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Navarone Island
Navarone Island Infobox
Japanese Name: ナバロン
Romanized Name: Nabaron
English Name: Navarone
Debut: Movie 4; Episode 195
Region: Grand Line
Affiliations: Marines

Navarone is an anime-only island in Paradise that houses the Marine Base G-8. The island is where the G-8 Arc took place.


The island is occupied by hundreds of Marine soldiers organized into different groups for various purposes, such as the Navarone fighting corps. Its superior is Vice Admiral Jonathan, an excellent tactician who has tested the Straw Hat Pirates to their limits. Despite all this, the island is nicknamed "the hedgehog" as it seems to be useless to the Marine Headquarters, and due to this, they have tried to shut down G-8 on several occasions, though none of the attempts have yet to pull through.

The main objective of Navarone (more specifically, G-8) is to take in Marine soldiers who have gotten injured out at sea and treat them, as well as repairing ships that have been damaged, be it by weather or by battle. Underneath the base are several prison cells to hold criminals, mostly pirates who have been caught, or are crazy enough to try and break into the base (like the Straw Hat Pirates, who accidentally fell into the base from Skypiea).


  • The island's name and gun laden structure resembles the Nazi cliff side installation from the 1957 novel "The Guns of Navarone".
  • The island was also featured in the fourth movie as a method for Gasparde to win the race.

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