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One Piece: Burning Blood is a One Piece video game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS Vita, and PC which was released in Japan on April 21, 2016.


Similar to the Grand Battle! series, One Piece: Burning Blood is a 1-on-1 fighting game, featuring 3v3 melee style fights, where each player picks a team of 3 characters and 3 support characters. The player can switch between characters during battles and use partners for assist attacks. However, the overall gameplay is much more akin to Spike Chunsoft's other fighting games, which primarly revolves around free-sandboxed-3D movement and basic attack strings allocated to a single button, along with specific button combinations which can allow access to special moves. Overall, the game somewhat follows the style of prior Spike Chunsoft-developed game, J-Stars Victory Vs., albeit in a more restricted and 1-on-1 scheme along with different features.

Unlike most fighting games in this scheme however, Burning Blood is unique in the fact that the default guard button is not allocated to a trigger button, and is instead allocated to a standard button instead.

It focuses on fighting with Devil Fruit abilities (also known as "Ability" in-game) and Haki, which can be activated by the "Ability" button which drains the ability gauge to use Haki and/or Devil Fruit abilities. Logia users will be able to use their powers to avoid damage (known as Logia Guard in-game, and involves use of one of the trigger buttons akin to a standard guard button in 3D fighters), though they remain susceptible to guard breaks and Haki-based attacks. Some characters can nullify Devil Fruit Abilities, preventing Devil Fruit users from using their abilities for a short period. In addition to playable characters, there are also support characters that can produce different effects when used in battle.

As characters attack and/or take damage, their Burning Gauge fills, which is used to fuel team-based techniques (Utility Chains, Utility Assists, and Utility Clashes) and when it is full allows the character to activate their Awakening which allows them perform their Ultimate moves and/or transform into more powerful forms, such as Luffy being able to transform to Gear Fourth in battle. 

The game features a level up system for playable characters that allows them to grow stronger as they fight in various game modes (except for Free Battle Mode), though all playable characters will receive some experience regardless of whether or not they are used in battle.

Game ModesEdit


The story mode allows players to relive the events and battles of the Paramount War allowing them to play as various characters such as Luffy, Whitebeard, Akainu, and Ace.

WANTED VersusEdit

In addition to the game's story mode, players can also test their skills and earn Beli by taking on Wanted Poster battles. As the player clears these battles, new Wanted Posters are unlocked. In addition to standard Wanted Posters, players can hone their skills via Rayleigh's Training Wanted Posters. For a greater challenge, players can take on Special Wanted Posters. There are also Limited Wanted Posters that are available for a limited amount of time and are updated periodically.

Pirate Flag BattleEdit

Pirate Flag Battle is a mode where various factions (representing the various crews and organizations from the series) can compete online and fight to control various islands in the world of One Piece. This mode allows players to fight against either the CPU or other players.


  1. Bartholomew Kuma
  2. Bartolomeo
  3. Bentham (Mr. 2 Bon Clay, Nami Clone (DLC))
  4. Boa Hancock (Pre-Timeskip, Swimsuit (DLC))
  5. Borsalino (Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip)
  6. Brook
  7. Buggy
  8. Caesar Clown (DLC)
  9. Crocodile
  10. Donquixote Doflamingo (Normal, Duel (DLC))
  11. Dracule Mihawk
  12. Edward Newgate (Normal, Myth (DLC))
  13. Emporio Ivankov
  14. Enel
  15. Eustass Kid
  16. Franky
  17. Gekko Moriah
  18. Gild Tesoro (DLC) [1]
  19. Issho
  20. Jesus Burgess (Post-Timeskip)
  21. Jinbe (Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip)
  22. Jozu
  23. Koala (Normal, Swimsuit (DLC), Film Gold (DLC))
  24. Kuzan (Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip)
  25. Marco
  26. Marshall D. Teach
  27. Monkey D. Garp (DLC)
  28. Monkey D. Luffy (Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip, Gear Fourth Luffy (DLC), Afro Luffy (DLC), Kung Fu Luffy (DLC), Film Gold Luffy (DLC), Gold Armor Lucy (DLC), Platinum Armor Lucy (DLC))[2]
  29. Nami (Post-Timeskip, Swimsuit (DLC), Film Gold Nami (DLC))
  30. Nico Robin (Post-Timeskip, Swimsuit (DLC), Film Gold Robin (DLC))
  31. Perona (Pre-Timeskip, Swimsuit (DLC))
  32. Portgas D. Ace (Normal, Strong World (DLC))
  33. Rob Lucci (Film Gold (DLC))
  34. Roronoa Zoro (Post-Timeskip, Shura (DLC))
  35. Sabo (Normal, Lucy (DLC), Film Gold (DLC))
  36. Sakazuki (Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip, Film Gold (DLC))
  37. Sanji
  38. Sengoku
  39. Shanks (Normal, Strong World (DLC))
  40. Smoker (Pre-Timeskip, Post-Timeskip)
  41. Tony Tony Chopper
  42. Trafalgar D. Water Law (Normal, Duel (DLC), Hearts (DLC))
  43. Usopp
  44. X Drake

Support CharactersEdit

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

Background CharactersEdit

Enemy CharactersEdit


Downloadable ContentEdit

Gold Movie Pack 1 (released August 2016): [3] Edit

  • Gild Tesoro (playable character)
  • Monkey D. Luffy (Film Gold costume)
  • Nami (Film Gold costume)
  • Nico Robin (Film Gold costume)
  • 1 customized HUD

