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In Poland, the One Piece manga is published by Japonica Polonica Fantastica. As of now, 52 volumes have been released.

Uncensored One Piece anime with voice-over translation is aired on Polsat Games channel.

Names in Polish VersionEdit


  • Benn Beckman's name is changed to "Ben Beckman".
  • Koby's name is changed to "Coby".
  • Chouchou's name is changed to "Shushu".
  • Mohji's name is changed to "Moji".
  • Richie's name is changed to "Ritchie".
  • Ninjin's name is changed to "Marchewa" (literally "carrot").
  • Piiman's name is changed to "Papryka" (literally "pepper").
  • Tamanegi's names is changed to "Cebula" (literally "onion")
  • Buchi's name is changed to "Butchie".
  • Bell-mère's name is changed to "Belle-mere".
  • Chew's name is changed to "Cmokachuu" ("cmok" is a Polish equivalent to a sound of kissing).
  • Hatchan's name is changed to "Hachyk".
  • Momoo's name is changed to "Muumu".
  • Karoo's name is changed to "Carue".
  • Hiriluk's name is changed to "Hiluluk".
  • Bentham's alias is changed to "Mr. 2 Bon Clay".
  • Eyelashes's name is changed to "Rzęsa" (literally "eyelash").
  • Scissors' name is changed to "Nożyce" (literally "scissors").
  • Su's name is changed to "Suuu".
  • Iceburg's name is changed to "Iceberg".
  • Gekko Moriah's name is changed to "Gekko Moria".
  • Ryuma's name is changed to "Ryuuma".
  • Inuppe's name is changed to "Piechu".
  • Jigoro's name is changed to "Żigorou".
  • Kaido's name is changed to "Kaidou".
  • Camie's name is changed to "Keimi".
  • Pappag's name is changed to "Pappug".
  • World Nobles are called "światowa arystokracja" (literally "world aristocracy") and "Niebiańskie Smoki" (literally "Celestial Dragons").


  • Nami's hometown is named "wioska Kokoyashi".
  • Loguetown is named "Logue Town".
  • Mary Geoise is called "święte miasto Mariejois" (literally "sacred city of Mariejois").

Devil FruitsEdit


  • Monkey D. Luffy is called "Słomkowy Kapelusz".
  • Shanks is called "Rudowłosy".
  • Alvida is called "Żelazna Maczuga".
  • Morgan is called "Topororęki".
  • Roronoa Zoro is called "Łowca Piratów".
  • Buggy is called "Klaun".
  • Mohji epithet is changed to "Mistrz Oswajania Dzikich Bestii" (literally "master of taming wild beasts").
  • Cabaji is called "Akrobata".
  • Kuzan is called "Niebieski Bażant" (literally "blue pheasant").
  • Usopp is called "Snajperking".
  • Borsalino is called "Żółta Małpa" (literally "yellow monkey").
  • Sakazuki is called "Czerwony Pies" (literally "red dog").


  • Belly is called "berry".
  • Shichibukai are called "Siedmiu Królewskich Wojowników Mórz" (literally "seven royal warriors of the seas").
  • Den Den Mushi is called "ślimakofon" ("ślimak" means "snail" in Polish).
  • Fish-Men are called "ryboludzie".
  • Nyaban Brothers are called "bracia Strażnikot".
  • Haki is called "Dominacja" (literally "domination").
  • Levely is called "Reverie".
  • Five Elders are called "Starszyzna Pięciu Gwiazd" (literally "elders of the five stars")

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