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One Piece Music & Song Collection is an original soundtrack which includes music from the first One Piece movie, the TV anime, and a few character songs.

Track listingEdit

Track English Japanese Composer Arranger
01 The Great Pirate of Gold Woonan 黄金の大海賊ウーナン Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
02 We Are! (TV Size) 「ウィーアー!」(TVサイズ) Kohei Tanaka Takayuki Negishi
03 Hungry Luffy はらぺこルフィ Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
04 El Drago's Appearance エルドラゴ登場 Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
05 The World's Best Oden! 世界一のおでん矢だ! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
06 Landing! Gold Island 上陸!黄金の島 Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
07 Usopp, it's Dangerous! ウソップ、やばいぞ! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
08 Explosion! Ultrasonic Waves!! 炸裂! 超音波!! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
09 Woonan and Ganzo ウーナンと岩蔵 Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
10 Gold and Oden 黄金とおでん Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
11 Anger!! 怒り!! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
12 Gum-Gum Vs. Voice-Voice ゴムゴム VS ゴエゴエ Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
13 Gum-Gum Bazooka!! ゴムゴムのバズーカ!! Kohei Tanaka, Shirō Hamaguchi Kohei Tanaka, Shirō Hamaguchi
14 A Message from Woonan ウーナンからのメッセージ Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
15 Set Sail to the Pirate King 海賊王への船出 Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
16 memories memories Junta Mori Junta Mori
17 I Will Become King of the Pirates! 海賊王になるんだ! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
18 WANTED! WANTED! Kohei Tanaka Yasunori Iwasaki
19 Reliable Comrade! たのもしい仲間! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
20 MUSIC MUSIC Kohei Tanaka Yasunori Iwasaki
21 To the Great Sea Route! 偉大なる海路へ! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka
22 Duel!! 決闘!! Shirō Hamaguchi Shirō Hamaguchi
23 The Straw Hats' Jolly Roger 麦わらのジョリーロジャー Masahiro Takami Yasunori Iwasaki
24 Hooray! Let's Party!! やったぜ!パーティだ!! Kohei Tanaka Shirō Hamaguchi
25 And with still much more to come, the adventure continues! まだまだ、冒険はつづく! Kohei Tanaka Kohei Tanaka


  • Track 02: lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi, vocals by Hiroshi Kitadani
  • Track 16: lyrics and vocals by Maki Otsuki
  • Track 18: lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi, vocals by Mayumi Tanaka
  • Track 20: lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi, vocals by Akemi Okamura
  • Track 23: lyrics by Shoko Fujibayashi, vocals by Hiroshi Kitadani

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