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Nezumi Anime Infobox

Japanese Name: ネズミ
Romanized Name: Nezumi
English Name: Nezumi
Debut: Chapter 69; Episode 31[1]
Affiliations: Marines; Marine 16th Branch[1]
Occupations: Marine Captain
Japanese VA: Tamotsu Nishiwaki
Odex English VA: Chuck Powers
4Kids English VA: Dan Green
Funi English VA: Vic Mignogna

Captain Nezumi is a Marine captain of the 16th Branch, in East Blue.[1] Due to his actions, he can be considered the secondary antagonist of the Arlong Park Arc.


Nezumi has the appearance of a rat ("nezumi" is Japanese for both "mouse" and "rat").[2] He has whiskers, and rat ears attached to his marine cap.[1] He also has brown hair. Unlike other Marines he has a greyish-blue button up coat that goes down to his feet, with a black belt and blue shoulder pads.


Nezumi in his youth as a marine


His appearance and manners are rodent-like (which may explain Oda's portrayal of him as mouse-like) and he is arrogant, cowardly, and decidedly corrupt. He is also greedy, as he is willing to look the other way when Arlong took over Coco Village when Arlong bribed him with Nami's treasure.[3]


Arlong Park ArcEdit

Nezumi accepted bribes from Arlong in exchange for keeping Arlong's crew out of Marine jurisdiction.[4] Acting on a tip from Arlong, he uncovered the treasure that Nami had been hoarding in order to buy back Cocoyasi Village, and confiscates it from her.

Nezumi Beat Down

Nezumi after being attacked by Nami.

Once Arlong was defeated, Nezumi attempted to intervene against the Straw Hat Pirates, but was quickly defeated, along with the Marines he brought with him, by Zoro. Then Nami quickly attacked him with her staff for destroying the orange grove and shooting Nojiko. She then forced him to return the stolen money, rebuild Gosa Village, and clean up all the mess left over from Arlong's reign.[5]

Humiliated and injured, he swore revenge against Luffy, and was last seen reporting to his superiors on the incident, prompting the Marines to assign Luffy with his first bounty. However, he was not pleased with the wanted poster picture, as he thought it did not make Luffy look dangerous.[5]


  • His Marine code is 00733.[6]


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