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Pagaya Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: パガヤ
Romanized Name: Pagaya
English Name: Pagaya
Debut: Chapter 239; Episode 154
Affiliations: Neutral civilian
Japanese VA: Mahito Ōba
Funi English VA: Grant James

Pagaya is Conis' father and a native to Skypiea who fixed the waver that Nami rides.[1]


Pagaya is a Skypiean man of average height. He is almost bald but has the typical Skypiean hair antennae sticking out. He has a strange round beard covering his mouth, and he is always shown with closed eyes, however he seems fully able to both see and talk. His hair antennas and beard are dark brown, along with his eyebrows. He wears the typical Skypiean robes, in his case a brown yellow one with a light yellow collar, and light yellow at the end of where the sleeves would be, if it had any, it also has a black leaf like design.


He has a habit of apologizing for everything, even things that he is not even responsible for or when there is not even anything to apologize for. He seems to hold no grudges against anyone and is very humble towards just about everyone. He helps the Straw Hat Pirates despite the fact that they were labeled as criminals for not paying their toll fee.


Skypiea ArcEdit

When the Straw Hats arrived at Angel Island, they met his daughter Conis. He comes by soon after on a Waver and invites them back to his home. He later repairs Nami's Waver when they go to Upper Yard.[2] He and Conis rescue Aisa from sky sharks.

Pagaya was thought dead as Enel attacked him while he was helping an injured member of the royal guard, who had just revealed Enel's plans to destroy Skypiea. But he resurfaces later, alive and well as the shock of the attack merely sent him falling to the White Sea where he was soon found by escapees from Angel Island.

Two Years LaterEdit

Pumpkin Cafe Infobox
Pagaya and the White Berets eating at the Pumpkin Cafe.
Galaxy9000Added by Galaxy9000

After the timeskip, Pagaya is seen at the Pumpkin Cafe, sitting with McKinley and drinking tea from a pumpkin shaped cup.


  • In Episode 303, he is seen rowing the boat that Boss Luffy is riding.


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