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Translators like a joke as much as anyone. Several past myths have spawned from jokes such as these. Often these are fewer than the other types of myths but are harder to kill than normal myths. The reason is simply that they are often written by sources that people rely on, and without knowing any better the fans take the info as fact. Until someone points them out, these myths appear as the most innocent of all because unless they are obviously fake, they are harder to prove as fake by the non-Japanese speaking fan.

In most cases, spoiler finders are able to identify and filter out fake spoilers as they appear and identify the real spoiler providers. However, when there is a change of spoiler provider there is a period of doubt while the finders learn how to identify this new provider. Also during holidays such as Christmas, when there is a break in spoilers, fake spoilers almost make a sharp increase while the provider waits for a new chapter to come out.

Noland is a D.Edit

Myth: His name is Montblanc D. Noland!!!

Fact: A joke that came directly from Kaizoku-Fansubs.[1] Basically, they decided to do a stupidity test to see what would happen. Nevertheless their joke swept through much of the fandom and apparently it took several weeks to kill the myth. Meanwhile, it leaked into just about every forum (leading to embarrassment for many people). His name is just Montblanc Noland.

Aokiji, Ace and BlackbeardEdit


The fake image of Blackbeard, Ace and Aokiji. Pieces of manga used: Whiskey Peak (chapter 112), Ace (chapter 159), Blackbeard (chapter 225), Aokiji (chapter 321).

Myth: Aokiji interrupts the fight with the two pirates to ask what they are doing.

Fact: Shonen Jump Magazine takes a regular break for a few weeks over the Christmas holidays, at which point the fandom is often flooded with fake spoilers. During the gap between the end of the Enies Lobby Arc and the start of the Thriller Bark Arc this became a regular sight amongst the spoilers being released, as it happened to fall over the Christmas period.[2]

In one famous case, a fake copy + paste picture was even provided as a real scan.[3] The image itself made no sense as it was noted to have Whiskey Peak in the background when the spoilers had said they were in Water 7 (amongst several other places entirely). Also, while the Blackbeard image was reproduced from an earlier chapter, the image used was missing his legs from the knees downwards and this was repeated in this image. His shirt was recoloured black instead of white. The quality of the image is rather poor and the characters are not drawn to scale. There is no shading under Ace and on top of this, the picture on the page on the right has no border while the other pictures on the left hand page have obvious hand drawn borders. Another note is the thick white margins at the bottom of the page; something rarely seen in manga, One Piece included.

Initially, all of the fake rumors said the same thing, however there were differences between the story with every released fake spoiler. Aokiji was later revealed to be with Garp on board his ship, hitching a ride back to the Marine Headquarters, while Blackbeard and Ace's fight was left to take its course.[4]

A variation of this was Smoker, Blackbeard and Ace.[5]

Francis D. RobertsEdit

Myth: Blackbeard's reason for betraying Whitebeard was due to the death of Francis D. Roberts.

Fact: Its from a fake spoiler seen during Chapter 435.[6] There is no such character in the series to date, although the reason Ace went to pursue Blackbeard was because Blackbeard had murdered a certain crewmate.

Blackbeard himself goes on to state that the reason behind the attack was simply to acquire the Devil Fruit that the other commander had in his possession.

Luffy a ShichibukaiEdit

Myth: Luffy's grandpa will offer him the position of Shichibukai.

Fact: Even though Luffy's adoptive brother Ace was offered the position of Shichibukai and turned it down, this rumor is still fake. The Shichibukai are offered their place by the World Government. Garp just does not have the authority to grant him that position. This rumor has also reappeared as speculation from many fans reactions to the Chapter 472 spoilers. Further, it is unlikely that they would offer him a position or that he would accept, considering his actions at Enies Lobby (declaring war on the World Government by burning their flag).[7]

Franky's dad is SUUUPER!Edit

Myth: Franky's dad is a Yonko.

Fact: Nothing is known about him. Franky is the son of a pirate, when the Franky Family begged the Straw Hats to take him with them, this cropped up in the spoilers for the next chapter. Later when the chapter was released, there was no further information on Franky's parentage. This chapter was highlighted by the fact that only a few chapters prior, Garp had just introduced the Yonko.

Akainu FakeEdit

Akainu Fake Spoiler

The Akainu fake of 2008, which looks nothing like Oda's style.

Myth: Wow that's Akainu?

Fact: It's a fake from 2008, albeit not a very famous one. Take note that the obvious mistake was that the design of the fake Akainu is completely different from Oda's designs.

Eustass "Captain" Kid will become a ShichibukaiEdit

Myth: Bartholomew Kuma will offer Kid a Shichibukai position.

Fact: Stemmed from a fake spoiler for Chapter 506.[8]

Marguerite for crewmateEdit

Myth: Luffy wants Marguerite as a crew member.

