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The Nightmare of Barujimoa

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The Nightmare of Barujimoa
The Nightmare of Barujimoa Infobox
Japanese Name: バルジモアの悪夢
Romanized Name: Barujimoa no Akumu
Official English Name: Nightmare of Baldimore
First Appearance: Chapter 592; Episode 508
Mastermind: Franky
Year of incident: 1522 AOS

The Nightmare of Barujimoa was an incident that was caused by Franky after he was sent to the country of Barujimoa by Bartholomew Kuma in the year 1522.


A large portion of Karakuri Island was blown up by an explosion caused by Franky, who activated the self-destruct switch in Vegapunk's laboratory. Although Kitton's grandfather warned him about it, Franky mistook the button's skull and crossbones design for a pirate symbol and pressed it, causing the whole lab to explode. News of the incident swiftly spread around the world and the event was dubbed "The Nightmare of Barujimoa".[1]


  • This is the second time a "danger" skull and crossbones was mistaken for a jolly roger, the first being when Chopper went to look for the poisonous Amiudake mushroom. Interestingly, both instances involved a doctor of one profession or another, and both occurred on Winter Islands.


  1. One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. 60 Chapter 592 and Episode 508, Franky causes the Nightmare of Barujimoa.

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