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Octopako is a female octopus fishman who Hatchan tried to win over during his cover story, Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll.[2]


As an octopus fishwoman, Octopako has six arms and two legs, making a total of eight appendages, all of which are slender. While most fishmen have webbed hands, octopus fishmen and women apparently do not, as neither Hatchan nor Octopako have webbed hands.

She wears a tanktop and a round hat with goggles, with her long hair jutting out, as well as sandals.

In the anime she is depicted with pink skin, dark pink lips and blond hair. Her hat is black and white and she wears a light pink tank top with dark pink flower pattern.


Octopako Digitally Colored Manga
Octopako in the Digitally Colored Manga.
Octopako's First Color Scheme
Octopako's first color scheme in the anime.
Octopako Portrait
Close-up of Octopako's face.


Octopako is very vain and snobbish. She only thinks of herself and generally does not care for the feelings of others, least of all Hatchan.[3] Being raised as a celebrity, she dreams of marrying a prince. Never having stepped into Ryugu Palace,[4] she was angry that the Straw Hat Pirates were invited by King Neptune.[5]



Octopako is a celebrity girl who grew up in Gyoverly Hills. She dreamed of marrying a prince. Despite her ambitions, she never had a chance of stepping into Ryugu Palace.[4]

Hatchan's Sea Floor StrollEdit

When Hatchan met with Octopako, he became attracted to her, and tried to win her affection. Unfortunately for him, her vanity and snobbishness led to several rejections. When Hatchan started to cook takoyaki, Octopako was attracted to the smell, and demanded some while disregarding the Catfish Village's hunger problem. However, Hatchan instead gave the takoyaki to the hungry catfish, which led Octopako to once again reject the cook.

Fishman Island SagaEdit

Fishman Island ArcEdit

Octopako makes a brief appearance as a background character on Fishman Island after the two year timeskip. She seems furious that King Neptune invited some humans to the Ryugu Palace.[4][5] She is later seen among the fishmen and merfolk fleeing the island as the ark, Noah, bears down on it.


  • She is the first female fishman to appear in the series, and the only one to be given a name.


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