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Logo - vertical style
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Logo - Limited Edition version
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In addition to the black and white recolored versions of "Strong Edition" Chopper, with the Mangart Beams T editions, MegaHouse also regularly produced other limited editions of P.O.P figures, rightly under the Excellent Model LIMITED brand. Those models are often sponsored by some companies to promote some events or some other brands. Those different special limited series are composed of a total of 35 figures, representing 10 distinct well-known One Piece characters and Toriko from the eponymous series.

Limited P.O.P LawsonEdit

Limited P.O.P "Strong Edition" Lawson Limited Edition ColorEdit

Lawson made a partnership with MegaHouse to release metallic color versions of some figures from the Strong Edition series. The first wave was focused on Zoro and Nami, released on March 6, 2010. The second wave was about Luffy, released on July 10, 2010.

Roronoa Zoro Strong Edition - Lawson Limited Edition Color
Nami Strong Edition - Lawson Limited Edition Color
Monkey D. Luffy Strong Edition - Lawson Limited Edition Color

P.O.P NEO-DX Lawson Limited Ace Metallic Ver.Edit

In January 2011, Lawson released a metallic version of NEO-DX Ace, also dubbed Marineford Ace by fans, with only 100 issues ever made. Despite being very limited, it was marked with the regular Excellent Model logo instead of the Excellent Model LIMITED one.

This version could only be won through a 1-month campaign, which started on August 10 and finished on September 6, 2010, to go along the announcement of the DVD and Blu-ray releases of the movie Strong World, the Lawson ARG One Piece Stamp Rally (ARG stands for Alternative Reality Game, i.e. using augmented reality).

To participate in this campaign, you had to install the Lawson ARG One Piece application on your iPhone 3GS/4 (as it did not work on other types of iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, and very badly on iPhone 3G), follow a Log Pose that would appear on screen until reaching a real Lawson shop, buy some eligible products like rice balls/onigiri, and try to gather 5 different "stamps" that would appear by inputting 16-digit numbers, given with your printed receipts. When succeeded, you could choose which prize you would participate for, lottery results being announced late October 2010.

The prizes were:

  • 30,000 sets of 4 "Strong World" postcards,
  • 5,000 sets of 2 "Strong World" clear files,
  • 100 figures of Ace metallic version.
  • iPhone app logo
  • Augmented reality
  • Follow the log pose...
  • find a Lawson shop
  • Each shop can get you...
  • ...different stamps
  • Visited shops are marked with a red crossbone
  • A receipt give you a 16-digit number...
  • ...that must be input to get stamps
  • At first, only 1 stamp
  • Then you get the 5 others
Portgas D. Ace Metallic Ver. NEO-DX

Limited Mild P.O.P NEO-EXEdit

Chopperman Memorial Log Limited Edition Ver.Edit

During the special event One Piece Memorial Log in Lagunasia held between March 20 and June 27, 2010, the goodies shops at Lagunasia, a theme park inside the marine resort complex Laguna Gamagori, near Nagoya, sold the Lagunasia limited edition of Chopperman, with blue clothes instead of red ones.
More information available in Japanese at @Press.

One Piece Memorial Log in Lagunasia - logo
One Piece Memorial Log - Lagunasia event
One Piece Memorial Log in Lagunasia - event
Chopperman NEO-EX Memorial Log Limited Edition Ver.

Chopperman Metallic Blue Ver.Edit

The special event One Piece Memorial Log -The Summit Battle Final Chapter- in Lagunasia opened again between March 19 and September 4, 2011. It featured another Lagunasia limited edition of Chopperman, a metallic blue colored version, available early May 2011 for ¥2,000.
More information available in Japanese at @Press.

One Piece Memorial Log -Summit Battle Final Chapter - in Lagunasia - logo
One Piece Memorial Log -Summit Battle Final Chapter - in Lagunasia - event
One Piece Memorial Log -Summit Battle Final Chapter - in Lagunasia - goodies
Chopperman NEO-EX Metallic Blue Ver.

Chopperman Metallic Pink Ver.Edit

During the special event One Piece Thousand Sunny Cruise in Huis Ten Bosch held starting March 19, 2011, the goodies shops at Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park in Sasebo (near Nagasaki), sold the Metallic Pink Ver. of Chopperman, available early May 2011 for ¥2,000.

One Piece Thousand Sunny Cruise in Huis Ten Bosch - logo
Chopperman NEO-EX Metallic Pink Ver.

Chopperman Universal Studios Japan Limited Ver.Edit

The Summer 2011 season of One Piece Premier Show at Universal Studios Japan, running from July 16th to September 4th 2011, was accompanied with another limited release of Chopperman, a metallic black version. It was available mid-July 2011 at ¥2,000.

