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The Brazilian version of the One Piece anime premiered on Cartoon Network Brazil in 2006-2007 and is based off of the 4Kids version, which features much visual censorship, but kept very close to the Japanese script in terms of specific names or places like the LA spanish dub. Since brazilian fans criticized the One Piece Rap, SBT (second channel to broadcast the series) changed the opening and ending for brazilian versions of "We Are" and "Memories" (wich were first used on the DVDs), but kept the 4kids cuts. Only 52 epsiodes were broadcast in Brazil before the dub was canceled. The manga was successful in Brazil, published by Conrad Editora, but was canceled for unknown reasons. The manga stopped in the middle of Ennies Lobby arc until volume 35, but In 2011, Panini adquired the rights to publish the manga in Brazil again in 2012. They published simultaneously the series from the Vol. 1 and from the Vol. 36(continuing the Conrad edition). In 2014, Panini released the first Databook One Piece Red: Grand Characters, in 2015, the second Databook, One Piece Blue, and in 2016, the third Databook, One Piece Yellow. There are plans to publish the rest of the Databooks.

The brazilian dub was made by brazilian studio "DPN", wich called Japan Brazil Communications (or JBC, a brazilian manga publisher) to take care of the adaptation. The studio did a good job, which was obscured by the 4kids version, besides that, all names, attacks and places were translated directly from the japanese (with a few exceptions, such as "Hachi" often being called "Octopus"), Monkey D. Luffy renamed Monkey D. Ruffy, with R, in this dub, but some dub errors that came from the english version were kept, like Gol D. Roger being "hang from the gallows" instead of having his head cut off.

Some episodes were released in DVD by Playarte, with both versions (4kids and original) of each episode included. Oddly, the original version does not have any dub, just japanese audio and portuguese subs, probably because they did not have an uncut dubbed version in these DVD, but they cancelled it after the episode 81(52 in the dub).

Voice ActorsEdit

Monkey D. Ruffy: Vagner Fagundes (adult); Vinicius Fagundes (child)

Roronoa Zoro: Marcelo Campos (adult); Angélica Santos (child)

Nami: Samira Fernandes

Usopp: Rodrigo Andreatto

Sanji: Wendel Bezerra (adult); Fábio Lucindo (child)

Tony Tony Chopper: Fábio Lucindo, Luiz Laffey (strong point)

Nico Robin: Angélica Santos

Narrator: Luíz Laffey

Gol D. Roger: Jonas Mello

Captain Kuro: Wellington Lima

Don Krieg: Guilherme Lopes

Buggy: Élcio Sodré

Alvida: Isaura Gomes

Arlong: Antônio Moreno

Morgan: Antônio Moreno

Shanks: Sílvio Giraldi

Smoker: Affonso Amajones

Monkey D. Dragon: Walter Cruz

Mihawk: Luíz Antônio Lobue

Zeff: Carlos Campanile

Coby: Pedro Alcântara

External LinksEdit

  • The Portuguese version of the 4kids rap [1]
  • The DVD version of We Are
  • The DVD version of Memories

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