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For the non-canon character of the same name, see Randolph (Non-Canon).

"Crane Rider" Randolph is an anthropomorphic rabbit and a member of the Big Mom Pirates.[1][2]


Randolph is an average-sized rabbit, though his limbs are unusually long. He wears a frilly shirt, a dark cape, and a cavalier hat.[2]


Randolph is very loyal to Big Mom, executing his missions and guarding the Seducing Woods. He has no qualms with killing opponents and intruders.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Randolph rides a very fast crane, allowing him to take enemies by surprise and quickly attack them.[3]


Randolph wields a double-sided spear, which he can use in close-quarters combat or as a projectile.[3]


Totto Land ArcEdit

Randolph was sent to an unknown island by Big Mom in order to acquire fruit for the wedding cake. He succeeded, killing everyone guarding the prized fruit.[1]

Carrot Attacks Randolph

Randolph clashes with Carrot.

The next day on Whole Cake Island, Randolph attacked Nami, Chopper, and Carrot inside the Seducing Woods, although they managed to dodge his attack.[3] Randolph continued pursuing the encroaching pirates, clashing with Carrot. Carrot then used Electro to knock out the crane Randolph was riding on. Randolph leaped off the crane and hurled his spear at the pirates, which they managed to dodge, causing the spear to strike a large buried man in the head.[2]

Major BattlesEdit


  • Although Randolph heavily resembles a mink, Carrot deduced that he was not one, which was proven when he was unable to use Electro.[2]
  • Randolph may be based on the White Rabbit from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, which would fit with the Big Mom Pirates' Wonderland theme.


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