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In the UK, the One Piece anime was previously broadcast on Toonami. They aired the 4Kids version (with all the edits made to the US Version) until completing this dub at the end of 2006. In 2007 Toonami UK, having suffered from failing ratings as a result of moving away action cartoons (One Piece being one of the last action shows that aired on the channel), was replaced with CN TOO, a more direct sister channel used to largely run reruns from the main Cartoon Network channel. In September 2009 'One Piece' was briefly rerun on CN TOO using the 4Kids version, some three years after 4Kids lost the rights to the series, beginning at the end of the Drum Island Arc. 'One Piece' has not aired on UK television since.

DVD, Blu-Ray And OnlineEdit

The FUNimation simulcast of One Piece is not available for viewing in the UK, and most of the FUNimation video on demand services were heavily curtailed for British viewers after the first simulcast episode was leaked.

From May 2013 onward Manga Entertainment began releasing the One Piece TV series on DVD, including the uncut FUNimation version and the Japanese version with English subtitles.[1] During 2014 Manga will also be releasing the first ten movies on DVD, including the FUNimation dubs where applicable.


The manga was one of the three Shonen Jump manga that was brought to the UK by Gollancz Manga as a reprint of the VIZ manga more suited to the UK market. However, the production of this version of the manga ended after the publication of Volume 13 after Gollancz dropped the series. The manga is currently being published by Viz Media UK, using a direct import of the American version.

The digital Viz Media version of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine became available in the UK through the Android and the Apple stores in 2013, publishing new chapters the same day as their Japanese release. Digital volumes of the series are also available through iTunes and Amazon Kindle.


Theme MusicEdit

Although none of One Piece's original soundtrack is available in the UK, many pieces of it's theme music are available through digital retailers; these include: Shining ray, A to Z, Asu wa Kuru Kara, We Are! (Remix), Share the World!, Fight Together, Wake up!, We Are! (2012 AAA Version), Sailing Day, Yume Miru Koro wo Sugitemo, 'How You Remind Me' and 'Bad Reputation'. The Wake Up! single features a group shot of the Straw Hat pirates on its album artwork.

'One Piece Music Symphony' ConcertEdit

On February 7th 2015, the 'One Piece Music Symphony', a live concert of the anime's original soundtrack, will be playing at Cadogan Hall, London[2]. Composer Kohei Tanaka will appear at the event, whom VIP ticket holders will have the opportunity to meet.

Video GamesEdit

The game Grand Battle was released exclusively on PlayStation 2 in 2005, followed by its sequel Grand Adventure in 2006. These were identical to their US versions, and only contained English voices. All later video games would contain the Japanese voices only.

The two Unlimited Cruise games were released on the Wii in 2009. The 'SP' 3DS version was released in 2012, but unlike the Japanese release was split into two parts on this console. Part 1 of the 3DS version also included a limited edition figurine of Ace.[3] Pirate Warriors was released on PlayStation 3 in 2012, and later re-released as a 'Treasure Chest' edition (containing all additional DLC) and as a 'PS3 Essentials' edition. Pirate Warriors 2 was released for PlayStation 3 in 2013. Romance Dawn was released for 3DS in 2013.

Unlimited World Red was released in 2014 on Wii U, 3DS, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. The game was available as a 'Straw Hat Edition' (containing an extra DLC quest and DLC costumes) on all four consoles, as well as a 'Chopper Edition' (including additional DLC costumes, a key holder, a lanyard, 10 stickers, a wall scroll and an art book) on PlayStation 3, exclusive to the retailer Game.[4]


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