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The One Piece logo for the Arabic Dub (notice the skull in the "O" has been edited out)

The Arabic dub of One Piece. It is televised on the local Space Power Channel, which is widely watched throughout the Arab world. There is censorship in this dub, however it is rather strange and inconsistant. Blood and violence is okay sometimes, and other times it's not. It would seem as if the dub did not want the episode duration to vary due to these cuts, so they use freeze frames frequently or slow down and reverse footage. Most editing is done to female characters such as Nami, Nojiko, and Vivi, due to cleavage or exposed skin. When possible, they will cut out the scene where the clevage is shown and freeze frame to another character. There are a couple of instances where shirts were drawn on the female characters because they could not be edited out. Ironically, Sanji's smoking habit wasn't edited out. The original music score is kept, however there is a new opening sequence and there were a couple of episodes where a new BGM score was placed beneath the next episode preview.


Sanji is no longer a womanizer, but he still cares about the ladies. Also, all the cursing or bad language was replaced.

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