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Pretzel is the name of Charlotte Cracker's sword. It is a longsword which Cracker states holds no equal.[2]


Cracker Power

The real Pretzel on Cracker's hip.

Pretzel is a large double-edged sword, being longer than Cracker's height. It has an oblong-shaped hilt and a round guard resembling a biscuit cookie. When Cracker is inside his biscuit armor, he wields replicas of Pretzel made out of biscuit that are much larger, dwarfing average-sized people.[1][3]

Cracker keeps his sword horizontal on his hip when in his normal form; in his biscuit armor, he has only been seen holding it across his shoulders.[1][3]


Pretzel is Cracker's primary attack method, and with his immense strength, Cracker can deal both quick and powerful blows to his opponents, even when they are in close range.[2][3]

In conjunction with his Devil Fruit abilities, Cracker can create an infinite number of Pretzels out of biscuit. These replicas retain the original's sharpness, and are much larger than the original, being able to deal much more powerful blows.[4][3] He also channels Busoshoku Haki into it in order to increase its power.[2]


  • Roll Pretzel (ロールプレッツェル Rōru Purettseru?): Cracker imbues his sword with Busoshoku Haki and stabs at his opponent. It was first used in Cracker's battle against Monkey D. Luffy. This attack is powerful enough to push Luffy back while he protected himself with Haki and knock him through several trees.[5]
  • Honey Pretzel (波動 (ハニー) プレッツェル Hanī Purettseru?): Cracker, in his true form, imbues his sword with Busoshoku Haki and jumps at his opponent while aiming at his head. It was first used in Cracker's battle against Monkey D. Luffy, but was dodged by the latter.[3]


Totto Land ArcEdit

Cracker went into the Seducing Woods hidden in his Biscuit Soldier carrying a biscuit Pretzel replica in hand in order to kill the Sanji retrieval team as well as his stepfather, Pound.[1] Cracker engaged in battle with Luffy, creating more replicas of Pretzel[4] and imbuing them with Busoshoku Haki.[2] He then manage to blow Luffy away by using Roll Pretzel and gained the upper hand.

After Luffy managed to destroy Cracker's biscuit armor, Cracker emerged from it with the real Pretzel in hand, pressing on his attack and injuring Luffy.[3] After creating a bunch of Biscuit Soldiers, he made them attack Luffy from all part and seize an opening from the latter to attack him with Honey Pretzel, but barely missed the head.


  • The sword's name is based on pretzel bread, which matches with the Charlotte Family's food theme.


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