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The One Piece manga is being published in Argentina by LARP Editores, since 2009, with erratic publication periods, launching a new volume every two or three months. Currently, they have published up to volume 39 (Larp Editores speculates to launch One Piece volumes monthly in the late months of 2017).

In Mexico the manga was published by Editorial Toukan but stopped on Volume Eight. Panini Comics started to republish the manga in 2014. Panini is currently publishing the manga in Spanish and it's up to volume 35.

Both publishers keeps the features like the SBS section and author's commentaries


The Latin American Spanish dub of One Piece was broadcast on Cartoon Network LA in 2006-2008 and was based off of the 4Kids version, censorship, but kept very close to the Japanese script in terms of specific names or places (devil fruit is "Fruta del Diablo" and the marines are "la marina"). Oddly enough, when this dub aired on Televisa 5, it featured a dubbed version of "We Are" and "Memories" (as the CN version aired the Latino version of the 4kids rap) but still featured the 4Kids cuts. All 104 edited episodes from 4Kids Entertainment were broadcast in Latin America.

Currently, the only official platform in Latin America for the One Piece anime is through the Crunchyroll streaming service.

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