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As has become typical of long-running youth-oriented anime, One Piece has gone through a long succession of theme songs, performed by popular artists, since its debut on television. Though performed by popular singers and bands, most seem to be written specifically for the show, as nearly all of them reference treasure, the sea, or ships in some way. As of June 26, 2016, there have been 19 opening themes, 18 regular ending themes, and a number of film- and special endings as well. Soundtrack CDs released in Japan also include a large number of "image songs" based on the series, performed either by cast members in character, or by theme song artists. 4Kids' dub of the series has stripped the opening and ending music of all episodes in favor of a "more catchy, kid-friendly" version. This "One Piece Rap" (as it is infamously known) keeps the music basically the same throughout each of the episodes (with one or two edits here and there with each new member of the crew). During the show, there has also been recognizable music play in the background (like Dvorak's New World Symphony and Beethoven's Ode to Joy).



TV EpisodesEdit

# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes
01 "We Are!" Hiroshi Kitadani Vic Mignogna 1-47
02 "Believe" Folder 5 Meredith McCoy 48-115
03 "Hikari e" The Babystars Vic Mignogna 116-168
04 "BON VOYAGE!" Bon-Bon Blanco Brina Palencia 169-206
05 "Kokoro no Chizu" BOYSTYLE 207-263
06 "Brand New World" D-51 264-278
07 "We Are! (Straw Hat Pirates Version)" Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates 279-283
08 "Crazy Rainbow" Tackey and Tsubasa 284-325
09 "Jungle P" 5050 326-372
10 "We Are! (Remix)" TVXQ 373-394
11 "Share the World!" TVXQ 395-425
12 "Kaze Wo Sagashite" Yaguchi Mari and Straw Hats 426-458

"One day"

14 "Fight Together" Namie Amuro 493-516

"We Go!"

Hiroshi Kitadani



"Goushoku My Way!! (from Toriko)"

Akira Kushida 


"Hands Up!"

Kota Shinzato 591-618

"Wake up!"

AAA (version 1) 629-662 (version 2) 663-686
19 "Hard Knock Days" Generations from Exile Tribe 687-746
20 "We Can!" Hiroshi Kitadani and Kishidan 747-


  1. "One Piece Rap" (4Kids)
    • Version 1: (Episodes 1-29)
    • Version 2: (Episodes 30-59) (inclusion of Sanji and Usopp in the lyrics)
    • Version 3: (Episodes 60-104) (inclusion of Chopper in the lyrics)


# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes
02 "Believe" Folder 5 Meredith McCoy TV Special 1
03 "Hikari e" The Babystars Vic Mignogna TV Special 2
04 "BON VOYAGE!" Bon-Bon Blanco Brina Palencia TV Special 3
05 "Kokoro No Chizu" BOYSTYLE TV Special 4


# Title Original Artist English Artist
01 "We Are!" Hiroshi Kitadani Vic Mignogna
11 "Break into the Light" Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
12 "Zeal" Yasutaka Nakata


TV EpisodesEdit

Since Episode 279, Toei has stopped animating the ending themes in order to make room for longer openings (except for Episode 590 with "We Go"- an originally opening song - as the ending song).

# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes
01 "memories" Maki Otsuki Brina Palencia 1-30
02 "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Maki Otsuki Caitlin Glass 31-63
03 "Watashi ga Iru Yo" TOMATO CUBE Leah Clark 64-73
04 "Shōchi no suke" Suitei Shojo Stephanie Young 74-81
05 "BEFORE DAWN" AI-SACHI Carli Mosier 82-94
06 "fish" The Kaleidoscope Leah Clark 95-106
07 "GLORY -Kimi ga Iru Kara-" Takako Uehara Caitlin Glass 107-118
08 "Shining ray" Janne da Arc Justin Houston


09 "Free will" Ruppina Kristine Sa 133-156
10 "FAITH" Ruppina Caitlin Glass 157-168
11 "A to Z" ZZ Vic Mignogna 169-181
12 "Tsuki to Taiyō" Shela Stephanie Young 182-195
13 "Dreamship" Aiko Ikuta Jessi James 196-206
14 "Mirai Kōkai" Tackey & Tsubasa 207-231
15 "Eternal Pose" Asia Engineer 232-245
16 "Dear friends" TRIPLANE 246-255
17 "Asu wa Kuru Kara" TVXQ 256-263
18 "Adventure World" Delicatessen 264-278


# Title Original Artist English Artist Episodes
01 "RUN! RUN! RUN!" Maki Otsuki Caitlin Glass TV Special 1
02 "Family" Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates TV Specials 2-4


03 " We Are! (2012 AAA Version)" AAA TV Specials 5-6
04 "memories" Maki Otsuki Brina Palencia TV Special 7
05 "Next Stage" AAA TV Special 8
06 "Liberator" Goodbye holiday TV Special 9
07 "Black Make Up" Namie Amuro TV Special 10


# Title Original Artist English Artist
01 "memories" Maki Otsuki Brina Palencia
02 "believe" Folder 5 Meredith McCoy
03 "Mabushikute" Dasein
04 "Sailing Day" Bump of Chicken
05 "Ano Basho e" Harebare
06 "Yume Miru Koro wo Sugitemo" Kishidan
07 "Sayaendou" NEWS
08 "Compass" Ai Kawashima Caitlin Glass
09 "Mata ne" Dreams Come True
10 "Fanfare" Mr. Children
12 "Bad Reputation" Avril Lavigne
12 "How You Remind Me" Avril Lavigne


# Title Original Artist English Artist
01 "Grand Line" Chie & Mar-kun
02 "A Thousand Dreamers" Cast of the Straw Hat Pirates

Original Movie SoundtracksEdit


Compilations and AlbumsEdit


*included in Character Song Carnival

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