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Poro[2] is an inhabitant of Orange Town.


Poro is an elderly man, who has grey hair around the sides of his head and is bald of the top. He has a wrinkled face, and a Fu man chu style dark brown mustache. He also has thick dark brown eyebrows, and wears a tan shirt.

After the timeskip, during the opening of Chouchou's new store, he wore a darker colored shirt and shorts with sandals.

He still has the same resemblance as he did 2 years before.


He appears to love his town, to the point he would willingly drive away the Buggy Pirates out of it.


East Blue SagaEdit

Orange Town ArcEdit

Sometimes before the Straw Hat Pirates came to Orange Town, the Buggy Pirates took over the town. He was forced to flee the town with the other inhabitants.

When Boodle decided to go back to the town, he tried to convince Boodle not to go back while Buggy was there, but Boodle refused to listen. After seeing Chouchou returning to the surviving inhabitants of Orange Town alone, he organized a mob in order to save Boodle and drive Buggy and his pirates out of the town. However, much to their surprise, they find Luffy, Zoro and Nami and chase them out instead.

From the Decks of the WorldEdit

Poro is seen again during Chouchou's pet food store's grand opening, smiling next to Boodle after learning the news about the Straw Hat Pirates.


  1. One Piece Blue: Grand Data File (p. 41), Poro is revealed to own a bookstore.
  2. Poro's name is revealed in the Blue Data Book

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