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In Turkey, One Piece was published at Star TV under the name "Lastik Çocuk" (Rubber Boy) in year 2004 but only for 52 episodes, because of Sanji's and Smoker's cigarettes the series unpublished on TV by RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council).

Voice ActorsEdit

Opening 1 (Narrative) Nüvit Candaner
Monkey D. Luffy Ahmet Taşar
Nami Birtanem Coşkun Candaner / Pınar Erengil
Roronoa Zoro Lori Barokas / Cüneyt Öner
Usopp Onur Kırış
Shanks Tuğra Kaftancıoğlu
Buggy Tugay Erverdi
Yasopp Salahsun Hekimoglu


After the release of the first volume, publishers decided not to release the second volume until the first four volumes were ready for release. Releases were put on a hiatus for nearly eight months.

They stated that they have been asked by Viz Media to translate sound effects to Turkish, instead of giving explanations. Since that kind of sound effects is not common in Turkish, they had to create those sound effects, which takes a long time.

Latest Released One Piece Vol in Turkey
Latest released volume of One Piece.

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