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Rain dinners exterior
Rain Dinners
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Rain Dinners (レインディナーズ) was a casino, restaurant, and resort owned by Crocodile. The building is the largest in the city and is in the shape of a pyramid, with a golden crocodile statue at the top.[1] The casino was guarded by the Koala Mercenaries and the manager of the casino was Ultraking.



Inside the building is a luxury restaurant, hotel, and casino. This made Rain Dinners a very popular tourist attraction. It is very well lit inside and ornately decorated.


The basement below the restaurant is where Crocodile conducts his operations. It is a large room several stories below the main building. It is made out of a blue stone. It is connected to the river, as there are several bananawani outside that Crocodile uses to eliminate people he no longer needs.


The exterior of the building is shaped like a large pyramid. There is a golden crocodile head at the top and is patterned in blue and gold.


Crocodile used Rain Dinners as his secret base of operations during his time in Alabasta. The Baroque Works officer agents convened here to meet their boss and to receive their final orders for Operation Utopia.

The Straw Hat Pirates arrived here looking for Crocodile but instead found the Koala Mercenaries who tried to stop Luffy from coming in but they were defeated easily. They then found themselves trapped in a cage, along with Smoker who followed them. Sanji arrived as Mr. Prince, and forced Galdino (Mr. 3) to make a key from his powers. They escaped succesfully and ran to defeat the Baroque Works. In the end, the building itself fell out of use once Crocodile was arrested.


  1. Volume 14, Chapter 126 and Episode 76, Rain Dinners is seen for the first time.

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