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In the UK, One Piece was previously broadcast on Toonami (a channel that was known previously as CNX before taking up the namesake of the programing block of the same name). They aired the 4Kids version (with all the edits made to the US Version) until the end of 2006 after airing all the episodes produced.

There was no evidence that Turner UK had any intent to air the FUNimation dub (a matter compounded by the FUNimation version not being available for purchase in the UK). It was largely believed that One Piece was canceled after Toonami UK, having suffered from failing ratings as a result of moving away action cartoons (One Piece being one of the last action shows that aired on the channel), was replaced with CN TOO, a more direct sister channel used to largely run reruns from the main Cartoon Network channel. From September 29, 2009, One Piece was briefly rerun on CN TOO using the 4Kids version, some three years after 4Kids lost the rights to One Piece, beginning at the end of the Drum Island Arc. It is unknown if Cartoon Network has plans as towards airing the rest of One Piece using the FUNimation version.

The FUNimation simulcast of One Piece is not available for viewing in the UK due to legal reasons and most of the FUNimation video on demand services were heavily curtailed for British viewers after the first simulcast episode was leaked.

The manga was one of the three Shonen Jump manga that was brought to the UK by Gollancz Manga as a reprint of the VIZ manga more suited to the UK market. However, the production of this version of the manga ended after the publication of Volume 13 after Gollancz dropped the series. The manga is currently being published by Viz Media UK, using a direct import of the American version.

From May 2013 onward Manga Entertainment began releasing the One Piece TV series on DVD, including the uncut FUNimation version and the Japanese version with English subtitles.[1] During 2014 Manga will also be releasing the first ten movies on DVD, including the FUNimation dubs where applicable.


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