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Nonosama Bo
Nonosama Bo Infobox
Japanese Name: のの様棒
Romanized Name: Nonosama Bō
English Name: N/A
Literal Meaning: Sacred Thing Bo
First Appearance: Chapter 254; Episode 167
Owner(s): Enel

The Nonosama Bo[1] is Enel's weapon.


It is a long, solid gold staff that can change its shape with Enel's electrical powers via smelting. So far, it has been changed into a trident.[2]


Enel basically uses the staff to bludgeon his opponents that he deems not worthy of dying by his electrical powers. He also used it extensively against the rubber-bodied Luffy, when all electrical based attacks failed. He changed it into a trident in order to spear the young pirate, as well as using the electricity to superheat the weapon in order to increase the damage inflicted.


  1. One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements (p. 250), Nonosama Bo's name is revealed.
  2. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 30 Chapter 280 and Episode 183, Enel uses Gloam Paddling to change the staff's shape.

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