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Rasa Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ラサ
Romanized Name: Rasa
English Name: Rasa
Debut: Episode 97
Affiliations: Barbar Pirates
Occupations: Pirate
Japanese VA: Miki Nagasawa
4Kids English VA: N/A
Funi English VA: Trina Nishimura

Rasa is an anime-only member of the Barbar Pirates. She is the navigator of that crew.


She wears a white blouse on top of a purple shirt, red scarf and long, crimson pants. She also wears curved, brown boots. Like all members of the Barbar Pirates, she wears a little umbrella on her head. Her pink umbrella is placed in her hair acting as a hair pin.


She recognized Vivi at first sight when she was crossing the desert with the Straw Hats to Yuba. She used to bear a grudge against Vivi because she thought King Cobra never respected their promise of helping the village of Melias.

Abilities and PowersEdit

She is the best sand slider navigator of the Barbar Pirates, and she's also seen to be a good knife thrower.


She once lived in a small village called Melias, located in Yuba, before it turned into ruins. When traveling to Yuba, she sends Vivi and Luffy's Sand Slend towards a sandpit, on vain of her unkept promise, from when she was a child. Vivi would later apologize for her father's mistake and promises to make things right. She eventually forgives Vivi and is seen smiling hoping for a bright future.

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