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Peppoko[2] is a member of the Alvida Pirates.


Peppoko has long blonde hair, blonde eyebrows, and a blonde goatee. He wears a light blue headband, and a orange shirt with vertical lines on it and a black lining near the chest.


Typical of his thuggish appearance, Peppoko likes to intimidate Coby due to his low status and timid personality. He fears Alvida, and tried to deny slacking off (which she hates) when she found him doing so. He, like the rest of the crew, calls her beautiful simply to avoid her Iron Mace.


Luffy Emerges From Barrel in the Manga

Luffy emerges from the barrel.

Peppoko, along with his crewmates Heppoko, Poppoko and Coby, found Luffy in the barrel he had drifted to their hideout in. The first three intimidated Coby due to his low status as a Cabin Boy, and tried to attack Luffy, but were defeated. After that, they reported to Alvida when she attacked them, thinking they were slacking off.

Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit

Luffy Emerges From Barrel in Anime

The extra member in the anime; to the right.

Although Peppoko appeared in the anime along with Heppoko and Poppoko, at least one of them appeared in a different scene to the others, instead another miscellaneous crew member replaced him when Luffy's barrel was opened. In the anime one of them later reappears as a member of Gally's crew.


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Enemy AppearancesEdit


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