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Rittonto Infobox
Japanese Name: リットント
Romanized Name: Rittonto
English Name: Littonto
Debut: Episode 208[1]
Affiliations: Tonjit's village, his pet mole
Occupations: Hole digger[2]
Japanese VA: Daisuke Sakaguchi
Funi English VA: Alexis Tipton

Rittonto is Tonjit's grandson. He is an anime-only character.[1]


He has long, brown hair with a rotund nose and a chubby stomach. He wears a helmet, a gray shirt that only covers his upper arms and part of his back, black pants and a belt that has a large gold buckle.


Rittonto is a very stubborn boy. He was willing to wait for his grandfather who hadn't been seen for some time and, after not being able to wait, vowed to find him some day.[1] He cares greatly for his grandfather, Shelly, and his pet mole. He also has a passion for hole digging.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Rittonto's Mole
Rittonto's Mole
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Rittonto is currently the best hole digger in the world.[2] He, along with his pet mole, have the ability to dig from the current location of the village to his grandfather, which was quite a distance.



10 years ago, Rittonto and his grandfather were seen talking. Tonjit introduced Rittonto to a mole whom the boy made a bond with. He told his grandson that he would be starting his world record for longest time on stilts and that the mole can keep him company while he is gone.[3]

Later, the village was leaving their current area and were going to leave Shelly behind since she wanted to wait for Tonjit. Rittonto announced that he wanted to wait as well, but the village chief made him join the rest of the villagers in their travels. He vowed to find his grandfather someday.[1]

At some point, Rittonto became a hole digger to cope with his lowliness. Surprisingly, digging with his pet mole and pursuing the world record for hole digging turned his loneliness into passion and drive.

Long Ring Long Land ArcEdit

Rittonto first appeared when his mole came out of the ground and destroyed Tonjit's house. The Straw Hat Pirates first thought he was a mole, then, after he revealed himself, accused him.[2] When he and Tonjit realized who the other was, they both burst into tears. Rittonto told the pirates and his grandfather about how he became a hole digger. He also helped his grandfather escape Long Ring Long Land with the help of his mole.[4]


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