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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
Illustrations on this page are stock photos and aren't necessarily representative of the final products.
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The original P.O.P line spanned through 4 parts, series 3 and 4 being noticeably better than series 1 and 2. It's comprised of 12 distinct characters, with Nami having 2 versions, and Usopp and Chopper released on the same box, for a total of 13 distinct figures spanned through 12 released boxes. Despite the improvements in the Neo series, the original run of figures are usually more sought after than their Neo counterparts.

Series 1Edit

Released on late April 2004 at ¥3,990 each (¥3,800 and VAT of 5%)

POP1 Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy
POP1 Nami
POP1 Zoro
Roronoa Zoro

Series 2Edit

Released on October 2004 at ¥3,990 each (¥3,800 and VAT of 5%)

Chopper is not in scale (smaller than his actual size at 1/8)

POP2 Sanji
Sanji Series II
POP2 Usopp & Chopper
Usopp & Chopper Series II
POP2 Robin
Nico Robin Series II

Series 3Edit

Released on March 2005 at ¥3,990 each (¥3,800 and VAT of 5%)

POP3 Ace
Portgas D. Ace Series III
POP3 Tashigi
Tashigi Series III
POP3 Vivi
Nefertari Vivi Series III

Series 4Edit

Released on late December 2005 at ¥3,990 each (¥3,800 and VAT of 5%)

POP4 Nami
Nami Series IV
POP4 Bellemere
Bellemere Series IV
POP4 Smoker
White Chase Smoker Series IV

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