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Pisaro Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ピサロ
Romanized Name: Pisaro
English Name: N/A
Debut: Chapter 72; Episode 32
Affiliations: Arlong Pirates; Sun Pirates (former)
Occupations: Pirate; Musician
For the Blackbeard Pirates member who bears a similar name, see Avalo Pizarro.

Pisaro[1] is the musician of the Arlong Pirates. He is an ocean sunfish fishman.


Pisaro Concept Art
Concept art of Pisaro.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

Pisaro is a normal sized fishman, with large lips and light blue skin, and curly brown hair. As a Sun Pirate, he wore a green vest with yellow lines on it, and a puffed collar around his neck. As an Arlong Pirate, he sported a purple short sleeved, button up open shirt, with pink stars on it. He wears a white sash, and is seen carrying maracas. He also has a red star tattoo on his chest. In the manga, he was seen as overweight, but in the anime he was quite muscular.


As a member of the Arlong Pirates and a former member of the Sun Pirates, Pisaro could possibly have a hatred for humans, due to the death of Fisher Tiger and the influence of Arlong.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Pisaro is a quite skilled musician and maraca player.

As a fishman, he possesses the strength of ten men and has incredible mobility underwater as well as the ability to stay submerged for as long as he desires. When in the water, he possesses the strength of twenty men.



He was a member of the Sun Pirates.

Arlong Park ArcEdit

Pisaro appears as a common background character as Arlong's musician. He is always seen holding maracas in both hands and often shakes them. He was the one who spotted smoke coming out of Bell-mère's chimney.

He was defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates early in the battle when they attacked Arlong Park. Pisaro was eventually arrested by the Marines.[2]

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References Edit

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  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 51 Chapter 492 (p. 13) and Episode 387, Hatchan mentions Arlong and the crew's fate.

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