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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
Illustrations on this page are stock photos and aren't necessarily representative of the final products.
Logo excellent
Logo - DX version

The Neo DX line spans through 18 parts. They are the most expensive figures of the entire collection because of their huge size or the amount of details MegaHouse gave them. This disclaimer is true if Strong Edition figures aren't taken into account and despite the fact that Smoker Neo-7 is tagged at the same price as Neo DX 1 figures.
It is comprised of 23 distinct characters, for a total of 24 figures.

Neo DX 1Edit

Released on late May 2009 at ¥5,985 each (¥5,700 and VAT of 5%)

  • Aokiji, 27 cm / 10.5 in (not in scale)
  • Mihawk, 23.5 cm / 9 in
Aokiji NEO-DX
Hawk-Eyes Mihawk NEO-DX

Neo DX 2Edit

Released on mid November 2009 at ¥8,820 (¥8,400 and VAT of 5%), 33 cm tall (Not in scale although the tallest POP)

One Piece POP Bartholomew Kuma
Bartholomew Kuma NEO-DX

Neo DX 3Edit

Released late June 2010 at ¥7,140¥ (¥6,800 and VAT of 5%), 24 cm tall

One Piece POP Crocodile Figure
Crocodile NEO-DX

Neo DX 4Edit

Released on late August 2010 at ¥7,140 (¥6,800 and VAT of 5%), 23 cm tall

Boa Hancock NEO-DX

Neo DX 5Edit

Released mid-December 2010 at ¥8,400 (¥8,000 and VAT of 5%), 25 cm tall

Jinbe NEO-DX

Neo DX 6Edit

Released late December 2010

  • Whitebeard at ¥9,240 (¥8,800 and VAT of 5%), 32 cm tall, 49 cm with his weapon
  • Monkey D. Luffy at ¥6,300 (¥6,000 and VAT of 5%), 17 cm tall
  • Portgas D. Ace at ¥6,300 (¥6,000 and VAT of 5%), 18.5 cm tall
Edward Newgate DX Figure
"Whitebeard" Edward Newgate NEO-DX
Monkey D. Luffy NEO-DX
Portgas D. Ace NEO-DX

Neo DX 7Edit

Released late January 2011 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%), 24.5 cm tall

Monkey D. Garp NEO-DX

Neo DX 8Edit

Released late February 2011 at ¥8,820 (¥8,400 and VAT of 5%), 26 cm tall

"Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach NEO-DX

Neo DX 9Edit

Released late April 2011 at ¥6,300 (¥6,000 and VAT of 5%) each

Trafalgar Law NEO-DX
"Phoenix" Marco NEO-DX

Neo DX 10Edit

Released late May 2011 at ¥7,140 (¥6,800 and VAT of 5%)

"Ghost Princess" Perona NEO-DX

Neo DX 11Edit

Released late June 2011 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%)

"Flower Sword" Vista NEO-DX

Neo DX 12Edit

Released late August 2011

"Dark King" Silvers Rayleigh NEO-DX
DX Kuzan
Marine Headquarters Admiral Aokiji (Kuzan) NEO-DX


Aokiji has been slightly redesigned to match his Marineford Arc attire:

  • Addition of his Admiral coat.
  • His shoes are black instead of white.
  • His blue shirt and outfit shadings are painted with a darker blue.


Probably to appease the fans that already got the 1st version of Aokiji, Megahouse also sold separately the new accessories coming with the 2nd version, namely his coat and the redesigned stand base, through its webshop site of exclusive and limited products MegaTrea Shop. Pre-orders started May 13, 2011 for a release late August 2011 at ¥2,520 (VAT, handling and shipping fees all included).

Aokiji Marine Coat NEO-EX / coat
Aokiji Marine Coat NEO-EX / stand base

Neo DX 13Edit

Released late September 2011 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%), 30 cm tall with drums, 25 cm without

"God" Enel NEO-DX

Neo DX 14Edit

Released late November 2011 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%), 25 cm tall (not in scale)

Marine Headquarters Admiral Akainu (Sakazuki) NEO-DX

Neo DX 15Edit

Released mid-January 2012 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%), 26 cm tall

Marine Headquarters Admiral Kizaru (Borsalino) NEO-DX

Neo DX 16Edit

Released late April 2012

Donquixote Doflamingo NEO-DX
Jewelry Bonney NEO-DX

Neo DX 17Edit

Released late May 2012 at ¥9,450 (¥9,000 and VAT of 5%), 32 cm tall

Gekko Moriah NEO-DX

Neo DX 18Edit

Released late June 2012 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%), 22.5 cm tall

Benn Beckman NEO-DX

Neo DX 19Edit

Released August 2012 at ¥8,925 (¥8,500 and VAT of 5%), 22 cm tall

Arlong NEO-DX

Neo DX 20Edit

Released December 2012 at ¥7,560 (¥7,200 and VAT of 5%), 18.5 cm tall

Killer NEO-DX

Neo DX 21Edit

Released February 2013 at ¥8,925 (¥8,500 and VAT of 5%), 23.5 cm tall

Shiliew NEO-DX

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