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Popo Anime Infobox
Japanese Name: ポポ
Romanized Name: Popo
English Name: Popo
Debut: Episode 101[1]
Affiliations: Scorpion
Occupations: Pet
Japanese VA: N/A
4Kids English VA: Sean Schemmel
Funi English VA: Chris Cason

Popo is an anime-only character. It is Scorpion's ostrich.


He is a large, flightless bird who wears a helmet and goggles. He also wears a saddle and saddlebag.[1]


He tends to be a little clumsy sometimes, like when he ate rope. However, even though he is clumsy, he understands human language by bringing Scorpion's bazooka to him when told to. He also knows to run away in fear when he feels threatened or scared.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Popo has the ability to run very fast, much like real ostriches.[1]


Popo was seen along side Scorpion while he was looking to hunt down Ace for his bounty. After Scorpion resolved his problems, Chip and Dip rode Popo away with their father. [1]


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