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Red Line
Red Line Infobox
Japanese Name: 赤い土の大陸(レッドライン)
Romanized Name: Akai Tsuchi no Tairiku (Reddo Rain)
English Name: Red Line
Debut: Chapter 101; Episode 63

The Red Line (literally translated as "Continent of Red Earth") is a long continent that stretches across the entire world, from North to South, along the equivalent of Earth's Prime Meridian.

Red Line

The Red Line as seen from sea level.

While the continent appears impossible for any boat wishing to cross between the seas or to certain sections of the Grand Line, there are certain pass points at which a ship can cross between the Blues: up and down the waterways across Reverse Mountain (typically used to enter the Grand Line by pirates), by gaining government permission from the holy government land of Mariejois, or by submerging into Fishman Island which is placed around a hole that links directly between Paradise and the New World.

Red Line islands

Red Line islands.

The Red Line is like a group of islands connected together. The Red Line that crosses the Grand Line has its own Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall "islands".[1] The Red Line bears the world capital, Mariejois, and is said to be 10,000 meters deep from ocean level to Fishman Island,[2] and at the same time is high enough above sea level to be considered impassible, and is indestructible,[3] meaning that no one can pass over it or under it without using either of the entrances. Fisher Tiger, however, was said to have climbed the entire wall of the Red Line with his bare hands to attack Mariejois. However, this was later revealed to be a rumor by Boa Hancock. He was actually a slave of the Celestial Dragons prior to his escape.[4]


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