Gold Movie Pack 2 (released September 2016): [4] Edit

  • Rob Lucci
  • Sabo (Film Gold costume)
  • Akainu (Film Gold costume)
  • Koala (Film Gold costume)

Ultimate Gold PackEdit

  • includes all the content from the Wanted Pack 1, Wanted Pack 2 and Luffy Pack
  • 4 new playable characters
  • 9 alternate versions of playable characters
  • 14 costumes
  • 6 customized HUDs
  • 2 bonus costumes: Platinum & Golden Luffy

Voice CastEdit

Character Name Japanese Voice Actor

Monkey D. Luffy

Mayumi Tanaka
Portgas D. Ace Toshio Furukawa
Sabo Tōru Furuya
Donquixote Doflamingo Hideyuki Tanaka
Crocodile Ryūzaburō Otomo
Enel Toshiyuki Morikawa
Trafalgar D. Water Law Hiroshi Kamiya
Bartolomeo Showtaro Morikubo
Smoker Mahito Ōba
Franky Kazuki Yao
X Drake Eiji Takemoto
Roronoa Zoro Kazuya Nakai
Kuzan Takehito Koyasu
Brook Chō
Eustass Kid Daisuke Namikawa
Sanji Hiroaki Hirata
Issho Ikuya Sawaki
Usopp Kappei Yamaguchi
Tony Tony Chopper Ikue Ōtani
Nami Akemi Okamura
Nico Robin Yuriko Yamaguchi
Boa Hancock Kotono Mitsuishi
Perona Kumiko Nishihara
Jinbe Katsuhisa Hōki
Edward Newgate Kinryu Arimoto
Marco Masakazu Morita
Sakazuki Fumihiko Tachiki
Jozu Takashi Nagasako
Dracule Mihawk Hirohiko Kakegawa
Sengoku Tōru Ōkawa
Gekko Moriah Katsuhisa Hōki
Bartholomew Kuma Hideyuki Hori
Borsalino Unshō Ishizuka
Marshall D. Teach Akio Ōtsuka
Shanks Shūichi Ikeda
Mozu Aiko Hibi
Kiwi Yuka Shioyama
Curly Dadan
Koala Satsuki Yukino
Emporio Ivankov Mitsuo Iwata
Jesus Burgess Tetsu Inada
Buggy Shigeru Chiba
Bentham Kazuki Yao
Don Krieg
Silvers Rayleigh Keiichi Sonobe
Monkey D. Dragon
Monkey D. Garp Hiroshi Naka
Coby Mika Doi
Pacifista Hideyuki Hori
Nefeltari Vivi
Daz Bones
Rob Lucci Tomokazu Seki
Jaguar D. Saul
Dr. Hogback
Scratchmen Apoo
Basil Hawkins
Jewelry Bonney
Vista Masaya Takatsuka
Squard Seiji Sasaki
Benn Beckman
Fisher Tiger
Caesar Clown Ryūsei Nakao
Donquixote Rosinante
Gol D. Roger
Gild Tesoro Kazuhiro Yamaji
Narrator Mahito Ōba


Special TeamsEdit

When characters are on the same team a special team battle appeal event intro may occur:

  • Beloved Leader: Bartolomeo & Luffy (Post-timeskip, Film Gold, Gold Armor, & Platinum Armor)
  • Brothers: Ace (Normal, Strong World), Luffy (Post-Timeskip, Film Gold, Gold Armor, & Platinum Armor), & Sabo (Normal, Lucy, Film Gold)
  • Connected Wills: Ace (Normal, Strong World) & Luffy (Pre-Timeskip, Afro Luffy, & Kung Fu Luffy)
  • Cats and Dogs: Zoro (Normal, Shura) & Sanji
  • Flower, Ghost, Freak: Robin (Normal, Swimsuit, Film Gold), Brook, & Franky
  • Weakling Trio: Nami (Normal, Swimsuit, Film Gold), Usopp, & Chopper
  • Future Spouse?: Luffy (Pre-timeskip, Afro Luffy, & Kung Fu Luffy) & Boa Hancock (Normal, Swimsuit)
  • Parent and Son: Ace (Normal, Strong World) & Whitebeard (Normal, Myth)
  • Young Revolutionary: Koala (Normal, Swimsuit, Film Gold) & Sabo (Normal, Lucy, Film Gold)
  • Fellow Reveler: Ace (Normal, Strong World) & Buggy



  • This is the first One Piece game to be released on an Xbox console.
  • This is the first game that will allow Luffy to transform to Gear Fourth.
  • This is the first One Piece game to feature Koala as a playable character.
  • Jesus Burgess does not have Haki in the game despite him being shown to utilize it in the manga and anime series.
  • Gild Tesoro appears for the first time as a playable character.
  • Though Pacifista can be fought against in-game, they cannot be unlocked and thus act as unplayable enemies.
  • When selecting Rob Lucci in the Additional character selection menu and Lucci's battle intro, Hattori wearing a white coat, necktie, and hat (based on his outfit from One Piece Film: Gold) appears sitting on Lucci's shoulder.
  • As Rob Lucci's playable form is based on his appearance in One Piece Film: Gold, he can use Haki in the game.



External LinksEdit


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