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Okame was a member of the Suna Suna Clan along with Vivi and Kohza.[1]


She is a skinny woman with red makeup on her cheeks and short black hair. She wears a long pink dress, that has purple stripes around the waist, and the kanji 砂, meaning sand. She wears a white hat, and carries a large sword on her back.


Okame was a quiet girl, that never spoke much.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Okame is also seen holding a sword, though it is not known how skilled she is with it.



She and the other kids managed to protect Vivi from Agotogi and his gang of thugs.

Alabasta ArcEdit

Years later, she became a member of the Rebel Army led by Kohza.


  • Her name most likely comes from the cockatiel bird which is called an "okame-inko" in Japanese.


  1. One Piece Blue: Grand Data File page 76 Okame's name is revealed.

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