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In Singapore, the anime is licensed by Odex, which produced their own English dub using voice actors from Voiceovers Unlimited. This dub is lesser known outside of the internet fanbase andequally less referred to in general both fanbase and media based. It contains fewer edits to names and animation with most if not all reference to blood, violence and death being left unedited. The first 13 episodes were altered for the sake of television broadcast.

The series ran for two seasons, with 52 episodes in each. By the point when the dub stopped (episode 104), Odex was unable to buy additional episodes from Toei Animation.

Odex's dub was translated independently and had no ties to any other form of translation. As Toei Animation did not provide a "master list of names" as with any North American releases, Odex was able to freely use any names or translations deemed suitable, like "Rubber" for "Gomu", and "Luffy" having a pronunciation rhyming with "stuffy".


Of the few fans that have seen it, the general complaint is poor recording standards within the show. People often comment on how cheap the recording sounds; on occasions the voices are too loud and no editing to soften them was made to the show. Characters may display the wrong emotions at points or their voices have the wrong characterization for that character. The change of voice cast in the second season is also noted amongst the complaints about the series.

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