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One Piece in Greece
Continent: Europe
Language: Greek
First transmitted: April 14th, 2002
Number of episodes: 105
Number of volumes: None
Censorship: Yes
One Piece Greece Logo

The One Piece logo of the Greek Dub.

The series aired on the television station Alter Channel under the name "Ντρέηκ Και Το Κυνήγι Του Θησαυρού" (Drake And the Hunting of the Treasure). It first aired in Greece in 14 April 2002 but it stopped at Episode 105, during the Alabasta Arc.

The ΕΣΡ (Greek Television Council) decided that the events shown on episode 28 during the fight between Luffy and Don Krieg (and especially the part where Luffy was stabbed and took the projectiles out of his arm) were highly inappropriate for the minors watching the show. As a result, an order was issued a year later for the show to stop, since it was considered not suitable for children due to the amount of violence and fierce battles it contained. An interesting thing to note is, that according to the dubbing, the crew does not intent to go to Raftel, but to the Red Line instead. Also, another interesting detail is that Luffy's name did not involve the characteristic "D", which was omitted. It is not known whether that was done intentionally and there was a plan to rectify it as the series moved on or it was a dubbing mistake.

Character Name ChangesEdit

Original Name Changed Name
Monkey D. Luffy Drake
Roronoa Zoro Blackjack
Usopp Gus
Sanji Sunny
Nami Bonnie
Tony Tony Chopper Billy
Kuro Μαύρος Πιτ (Black Pit)
Coby Ross
Helmeppo Helmero
Arlong Richie
Krieg Don Sam
Gol D. Roger Χρυσοδάχτυλος Ρότζερ (Goldfinger Roger)
Mr.3 Agent 3
Wapol Poli
Mr. 9 Hulio
Kaya Suzy
Patty Tommy
Ace Εις Φωτιά (Ace Fire)
Smoker Καπετάν Καπνός (Captain Smoke)
Dracule Mihawk Γεράκι (Hawk)
Nojiko Nora
Chew Silly
Kuroobi Καρχαρίας (Shark)
Hatchan Χταπόδι (Octopus)
Nezumi Ναύαρχος το Ποντίκι (Admiral Mouse)
Merry Mario
Cabaji Ακροβάτης (The Acrobat)

Jango's name, along with Sham's, Buchi's, Pearl's, Nelson's, Shanks's, Crocodile's, Buggy's, Vivi's, Alvida's and Dalton's were not changed.


The first opening "We Are" was adapted into Greek and featured lyrics that were not related to the Japanese version.

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