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One Piece: Grand Battle 3 is a fighting game based on the One Piece manga and anime, released on the Sony Playstation 2 and Nintendo Gamecube. The direct sequel to Grand Battle! 2, it primarily adapts the events of the Sky Island Saga. The game was developed by Ganbarion and published by Bandai. It was released on December 11, 2003 in Japan.

A sequel, One Piece: Grand Battle! Rush!, was released on March 17, 2005.


The stages are now in full 3D, as oppose to them being a platform type style of fighting game like in One Piece Grand Battle! 2. All support characters are now in 3D and have a specific style of fighting. Overall, there is a sharp improvement in graphics over Grand Battle! 2 with the change over to a new console.

All the Straw Hat pirates are given their Skypiea outfits. Alternative outfits included Luffy's "anchor" shirt from Romance Dawn V.3 he wore as a child. Interestingly, only the Straw Hats receive outfit updates. Shanks is shown as he appeared 10 years ago in Luffy's village, despite being given a new set of trousers during the Skypiea arc. The rest of his crew appear as they did in Grand Battle! 2, even though they too have been updated in the Skypiea arc (Benn Beckman in particular now has short hair). All other characters appear as they did before Skypiea.


This game includes sixteen playable characters and seven stages all based on the One Piece story up to the Skypiea arc. Each character contains over two special attacks, and can use the environment as a weapon.

The special moves are now closer to the actual characters moves throughout the series. In Grand Battle! 2, they appeared more loosely based on the characters and only noted a few important moves to each character. Overall the fighting styles of each character are more developed then previous games. Some of the arenas reappear in One Piece Grand Battle! Rush! as well as many of the special/secret moves. The gameplay plays similar to the Power Stone Series.


There are a total of 16 playable characters. Note that some come with "support" characters that, while not playable, feature in special techniques and/or Event Battle cutscenes.


Combatants may be helped or hindered by a variety of items around the battlefield. Items fall under three general categories.

  • Food: Fills portions of the Food Charge Gauge. Activated on contact.
  • Power-Up: Raises various combat abilities (usually while reducing others) for 15 seconds. Activated on contact.
  • Attack: Inflicts damage and/or varying status effects. Activated by impact of attacks or throws.

Below is a table of items and their respective effects.

Item Type Effect
Fruit Food Fills a fraction of one Food Charge.
Drumstick Food Fills one Food Charge and restores a small amount of health.
Sword Power-Up Raises attack power, but disables blocking.
Shield Power-Up Raises defense power - enough to negate most knockback effects - but reduces speed.
Shoes Power-Up Raises speed - enough to give dashing a knockback effect - but reduces defense.
Eternal Pose Attack Depending on its needle direction, either fills (needle up) or empties (needle down) food charges.
Bomb Attack Explodes to inflict damage. If left alone, usually explodes after five seconds.
Buggy Ball Attack Explodes to inflict higher damage than regular bombs. If left alone, usually explodes after five seconds.
Bonfire Attack Releases a flame that inflicts burn damage.
Poison Mushroom Attack Releases spores that inflict poison damage for approximately ten seconds.
Beehive Attack Releases bees that disorient while inflicting minor damage; these can be transferred to the opponent through close-quarters attacks.
Apples Attack May explode (inflicting damage equal to a regular bomb) or do nothing. Exclusive to Jaya stage.
Impact Dial Attack Absorbs attacks for five seconds, then explodes to inflict damage. Exclusive to Jaya and Skypiea stages.
Conache Attack Releases several pieces of fruit. Exclusive to Skypiea stage.
Surprise Ball Attack Deploys one of the following:
  • A flower, inflicting nothing.
  • An explosion, inflicting standard damage.
  • A snake, inflicting poison damage.
  • A flame, inflicting fire damage.
  • Spears, inflicting standard damage (these deploy on contact, making the ball impossible to throw).

Items are generally found by breaking the containers - barrels, crates, and treasure chests - positioned around each stage. Once broken, a container will always release several pieces of fruit and one other item, which will usually fade if left alone for 15 seconds. Barrels and crates can only release Attack items, while treasure chests can only release Power-Ups or drumsticks.

Containers can also be thrown for minor damage. Dashing against a container will send it a shorter distance, but allow it to stun on impact.

Battle StagesEdit

Game ModesEdit

Four modes may be accessed from the Top Menu.

Grand BattleEdit

Grand Battle (グランドバトル Gurando batoru?) mode allows players to participate in classic arcade-style battles against another player or the CPU. CPU opponents may be set at four different difficulties. Time limits may be set at 60 seconds, at 99 seconds, or completely disabled. Stages may be preset or randomly selected.

Event BattleEdit

Event Battle (イベントバトル Ibento batoru?) mode puts the player character through five 60-second battles, each against a different CPU-selected opponent. Each battle is begun and ended by a cutscene, generally scripted after canon events if possible. The stage for each battle also generally follows canon; for instance, while Luffy may be fought on any stage except Mariejois, Wiper will always be fought on Skypiea.

Once all five battles are cleared, a character-specific cinematic is played, followed by the game's development credits. If any battle is lost, the player will be presented with a continue option. Five continues - in total - are allowed before Event Battle automatically ends.

Grand ToursEdit

Grand Tours (グランドツアーズ Gurando tsuāzu?) mode allows up to 16 different characters to participate in a bracketed tournament.


Training (トレーニング Torēningu?) mode allows the player to test a character's controls and capabilities on the hazard-free Mariejois stage. Here, food charges and health regenerate automatically, and all damage output is visibly recorded.

In addition to standard difficulty settings, the player may program the opponent character to do nothing, run away, give chase (without attacking), or focus exclusively on one type of attack.


  • Unlike its predecessor, and like the original Grand Battle!, this game's opening cinematic features the original version of We Are!
  • While Pandaman is not playable in this game unlike previous Grand Battle games, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei changes into him for one of his attacks. He is also hidden in all stages and in the game ending.
  • This is the only game in the Grand Battle! series to not include Mihawk as a playable character (though he does appear as a background spectator in the Mariejois stage, and as a vision in Zoro's Secret Technique cinematic).
  • If Robin wins a fight by throwing her hat, she will do her victory pose without it.
  • The Gamecube version of this game featured a demo file of One Piece: Going Baseball, which could be loaded onto a Game Boy Advance. Only Luffy and Enel were playable.
  • Though this game was never translated into English, several of its elements were (after being excluded from its direct sequel) adopted by the American-produced One Piece Grand Adventure.

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