One Piece Premier Show 2011
Chopperman NEO-EX Universal Studios Japan Limited Ver.

Chopperman RETURNSEdit

For the Memorial Log in Akita, regular Chopperman was re-released in a new packaging. It was available during all the event from August 10th to 18th, 2011 at ¥2,000.

One Piece Memorial Log in Akita - logo

Chopperman Ver. WhiteEdit

From November 10th to December 25th 2011, a white version of Chopperman has been released during the Memorial Log in the Landmark Tower, the tallest building in Japan, located in Yokohama and having hostels, shopping malls, restaurants and offices. Selling price remained at ¥2,000 as for the other versions.

One Piece Memorial Log in the Landmark Tower - logo
Chopperman NEO-EX Ver.WHITE

Chopperman Ver. RedEdit

The special event One Piece Memorial Log -The Summit Battle Final Chapter- in Hiroshima, which this time occured at the NTT CRED Hall and sponsored by the TV station TSS-TV (Television Shinhiroshima), was yet running with its own version of Chopperman, a red colored version, also named NTT CRED Limited Ed. and made available between December 23rd 2011 and January 9th 2012 (January 1st excluded) for ¥2,000.

NTT CRED Hall is the space made available at the 11th floor of the NTT CRED Motomachi Building in Hiroshima, dedicated to organize events like exhibitions and concerts. NTT CRED is also the initial for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Chūgoku Real Estate Development, an old name for the current NTT West Corporation.

One Piece Memorial Log - Summit Battle Final Chapter in Hiroshima - logo
Chopperman NEO-EX Ver.RED

Chopperman Ver. GoldEdit

Another Memorial Log event brings along another Chopperman yet. This time, the event was subtitled Conclusion of the Supernova Chapter in Hirakata Park and the gold version of Chopperman was made available early April 2012 at ¥2,000.

Hirakata is a Japanese town that can be find midway between Osaka and Kyoto.

One Piece Memorial Log - Conclusion of the Supernova Chapter in Hirakata Park
Chopperman NEO-EX Ver.GOLD

Chopperman Zozotown Limited Ver.Edit

Pre-orderable at Zozomesse in February 2012 for a release late June 2012, the Zozotown version of Chopperman is painted all black with white dots. Zozotown is a Japanese online retailer of fashion products, founded by Yūsaku Maezawa in 2004.

Chopperman NEO-EX Zozotown Limited Ver.

Limited Mild P.O.P Mugiwara TheaterEdit

Figure released in 2010Edit

During the special event One Piece Memorial Log in Huis Ten Bosch held between July 15 and October 17, 2010, the goodies shops at Huis Ten Bosch, a theme park in Sasebo (near Nagasaki), sold the Memorial Log Ver. of Mugiwara Theater Luffy, rendered with a sky blue shirt and a brown shorts. It wasn't available at the beginning of the event but was actually released early August 2010 at a price of ¥2,000.

The annual summer event United Stated of Odaiba 2010, held between July 17 and August 31, 2010 at Odaiba in Tokyo, ran its own version of the One Piece Memorial Log, where were sold the Marineford Ver. of Mugiwara Theater Luffy with a yellow shirt at the same price of ¥2,000.

A 3rd version of Mugiwara Theater Luffy, Sabaody Ver. with a dark blue shirt, could be found during the One Piece Premier Show 2010, a live action stage that ran between July 17 and August 31 at the Universal Studios Japan theme park in Osaka. It was also sold at ¥2,000.

Those 3 versions could also be pre-ordered between August 10 and September 30, 2010 at the Toei Animation e-shop site for a release early December 2010.

Mugiwara Theater Monkey D. Luffy Memorial Log Ver.
One Piece Memorial Log in Huis Ten Bosch - logo
One Piece Memorial Log in Huis Ten Bosch - event
Mugiwara Theater Monkey D. Luffy Marineford Ver.
One Piece Memorial Log - United States of Odaiba
Mugiwara Theater Monkey D. Luffy Sabaody Ver. (Regular Edition)
One Piece Premier Show 2010

Figure released in 2011Edit

On November 19 2011, some P.O.P Mugiwara Theater got a limited re-release, packaged as a set of 2 figures, available as long as supply lasts. The figures themselves did not get any change, only their stand bases have been recolored to match related character favorite color:

A set cost ¥3,990.

One Piece Thousand Sunny Cruise in Huis Ten Bosch - logo
Huis Ten Bosch Limited Ed. Mugiwara Theater "Navigator And No Sense Of Direction Set" Zoro & Nami
Toriko & One Piece Adventure in Lagunasia - logo
Lagunasia Limited Ed. Mugiwara Theater "Beautiful People Set" Sanji & Robin

Limited P.O.P "Limited Edition"Edit

This series is the first of the Limited POP label to be composed of actual new models instead of recolored versions of already released figures.

