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Piriodo is one of the non-canon islands in the New World and one of the Endpoints.[1]


Unlike Firs and Secon Island, Piriodo does not seem to be inhabited. Rather, it is a rocky terrain, with a volcanic area in the center of the island.[1]

As one of the three Endpoints, Piriodo acts as a seal to the vast quantities of subterranean magma underneath the New World.[1]


One Piece Film: ZEdit

After Z destroyed the first two Endpoints, he reaches Piriodo and intends to do the same, which will in turn release the subterranean magma to destroy the entire New World. Just as he finished positioning the Dyna Stones and waited for Armageddon, the Straw Hat Pirates approached to fight him and his Neo Marine army on the island.[1]

When Z was defeated, Borsalino and a marine platoon arrived on the island to take down the Neo Marines and Straw Hat Pirates in one fell swoop. However, Kuzan freezes the whole zone where the Dyna Stones were positioned to prevent their detonation, and erect an ice wall, allowing Z to fight against the marines while the others escape, until his death.[1]


  • Its name is the Japanese pronunciation of the English word, "period". One definition of a period is an end, conclusion, or the final point of something; this may refer to the island being last Endpoint to be shown.


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