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One Piece 20th x Kyoto is an event that took place between from October 7 to October 22, 2017 in Kyoto.[1]

City AttractionsEdit

Straw Hat Crew Stamp RallyEdit

One Piece x Kyoto Map

A map showing the stamps locations.

At eight key location around Kyoto there were stamp kiosks with the Straw Hats members (Robin and Franky shared a location).

  • Sanji's Stamp was located at Nikenchaya Tea House located inside Yasaka Shrine. The Tea House also had a special Sanji inspired beverage and two posters of Sanji greeting the customers, one for each gender.
  • Chopper's Stamp was located at Shōgoin Yatsuhashi sweets shop. The shop had special Chopper inspired Yatsuhashi.
  • Robin and Franky's Stamp was located at Nijō Castle. The place also included an interactive tour with Robin and Franky, using a special Franky inspired QR scanner.
  • Brook's Stamp was located at Kuramazaki Shrine, which include the Geino Shrine inside. The shrine also sold Brook inspired charms.

After collecting all of the stamps, one would go to Kyoto City Hall, which was redesigned as a Marine base and featured a wall with the Straw Hats wanted posters, asking the public to locate the crew. Upon presenting a full set of stamps, one would receive a reward that included a packet of A4-size wanted posters (the most recent ones) of all the Straw Hats, a card with a QR code on the back leading to a congratulations message from Oda, and a 10,000 Berry bill. The whole thing comes in a Marine envelope. After the event end the images were replaced to featured saluting Marines and a "thank you" message for the assistance.[1][2][3]

OP x Kyoto Straw Hats Wanted Posters
The Straw Hats wanted posters.
One Piece 20th x Kyoto 10,000 Bellys
The prize bill from the stamp rally.

One Piece Art NUEEdit

One Piece Art NUE Logo

One Piece Art NUE Logo.

An art exhibit was held at Daikaku Temple.[1] The artworks told the event story, among others.[3]

Plot SynopsisEdit

The story is set on Yo a region in Wano Country, where a man named Toratsugu is raggedly wandering along a beach, and finds a piece of fruit in the sand. He eats it, not realizing it was a Devil Fruit, and he is cursed with the transformative power of a Nue — a mythological Japanese creature that has a monkey's head, a lion's body, and a snake for a tail.

The next day, the Straw Hat Pirates land in the harbor of the region. They interact with the locals, as Nami checking out a kimono, Chopper sampling local sweets, Brook playing a shamisen-like instrument, Sanji schmoozing with the ladies, Usopp learning about ukiyo-e, and Zoro just getting lost.

While the Straw Hats enjoy the excitement of the harbor, the daimyo's daughter princess Kikuhime is having her wedding celebration, even though the daimyo himself recently died. She is marrying prince Lark from a neighboring country, and he is to become the new feudal lord. Suddenly, the mansion housing the ceremony is attacked by the nue, and Lark faces the creature but is unable to take it down.

Lark meets with the Straw Hats, asking them to help him save the capital. Luffy is much more excited about the nue and says he wants to make it his pet, so he agrees, while Nami is excited by the rewards promised. Afterwards, they all travel to a mountain temple to face the nue.

At the mountain temple, Luffy finds that the supposed "monster" is acting like a human, and seems to be crying. After their quick bout is over, the nue falls into a ravine. Luffy and his crew retreat but later find a man at the bottom of the ravine. Luffy realizes the nue is really a human, and Chopper begins healing him.

Toratsugu then explains himself. He is, in fact, a master florist and teacher of flower arranging for the Hitaki Family, the clan of the daimyo. He is also a childhood friend of Kikuhime. The two got along well and gradually came to love one another. They pledged their love to each other and got engaged. A few days later, Lark murdered the daimyo, and Toratsugu witnesses the act. Lark imprisons Toratsugu, blaming the murder on him, and as a result become the next in line to become the daimyo and rule the capital. The night before his public execution, Toratsugu escapes his prison, and that is when he finds the Devil Fruit on the beach.

The Straw Hats are moved by Toratsugu's tale, and they decide to work together to take down Lark. Toratsugu is injured, but he nevertheless changes into his nue form, and the Straw Hats ride on his back to face Lark, who has barricaded himself in an encampment. Kikuhime desperatly tries to convince him that Toratsugu is innocent. Lark says he'll definitely capture Toratsugu and execute him, and confesses to Kikuhime that he is the real killer, before claiming he doesn't need her anymore, and pushes her off a balcony, saying he'll blame that on Toratsugu as well.

Toratsugu and the Straw Hats arrive just in time for Luffy to stretch and save Kikuhime. Luffy then fights Lark and knocks him out with a single punch. After Lark's defeat, everybody celebrates with a banquet before the Straw Hats sail off for another adventure. Chopper is happy that Toratsugu and Kikuhime will live happily ever after, Nami jokes that it's a shame they couldn't get a reward, and Luffy laughingly regrets that he wasn't able to make the nue his pet after all.[2]


Toratsugu and Kikuhime's Engagement
Lark Murders Hitaki
Lark murders Hitaki.
The Thousand Sunny at Yo
The Straw Hats arrive to Yo.
Yo Infobox
The harbor at Yo.
Lark and the Straw Hats
Lark sends the Straw Hats after the nue.
Toratsugu's Confession
Toratsugu confess the truth.
Luffy and Toratsugu Save Kikuhime
Luffy and Toratsugu save Kikuhime.
Straw Hats Depart from Toratsugu and Kikuhime
The Straw Hats depart.

Pop Up StoreEdit

A Pop Up store selling One Piece related merchandise.[2][3]

Volume 794Edit

Volume 794 is a special volume that acts as a guide to the event, featuring a map of locations involved with several of the attractions. The number is a reference to the year 794, which was the beginning of the Heian period, named after Kyoto's former name "Heian-kyō."


One Piece 20th x Kyoto Logo
The event logo.
One Piece x Kyoto Banner
The event banner.
OP x Kyoto City Hall promotion
The promotion at Kyoto City Hall.


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