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This article is about Japanese merchandising. For some pointers about related subjects like bootlegs, Japanese version vs the world, or the Toei sticker, you can consult the Merchandise FAQ page.
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One Piece Super Ship Collection is a series produced by Plex and dealing with the several well-known pirate ships that populate the seas of One Piece world. The particularity of this series is that each figure has a base that enables them to be combined together to obtain a nice showcase. Figures also come with a card representing the wanted poster of the related crew captain.

ワンピース SuperShip コレクション

Set 1Edit

Released mid-July 2010, the series come as boxes of 10 pieces. It contains 5 different models, actually 6 different figures as one of the models is about 2 boats, and 2 secrets.

The different models are:

The secrets are:

  • Smoker's Marine Ship
  • Thousand Sunny - Chopper Wanted Poster Ver.
Set 1
Thousand Sunny, secret and regular ver.

Set 2Edit

Released late January 2011, the second set is composed of 6 models and 2 secrets.

This time, the boats are:

The secrets are:

  • Flying Merry
  • Going Merry - Draft Flag Ver.
Set 2
Flying Merry
Going Merry - Draft Flag Ver.

Set 3Edit

Set 3
XinyinghoAdded by Xinyingho

Released July 2011, the third set comprises of 6 models and 2 secrets. It's actually called Super Ship Collection Best as it only contains ships already released previously.

  • (The Straw Hat Pirates) Thousand Sunny サウザンド・サニー号
  • (The Straw Hat Pirates) Going Merry ゴーイング・メリー号
  • (The Red-Haired Pirates) Red Force レッド・フォース号
  • (The Kuja Pirates) Kuja Pirates 九蛇海賊船
  • (The Whitebeard Pirates) Whitebeard Pirates 白ひげ海賊船
  • (The Heart Pirates) The Heart Pirates' Submarine ハートの潜水艦
  • secret: (Card: Bepo) The Heart Pirates' Submarine ハートの潜水艦
  • secret: (Card: Gol.D Roger) Oro Jackson オーロジャクソン号

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