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Negikuma Maria is the big woman who spoke to Dalton while the Straw Hat Pirates were on Drum Island.[3]


Negikuma Maria Portrait

Maria's face up close.

Negikuma Maria is a big woman roughly twice the height of Luffy. Her body shape looks like that of a Hiking Bear, so much that Luffy and Usopp mistakenly took her as one and bowed their heads. She has curly hair that is in a round shape.

She wears a brown coat with dark brown buttons that covers her whole body, with white fur on the ends of the sleeves, the hood, and the bottom of the coat, along with light brown frills on the chest, and a dark brown stripe where the upper body separates from the lower body. She also wears a light red scarf, and dark brown shoes that have white fur at the top.


She is a typical housewife and she cares for her two children. [4]


She knows Dalton and she greets Dalton very friendly as they meet.


Drum Island ArcEdit

Negikuma Maria Bear

Luffy and Usopp mistake Maria for a Hiking Bear.

When the Straw Hat Pirates were on Drum Island looking for a doctor guided by Dalton, they met her in the village of Bighorn. She heard the news of the arrival of a group of pirates and was worried by it since the country was previously destroyed by the Blackbeard Pirates' raid, hence she asked Dalton if everything was alright, which he confirmed.[5]

That day was her eldest son's birthday and she wanted to bake an onion cake for celebrating, so she was out looking for onions. The second time she appeared, she informed Dalton that Dr. Kureha was in the next village. During that occasion, she had a lot more onions in her basket.[6]


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