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Peto Peto no Mi
Peto Peto no Mi Infobox
Japanese Name: ペトペトの実
Romanized Name: Peto Peto no Mi
English Name: Peto-Peto Fruit (FUNimation)
Meaning: Pet
Debut: Episode 625
Type: Paramecia
User: Breed

The Peto Peto no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to control all living creatures by giving them green gel-like collars.[1] "Peto" comes from "petto", the Japanese way of pronouncing the word "pet". It was eaten by Breed.[1]

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The power of the fruit allows Breed to control all living things by giving them green gel-like collars. This collar appears from his hand and is placed or thrown onto the victim's neck. The user can also bring out the full potential of its victim to use as his strength.[1] The user can place a collar over oneself, and give orders to oneself to bring out his/her own full power and when doing so the collar begins to glow a bright red color.

As the collars are projectiles, they can be dodged with ease by a sufficiently fast and alert opponent.[1] Also, even though the user can control their victim's body, they cannot control their consciousness and senses. Another weakness is that the victim must be able to hear and comprehend the command for it to take effect, as seen when Breed had to repeat his order to Caesar that he "lie down" after Caesar failed to hear it the first time[2] and when he lost control of Luffy and Law when they were wearing earplugs. If the victims exert enough willpower, they can resist the commands the user gives (at least for a short time), as shown when Breed told his pets to get off of him while they were restraining him, but refused to obey. If the user of the fruit is knocked unconscious, the collars that were already put on the victims will shatter and disappear. The fruit also lacks any direct offensive or defensive abilities. Aside from this, the user is still affected by the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses, although the power itself does not appear to be - Breed's collars work underwater without any apparent impairment.


Breed uses it to control many animals like a kung-fu dugong, and even Chopper.[1] He is also shown to be able to place collars onto humans, such as Luffy and Law. According to Breed, he can do it with any living thing, turning it into his "pet" as well. Breed intends to use this ability in conjuncture with SMILEs to transform every human on the planet into animals and enslave them.[2]


  • The Devil Fruit's name can be mistaken as betobeto (べとべと?), which can mean "sticky".
  • This is also the second Devil Fruit to have its name misheard as some other unrelated (and just as offensive to the user) word. The first being Eric's Kama Kama no Mi being mistaken as "okama" (crossdresser). Coincidentally, both Devil Fruits belong to filler antagonists.
  • The green gel produced is similar in appearance to the candy syrup of Gasparde's Ame Ame no Mi.


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