ability, and the captain warned that if Lucci resisted anymore, the hostages would die. Then, with the crew pointing guns at Lucci's head, he ordered his men to take Lucci to the prison along with the other soldiers, as a way to insult the World Government. After the pirates locked Lucci in and mocked him further, Lucci ensured that all the hostages were there - then, using his Rokushiki techniques, he brutally massacred all 500 hostages while the oblivious pirate crew was still enjoying their celebration party.

When one of the pirates came to check out on the prisoners, he ran screaming for his captain - and the entire crew saw, to their horror and fury, all of their precious hostages murdered, with Lucci standing on top of the mountain of corpses, his victims' blood dripping from his hand. After a short argument on the justice of the World Government, the captain angrily ordered his crew to use their mortars - the very weapons that forced the soldiers to surrender - to kill Lucci, with five cannonballs striking Lucci right in the back. The captain said that Lucci deserved it for looking down on them, then complained how their perfect plan was ruined.

In the midst of his complaint, he saw, to his shock and horror, that Lucci had survived the blast and had stood back up from the inferno, with his back scarred a shape reminiscent of the World Government's logo. Lucci then used his Soru to swiftly appear before the captain and seized him by the face, then, despite the captain's futile attempt to pry himself free, Lucci launched a barrage of Shigan (much like Shigan Oren) to brutally stab the captain to death, letting his corpse crash down onto the ground. The remnants of the crew realized that the child in front of them is in fact a heartless monster who is immune to weapons and hostage situations, they knew they had no chance of winning, and screamed in horror while fleeing. Whether they were pursued and killed is not known. With that, Lucci's mission came to completion.

Regardless of which version, the scar that Lucci gained on his back vaguely resembles the symbol of the World Government. Also, Lucci's view of justice explained in the anime is also mentioned by Oda in an SBS, who says he cut it out of the manga in order for the story to move along faster.

Major BattlesEdit

  • Lucci vs. 500 Hostages
  • Galley La vs. Big Helmet Pirates
  • Lucci and Galley La shipwrights vs. Luffy and Franky (shipyard)
  • Lucci vs. Paulie
  • Lucci vs. Luffy (Galley La Headquarters)
  • Lucci vs. Roronoa Zoro (Galley La Headquarters)
  • Lucci vs. Franky
  • Lucci vs. Sanji
  • Lucci vs. Franky and Luffy
  • Lucci vs. Luffy (Enies Lobby Tower)
  • CP9 vs. Candy Pirates
  • CP9 vs. Very Good's crew

Movie BattlesEdit

Early One PieceEdit

An early design of Lucci had him without his goatee and distinctive lips.[62]

Early W7 designs
Early concept designs of Lucci and other Galley-La Company employees.
CP9 Early
Early concept designs of Lucci and other CP9 agents.

Translation and Dub IssuesEdit

In an SBS, a fan noted that Rob is another word for "steal" and Lucci sounds similar to luce, meaning "light" in Italian. Put them together, Rob Lucci means "steal the light", which follows his theme of dark justice.[63]

However, when the fan asked if Oda named him this on purpose, Oda did not know about it. It may have been pure coincidence, similar to how Oda did not know that there is a Maritime term called a "Luff" until some time after he named Luffy. As such, though there are many cases of False etymology within the One Piece fandom, this is one of the few addressed by Oda himself.

Also, "light" in Italian is "luce", not "lucci" (although "luci" is its plural form). This is most likely due to the fickleness of translating Japanese to Italian and vice-versa.


He featured in the second wave of the One Piece VS Figure Gashapon series, in the Portrait of Pirates: Neo-6 wave of figurines, in the Dokodemo Swing and Animal Mascot strap sets, in Bandai's FC candy toy sets, and in the Plex Anime Heroes Enies Lobby set. He will also be represented in the upcoming Deforme Figure Keyholder set and the High Spec Coloring 5 set.

Video GamesEdit

Playable AppearancesEdit

Enemy AppearancesEdit

Support AppearancesEdit


  • Lucci is the only member of CP9 with both a given name and a surname. (Kumadori's name is revealed to be a surname, but his given name is unknown.)
  • In the 5th fan poll, Lucci ranked 41st, making him the most popular of CP9.


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