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One Piece Color Walk 4 Eagle
Color Walk 4 EAGLE
Author Eiichiro Oda
Publication information
Publisher Shueisha
Release date May 4, 2010
Pages 104
ISBN 978-4087822670
Preceded by Color Walk 3 Lion
Followed by Color Walk 5 Shark

The One Piece Color Walk 4 Eagle book contains, in particularly, the Color panels between Chapter 287 and Chapter 391. They are displayed in order of appearance from 28 July 2003 to 13 February 2006.


It also contains 2 pages of sketches about the Water 7 Saga. The book includes an early design of Kaku with other Water 7 characters, also the names of Oharan Clan members revealed.

Cover PollEdit

On page, 87 announced the result of a poll, Oda ask the readers which cover page they want to see in colors. The winning cover is "The Pirate Radio" from Chapter 475.


  1. Chapter 475 (639 votes)
  2. Chapter 481 (489)
  3. Chapter 563 (382)
  4. Chapter 2 (356)
  5. Chapter 358 (354)
  6. Chapter 419 (323)
  7. Chapter 562 (256)
  8. Chapter 420 (211)
  9. Chapter 81 (197)
  10. Chapter 307 (187)

Monochrome TalkEdit

It provides an interview of Takashi Yanase, the creator of the anime for children Anpanman, by Eiichiro Oda.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though on the cover, Brook does showing up in any of the color page reprints. Also, though he's been shown as member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Franky was not at the time when Oda placed him as ally on the cover.

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