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The Noble Croc[4] is a crocodile homie that lives in the Seducing Woods on Whole Cake Island.[1]


The Noble Croc is a very large light blue crocodile, dwarfing normal humans. He often stands on his hind legs, further increasing his height. He wears a purple bowler hat as well as a pair of pants with suspenders.[1]


The Noble Croc is carnivorous and has no qualms with eating other sentient beings, though with the notable exception of humans, and he is eagerly willing to try other races such as mink.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a crocodile, the Noble Croc is a good swimmer and is capable of swimming undetected. Due to his large size, he is able to swallow multiple regular-sized humans and minks at once.[1]


Whole Cake Island ArcEdit

Sanji Retrieval Team Encounters a Crocodile

The Noble Croc encounters the Sanji retrieval team.

The Noble Croc was swimming through a river in the Seducing Woods when the Sanji retrieval team entered the woods. As they crossed a bridge, the Noble Croc leaped out and tried to eat them, but the team managed to dodge his attack. Upon seeing that most of them were humans, Noble Croc decided not to eat them and departed.[1]

Chopper Defeats Noble Croc

The Noble Croc is defeated by Chopper.

Later, the Noble Croc was with Charlotte Brûlée and several other of her henchmen in her house in the Mirro-World as she prepared to cook Carrot in a soup.[5] The hungry crocodile looked forward to trying mink, but Carrot and Tony Tony Chopper managed to escape from their confinements. Chopper then snuck up behind Noble Croc and activated Monster Point before grabbing him by the tail and flipping him over, crushing Brûlée's henchmen underneath him and leaving them all defeated.[4]

Major BattlesEdit

Filler BattlesEdit

  • Noble Croc and Randolph vs. Tony Tony Chopper[6]


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