It's been launched following the association of 2 media producing companies (Toei Animation and Shueisha with Mekke!) with 2 figure editing companies (MegaHouse with its MegaTrea Shop and Bandai with its Premium Bandai) to adapt into figures some female characters as they were illustrated during the Memorial Log events and the Wonder Festival Summer 2010, sporting bikinis on a set of goodies (beach towels, posters, puzzles and so on).

Memorial Log Puzzles
Wonder Festival Nami Poster
Wonder Festival Hancock Poster
Wonder Festival Robin Poster
Wonder Festival Vivi Poster

Nami Ver. RED & BLUEEdit

The first character to be adapted is Nami, with a Ver. RED at ¥5,985 and a Ver. BLUE at ¥6,615, 18 cm tall. They both can be pre-ordered from July 30 to November 30, 2010 (preorders passed before September 3 are secured, then it's until sold out) for a release in early December 2010. Here's a direct link to the related pages:

The bikini of the blue version follows the same pattern as the bikini Nami wears on the color spread issued with manga chapter #553, in volume 57.

Limited Edition Nami Ver. RED
Limited Edition Nami Ver. BLUE
Chapter 553
Chapter 553 color spread

Hancock Ver. WHITE & PURPLEEdit

The second character of this series is Hancock, with a Ver. WHITE at ¥5,985 and a Ver. PURPLE at ¥6,615, 22.5 cm tall. Both versions can be pre-ordered from October 1, 2010 and onwards for a release late March 2011. Here's a direct link to the related pages:

The bikini of Ver. PURPLE matches the color of the original illustration.

Limited Edition Boa Hancock Ver. WHITE
Limited Edition Boa Hancock Ver. PURPLE
Original illustration

Nami Ver. PINK & Hancock Ver. GOLDEdit

With the success that previous figures got, (Toei Animation and Shueisha with Mekke!) decided to re-issue them in an alternative color scheme. They were first available during the Mega Hobby EXPO event on May 22, 2011, and a few days later for pre-orders on the 2 above websites for a release in September 2011 at ¥6,000.
The bikini of Nami Ver. PINK matches the color of the original illustration.

Limited Edition Nami Ver. PINK
Limited Edition Boa Hancock Ver. GOLD
Original illustration

Hancock WEDDING Ver.Edit

Once again, the 4 webshops came up with a new limited figure of Boa Hancock, this time in a wedding dress as pictured in the anime filler sections of the episodes 469 and 470. She could be pre-ordered on the Internet from March 28 to May 5, 2011 at ¥7,770 (fixed shipping fees within Japan included) on Megatrea Shop and Bandai Premium or at ¥7,140 (without shipping fees) on Mekke! and Toei Animation, for a release late September 2011.

To promote the figure, a special raffle has been organized: 20 winners chosen randomly from the people pre-ordering the figure received a wedding veil that can be used with the figure.

Limited Edition Boa Hancock WEDDING Ver.
POPLimited-HancockWedding Veil
Hancock with the veil

Portgas D. Ace Ver.1.5 Special OrderEdit

Pre-orderable from July 1st to August 2nd 2011 and for a release mid-November 2011, the 4 webshops made a special release of the 7-11net Limited Edition POP Ace Ver.1.5. The figure price was at ¥6,615 (fixed shipping fees within Japan included) on Megatrea Shop and Bandai Premium or at ¥5,985 (without shipping fees) on Mekke! and Toei Animation.

Limited Edition Portgas D. Ace Ver.1.5 Special Order
Comparison between the regular and special order versions

Nami Ver.2 RepaintEdit

Megahouse made a repainted version of the acclaimed POP Nami Series IV / NEO-4. First available during the Wonder Festival 2011 Summer event on July 24th 2011, it was then pre-orderable starting August 5th 2011 for a release mid-December 2011 on the 4 usual Limited POPs sites: MegaTrea Shop and Premium Bandai for ¥6,630 (VAT, handling and fixed shipping fees within Japan included), or Shueisha Character Goods Mekke! and Toei Animation Online Shop for ¥6,000 VAT included.

This version can be compared to the Lawson limited releases of the Strong Edition POP, where the only difference with regular releases is the application of metallic paint on clothes and accessories.

Limited Edition Nami Ver.2 Repaint
Comparison between the regular and repaint versions

Luffy JF-SpecialEdit

Announced during the Jump Festa'12 running December 17-18 2011, Megahouse has prepared another Limited Edition based on a previous released figure yet. This time, this Luffy Jump Festa Special is based on the NEO-DX Luffy, pre-orderable starting December 19th 2011 for a release late May 2012 at ¥6,300. As usual, this JF-Special was pre-orderable at Megatrea Shop, Bandai Premium, Toei Animation and Mekke! shopping websites.

