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Japanese Name: ナノハナ
Romanized Name: Nanohana
English Name: Nanohana[1]
Debut: Chapter 155; Episode 92[1]
Region: Alabasta[1]

Nanohana is a town in the Alabasta Kingdom.[1]

The town is a port town known for its great shops and its irresistible perfume. This town is also the principal entrance of Alabasta. The streets are always crowded. As a port town, it was not affected much by the drought in Alabasta. The only known restaurant in the town is Spice Bean.

Much of it was destroyed by Mr. 2 disguised as Nefertari Cobra and Billions disguised as royal soldiers, who pretended to be apologizing about the Dance Powder and proceeded to set fire to the town to try to make it seem like the king was trying to erase the incident from history. The town was further destroyed by a weapons ship pioneered by Mr. 1 and Miss Doublefinger that crashed into the middle of the town. Since the fire was said to be spreading too fast to be put out, most of the city was probably destroyed. It is unknown if it was rebuilt after the rebellion.


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