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On this wiki, there are certain users with rights beyond those of normal users. This page lists these users and gives an explanation of their abilities.


Administrators are the users who manage and direct wikia operations. Their tasks include the deletion of pages, approval of content moderators, chat moderators, and rollbacks, and the general management of the wikia. Administrators alone have the power to ban users and delete blogs and blog comments. Administrators also hold all the rights given to content moderators, chat moderators, and rollbacks. Bureaucrats are admins who have the power to give rights to other users, either temporarily or after rights are earned. Three of our administrators on this wiki are bureaucrats.

  1. Yatanogarasu (Bureaucrat)
  2. DancePowderer (Bureaucrat)
  3. JustSomeDude... (Bureaucrat)
  4. Awaikage
  5. AuroraOfDeath

Content Moderators

Content Moderators are users responsible for maintaining the quality of wikia articles and images. They have the power to delete and protect pages and images, and can edit protected pages. They also hold all the rights given to rollbacks. There are currently four content moderators on this wiki.

  1. Kaido King of the Beasts
  2. Besty17
  3. Videogamep
  4. Xilinoc

Discussions Moderators

Discussions Moderators are users responsible for maintaining the quality of blogs and Discussions. They have the power to delete blogs, blog comments as well as discussions and discussions post. They also have the responsibility of managing the chat as a super moderator and have the power to kick and ban users. There is currently one discussions moderator on this wiki.

  1. 12th Supernova

Chat Moderators

Chat moderators are trusted users who manage and oversee the chat. They have the power to kick and ban users from chat. There are currently four chat moderators on this wiki.

  1. Fintin
  2. Piece enrik
  3. The Koromo
  4. Kaido King of the Beasts


Rollbacks are users with greater power to revert other users' edits. They are capable of undoing multiple edits and undoing the edits of one person over a given period. On this wiki rollbacks can also move images and rename pages without leaving redirects. There are six rollbacks on this wiki.

  1. Uknownada
  2. 12th Supernova
  3. MasterDeva
  4. JapaneseOPfan
  5. Jademing


Bots are automated users who are run by other users. The form of edits can vary, depending on the skill of the user running it.

Semi-Automated Bots

These bots are semi-automated, and users are capable of many kinds of edits.

  1. PX-Bot (Run by Sff9)
  2. Levibot (Run by Leviathan 89)
  3. Roranoa bot (Run by Roranoa zoro)
  4. StawBot (Run by Staw-Hat Luffy)

Non-Automated Bots

Several users (Rollbackers and Admins) can use script-bots to mass rename images and to hide unimportant edits from the Wiki's activity. All edits they do are manually triggered.

  1. JustSomeBot... (Run by JustSomeDude...)
  2. KageBot (Run by Awaikage)
  3. CaluBot (Run by Calua)
  4. BestyBot (Run by Besty17)
  5. JopieBot (Run by JapaneseOPfan)
  6. Jadybot (Run by Jademing)

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