Differences are the followings:

  • The closed vest is blue instead of yellow.
  • The opened vest is red instead of yellow.
  • Luffy can still wear red jeans but also blue jeans.
  • New arm parts allow to show the figure with new poses.
  • The set retains 2 of the previous facial expressions redesigned for the new figure and adds 1 new face, for a total of 3.
  • He's coming with the Treasure Mark armband, leading to Captain John's loot.
Limited Edition Monkey D. Luffy JF-Special

7-11 Limited EditionEdit

Limited P.O.P "Limited Edition" 7-11net Limited EditionEdit

In October 2010, 7-Eleven launched the pre-order of their own version of Portgas D. Ace, called Ver.1.5, with a release on April 30, 2011 at ¥5,985 VAT included. This figure is based on the regular Neo Ace but with some differences that should appeal fans:

  • The head, the necklace and the bracelet have all been remodeled,
  • Paint application has changed following a renewed color scheme.

Limited Edition [7-11net Limited Edition] Portgas D. Ace Ver. 1.5

7-11 Limited Edition Luffy & Toriko Figure SetEdit

In March 2011, 7-Eleven launched a promotional operation for the Jump Heroes Film event and the theater opening of the double featured One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase and Toriko 3D: Gourmet Adventure. Through a raffle, it was possible to win a figure set of Luffy and Toriko, Luffy being a reworked version of its NEO-DX incarnation. To participate to this raffle, you had to buy a list of specific products in 7-Eleven shops, receipts would give you serial numbers that must be input in the dedicated webpage. Every ¥300 spent gave you 1 point. Those points allowed you to participate to the raffle for an unlimited amount of entries. The prizes were:

  • T-shirts, 5 types, 1 point per entry, total of 5,000 winners.
  • Set of 2 figures, 3 points per entry, total of 1,000 winners.
  • Sony Cyber-shot 3D digital camera (color: violet), 5 points per entry, total of 200 winners.

The promotion ran from March 1 to 31 2011, points could be redeem until April 2, 2011.

The figure set content is:

  • P.O.P Luffy (reprising the Neo-DX pose but with the outfit he wears in the film)
  • G.O.G Toriko (G.O.G standing for Grapple Of Gourmet)

Limited P.O.P - Dome Tour Limited VersionEdit

Portgas D. Ace NEO-DXEdit

During the special event One Piece Dome Tour (which ran in Osaka between March 25 and 27 2011, in Tokyo between April 27 and June 1, 2011, in Sapporo between June 17 and 19 2011, and in Fukuoka between July 1 and 3 2011), a limited edition of NEO-DX Ace could be ordered there at the price of ¥6,300, with an actual release in September 2011. It was advertised as having a "vivid" color scheme, featuring "vivid" opaque flame bursts instead of the regular translucent ones.

Remark: while in Japanese it's called 「P.O.P ポートガス・D・エース ドームツアー限定ver.」, i.e. P.O.P Portgas D. Ace Dome Tour Limited Version, the official translation as shown in the packaging is Dome Tour Limitation Version.

Portgas D. Ace NEO-DX Dome Tour Limitation Version
One Piece Dome Tour - event

Mr.2 Bon Kurei NEO-DXEdit

During the last session of the One Piece Dome Tour Final at Nagoya between February 17th and 19th 2012, another Dome Tour Limited Ver. figure was available. This time, it was about a metallic/pearl version of NEO-3 Mr.2 Bon Kurei at a price of ¥6,300. Remarkably, this version departed from the P.O.P brand of the regular version to adopt the newest P.O.P DX markings.

Mr.2 Bon Kurei NEO-DX Dome Tour Limited Ver.
One Piece Dome Tour Final - event

Limited P.O.P NEO-EX Monkey D. Garp Ver.0Edit

Available first only in Don Quijote and Mega Don Quijote physical shops, Garp was pre-orderable there at ¥7,480 from October 15th to November 13th 2011 for a planned release late November 2011. It could finally be retrieved during raffles organized December 3rd 2011, as pre-orders were too overwhelming compared to the initial issue quantity. A second chance to get it was through Don Quijote website starting January 15th 2012.

This figure is mainly a repaint of the first NEO-DX Garp, with a new head sculpt of younger Garp. POP EX logo on figure box follows the same design as POP DX logo, subtitle being "Portrait Of Pirates EXTRA" instead of "DELUXE".

Monkey D. Garp Ver.0 NEO-EX

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