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Oro Jackson
Oro Jackson Infobox
Japanese Name: オーロ・ジャクソン号
Romanized Name: Ōro Jakusonn-gō
English Name: Oro Jackson
First Appearance: Chapter 0; Episode 0
Affiliations: Roger Pirates

The Oro Jackson was the ship made by Tom for Gol D. Roger and the Roger Pirates. It is the only ship that has sailed to the end of the Grand Line. This is the ship that Franky dreams will be surpassed by the Thousand Sunny.

Ship Design and Appearance

Oro Jackson's Fore

The fore of the Oro Jackson.

The Oro Jackson was made from wood hewn from the treasure tree "Adam", the same wood is used during the creation of the Thousand Sunny, the ship that belongs to the Straw Hat Pirates. The figurehead of the ship appears to be a pair of mermaids alongside a forward facing cannon. The ship had three masts, with red sails and a jolly roger on the foremast. The sails also have a vertical stripe design.


The ship was built by Tom at Water 7, and was sailed from there.

It was seen during the Edd War, against Shiki and his fleet of ships. The ship's crew were able to defeat Shiki's fleet, and left apparently undamaged.

The Oro Jackson eventually reached Raftel in the New World, becoming the only ship to ever do so. The crew then disbanded, and it is unknown what became of the ship.


Oro Jackson
The ship in Buggy's flashback.
Oro Jackson Egg
An Oro Jackson figurine depicted with an egg.
  • 'Oro' is "gold" in Spanish and Italian, a reference to 'Gold Roger', the name most people know Gol D. Roger as.
  • A ship used by Gol D. Roger's crew was seen in Buggy's flashback. This is possibly not the Oro Jackson, as she appears to not have any mermaid figureheads on the prow of the ship.[1]
  • The center of the ship holds a polka-dotted object. While in the manga its shape is unclear, the anime and merchandise seem to depict it as an egg.[2]

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  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 0 Chapter 0 (p. 4) and Episode 0, Merchandise; a large egg with polka dots can be seen in the middle of the ship.

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