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One Piece Green: Secret Pieces

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One Piece Green Secret Pieces
One Piece Green: Secret Pieces
Author Eiichiro Oda
Publication information
Publisher Shueisha
Release date November 4, 2010
Pages 394
ISBN 978-4-08-874848-1
Preceded by One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements
Followed by One Piece Blue Deep: Characters World

One Piece Green: Secret Pieces is the fourth Databook.


Contents include:

  • Names and sketches of Whitebeard's Allies.
  • Holds the combined full stories from the cover story arcs.
  • Reveals sections of Oda's sketchbook and early One Piece.
  • Origins of characters' names.
  • A few Mugiwara Theatre stories.
  • A new subdivision of the first half of One Piece manga in sagas is given:
    • Dawn of the Adventure Saga (Chapters 001-095)
    • Grand Line Challenge Saga (Chapters 096-216)
    • Gold Land of Sky Saga (Chapters 217-318)
    • Straw Hat Pirates vs. World Government Arc (Chapters 319-441)
    • Ghost Island Adventure Saga (Chapters 442-513)
    • Intrusion! The big prison Saga (Chapters 513-550)
    • History Greatest Summit War Saga (Chapters 550-597)
      • ​Curiously, chapter 550 is divided up between the 6th and the 7th saga
      • The subdivision is different with the manga site's official one.

Sample PagesEdit

Green Cover Flap
Front cover under flap.
Green Back Cover Flap
Back cover under flap.
Early CP9
Early CP9 concept sketches, and fight match ups.
Early Crew
Early designs of the Straw Hat crew.
Green keimi
Keimi and Pappug on the cover without the title above them

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