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A prince is a male heir to the throne. He is usually a son of a king and/or queen and is in a position where he legitimately could inherit his country's throne.

Known PrincesEdit

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Wapol  Bellett  Fukaboshi Ryuboshi Manboshi
Vinsmoke Ichiji Vinsmoke Niji Vinsmoke Sanji  Vinsmoke Yonji Musshuru 

  •  : the character is deceased.
  •  *: the character's status is unknown. Hovering the symbol may give further details.
  •  : the character is non-canon.
  •  : the character is no longer part of this group. Hovering the symbol may give further details.

Current PrincesEdit

Former PrincesEdit

  • Wapol was the spoiled prince of the Drum Kingdom before his father's death, which allowed him to ascend the throne.[7]
  • Bellett was the prince of an unnamed kingdom who was imprisoned in Impel Down, until his kingdom fell apart.[1]

Non-canon PrincesEdit

Prince as an Epithet/AliasEdit

  • Sanji: Mr. Prince (Mr.プリンス Misutā Purinsu?)[9]
  • Cavendish: Pirate Prince (海賊貴公子 Kaizoku Kikōshi?)[10]


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