Fact: This idea comes from a mistranslation of a very early spoiler for Chapter 514. It was only the spoiler provider's idea that she would join, as Luffy had not even seen her as of the end of the chapter.[9]

Ten week cycleEdit

Myth: Oda has a message in Jump saying that One Piece will have an alternating schedule with Hunter x Hunter!

Fact: Upon the return of Hunter x Hunter to Weekly Jump, someone took advantage of the announcement that Oda would be leaving a message in the latest issue to take snide jab at Yoshihiro Togashi's work habits by claiming that the announcement detailed how One Piece and Hunter x Hunter would rotate in and out of the magazine every ten weeks, and dressed it up to resemble a regarded information provider. This evoked strong reactions from both the English and Japanese speaking fandoms until further research discovered that the information was false and Oda's message turned out to be a simple apology for a one-week absence of One Piece, due to his being late with the chapter.[10]

Buggy Punching JinbeEdit

Myth: Buggy hit Jinbe.

Fact: This was a misunderstanding that led to a fake form of a spoiler hitting the fandom. One of the more experienced spoiler aids at Arlong Park let slip in spoilers that Buggy hit Jinbe. At the time it was hard to believe as Buggy was on the 3rd level of Impel Down and Jinbe as the 6th so it was also suggested this happened in the past. The misunderstanding was cleared up by the spoiler aid, who apologized for unintentionally letting a fake spoiler into the fandom. In the released chapter it was confirmed that no such event was mentioned at all.

Arlong Park April 1st 2009 PrankEdit


"Luffyko" (Japanese / English)

Myth: OMG Luffy's a girl!

Fact: Arlong Park forums pulled its own translator joke by creating its own April 1 joke for the 2009 pre-spoiler release of Chapter 538. This was based on the speculations from the previous chapter on Emporio Ivankov having reversing power Devil Fruit and was created by a group of people wanting to fool. They even released it the day before.

After much arguing over whether or not it was legit, it was worked out to be fake by the Chinese fandom, who put word round of its fakery. The organizers, however, had managed to sneak it in just about every fandom around, failing only at the Japanese fandom. As part of the fake, members of Arlong Park forums were asked to take a bet at the cost of the contents of their signature. Those that bet it was fake were given words of congratulations in their signatures while those that bet against it were given words of shame at not being able to pick out Oda's art style.[11]

Sanji on FireEdit

Myth: Sanji is being cooked in fire.

Fact: From out of a early fake spoiler for Chapter 544, posted alongside it was a cover segment of Sanji's mini-series of Sanji in a column of fire. It turned out the picture was from an earlier chapter and the spoiler fake. This was another case of poster mistake, as the regular spoiler finder on Arlong Park jumped too quick on the fake spoiler, retracting it later when they realized their blunder.

Blackbeard's ReasonsEdit

Myth: Blackbeard entered Impel Down to retrieve Poseidon.

Fact: A fake spoiler for Chapter 558 stated Blackbeard entered Impel Down to retrieve the ancient weapon.[12]

Blackbeard infiltrates Impel Down to increase his crew strength by releasing Level 6 prisoners thus acquiring Sanjuan Wolf, Vasco Shot, Catarina Devon, and Avalo Pizarro. Incidentally, they also acquired Shiliew in the process. Blackbeard explains this in Chapter 576.

There was even another fake spoiler to point out that Blackbeard was riding it on his way to Impel Down.

It is interesting to note that whoever wrote this thought Poseidon was an traditional inanimate weapon long before Fishman Island Arc

Squard's a SpyEdit

Myth: Squard works for the World Government as a spy.

Fact: From a fake spoiler for Chapter 562. In truth, Squard was never working for the World Government. He was tricked by Admiral Akainu.

Chapter 563Edit

Myth: There are many parts to this one, as seen here.

Fact: Spoiler posters become well known in communities, especially ones that rely on them. Most do not keep up the routine of posting spoilers for more than a year since they are real people with real jobs within Jump Magazines production lines and such like, risking their very job to give fans bits of information. Fakers often log onto sites and pretend to be them, posting "real" spoilers that are fakes, especially when the real spoiler posters are late posting spoilers.

Chapter 571Edit

Myth: Again there are several parts to this one, as seen here.

Fact: Some fakes try to sound legit, often bringing up old plot points. Others will not match the style at all.

Chapter 575Edit

Fake Chapter 575

Ace in a fake front cover.

Myth: Ace is on the front as a homage to his death.

Fact: Its a fake, a little more obvious as the style is different then Oda's art style. The obvious mistakes is that his left shoulder is drawn weirdly as if the artist made a mistake, plus Ace and the tiger's face was too realistic. This one was posted several times at Arlong Park forums even with folks telling everyone else it was fake.