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Regis Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ヘジス
Romanized Name: Hejisu
English Name: N/A
Debut: Episode of Luffy
Affiliations: Marines
Occupations: Marine
Japanese VA: Takuya Kirimoto

Regis is an anime-only Marine on Hand Island. He is Diego's son.


Regis is a tanned, normal-sized man with a muscular physique, dark red hair and sideburns, and thin legs. He wears black boots with the tops folded down, a green pouch strapped to his left leg, navy blue shorts, a white sleeveless shirt, a blue scarf, and a bandolier across his chest.


Regis is a stubborn but honest man that joined the Marines for his island's sake, even if it go against his father's will. He doesn't hesitate to rebell against Bilić when he learns about the commodore's action.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Regis's First Statue

Regis's first statue

As a Marine, he most likely has some strength and fighting experience against pirates. According to Diego, he's also is a somewhat good  wax modeller.



Little Regis

Regis modelled his first wax statue.

Until two years ago, Regis lived with his father Diego, learning the art of wax modelling, then he joined the Marines under Bilić's command and against Diego's will. Later, when Bilić started to shoot on the island with his Josephine, Regis rebelled and has been jailed.

Episode of LuffyEdit

Due to Regis' rejection to apologize for the insubordination, Bilić ordered his usual torture, immersing his jail in the sea water for some minutes.

When Luffy met Diego, he decided to go to free Regis and give him his first wax statue, but he was imprisoned with him and Sanji had to save them. Later, they rested on a reef off the Marine base and Regis learnt that Diego still believed in him. He and the Straw Hat Pirates then decided to destroy Bilić's base for Hand Island's sake.

Regis released some wax in the Josephine's mouth, making it explode. Then Bilić melt Regis' first wax statue and fought with Luffy. After Bilić's defeat, Regis made peace with his father, but remained in the Marines.

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