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One Piece 15th Anniversary: Dive to Grand World is a minibook released in Weekly Shonen Jump alongside Chapter 676.


Chapter 1: IslandsEdit

This chapter explains how Punk Hazard changed since the battle between Akainu and Aokiji.

Chapter 2: RacesEdit

Chapter 2 includes all the known races of the world, including one race that has been spoken of but not yet seen (snakenecks). The three-eyed girl's races remain a mystery.

Chapter 3: AnimalsEdit

The third chapter introduces estimated sizes (as well as other characteristics) of animals (and other characters).

Chapter 4: World GovernmentEdit

Chapter 4 presents the Shichibukai and the marine ranks of some characters. Dracule Mihawk, Donquixote Doflamingo, Bartholomew Kuma, and Boa Hancock are confirmed to still be part of the Shichibukai.

Chapter 5: Pirates Edit

This chapter presents various pirates, the bounty posters from the "One Piece Ten" exhibition, and a bounty ranking:

  1. Portgas D. Ace: Beli550,000,000 (dead)
  2. Trafalgar Law: Beli440,000,000 (frozen)
  3. Jinbe: new unknown bounty after quitting Shichibukai
  4. Monkey D. Luffy: Beli400,000,000
  5. Donquixote Doflamingo: Beli340,000,000 (frozen)
  6. Pekoms: Beli330,000,000
  7. Gekko Moriah: Beli320,000,000 (no longer active for an unknown reason)
  8. Eustass Kid: Beli315,000,000
  9. Caesar Clown: Beli300,000,000
  10. Bartholomew Kuma: Beli296,000,000 (frozen)
  11. Basil Hawkins: Beli249,000,000
  12. Fisher Tiger: Beli230,000,000 (dead)
  13. X Drake: Beli222,000,000
  14. Caribou: Beli210,000,000
  15. Scratchmen Apoo: Beli198,000,000
  16. Coribou: Beli190,000,000
  17. Killer: Beli162,000,000
  18. Jewelry Bonney: Beli140,000,000
  19. Capone Bege: Beli138,000,000
  20. Roronoa Zoro: Beli120,000,000

Chapter 6: MysteriesEdit

The final chapter lists mysteries such as the Will of the D., One Piece, the World Government taboo, and the three ancient weapons: Poseidon, Pluton, and Uranus.


Cool Bros Faces

Yeti Cool Brothers' faces revealed.

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