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Rikka is a character in One Piece Film: Gold. He was forced to work on Gran Tesoro to repay his family's debt. Is the older brother of Tempo.[1]


Rikka is a little boy with dark blue hair, black eyes and a missing tooth. He wears a bright blue open vest with a floral pattern on it, jeans, brown loafers, and a magenta and white hat.[1]


Rikka is strong-willed and did whatever it took to help him and Tempo repay their family's debt, as well as dreaming of fighting against Gild Tesoro's control. However, his experiences had made him cynical and passively accept that he would be enslaved forever, but when Luffy led a rebellion against Tesoro, Rikka found the courage to fight as well and help Luffy.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit


He used a metal pipe to help Luffy defeat Spandam.[1]



At some point in the past, Rikka and his family went to Gran Tesoro, but fell into massive debt. Rikka and his sister Tempo were then forced to work around the city to earn money to pay off the debt.[1]

One Piece Film: GoldEdit

When the Straw Hat Pirates entered the first-class city, Rikka, Tempo, and several other kids approached them, selling flowers at a high price in order to repay their families' debts. However, Baccarat chased them away. Later, Rikka and Tempo got in trouble with some of Tesoro's men inside the Wild Cow restaurant, and as they were about to attack the two, Double Down suddenly intervened and took the children's punishment. A nearby Luffy came and asked why they did not fight back, but Rikka replied that there was no way to and that Luffy did not understand their situation as he ran out of the restaurant, followed by Tempo.[1]

Later, Rikka and Tempo were outside as monitors begin to come on, revealing Tesoro overwhelming Luffy. Seeing Luffy's defeat, Rikka gave up all hope of fighting and ran away.[1]

Rikka Intercepts Spandam's Strike

Rikka intercepts Spandam's strike and saves Luffy.

Later, as the Straw Hats battled against Tesoro's crew and Spandam captured Luffy, Rikka rushed in and intercepted Spandam's finishing blow on Luffy with a pipe. Rikka fell to the ground, and Tesoro's men rushed at him, but Raise Max and his entourage approached Rikka and told him to fight Tesoro's crew alongside them.[1]

After Tesoro's defeat, Rikka got onto a ship with several other citizens, where they departed from Gran Tesoro.[1]

Major BattlesEdit


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