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Often these are started by one person posting on a site such as Wikipedia or on a forum. They are different from speculations as they are not being put forward as a possible idea, but rather as fact. Often, there is no ownership claim to such rumors as to who started them. They are just random statements being offered as false facts. Rumors are usually less common than other myths because they take some time to manifest in the fandom. Due to their nature and how they have worked their way into the fandom, they are the hardest to kill even when proven to be incorrect. Usually the fans who innocently pass them around also lack knowledge on the official sources connected to the rumor and often believe them without question.

Oda Said So!Edit

Myth: I heard Oda say it was true at a convention!

Fact: It is one of the OLDEST things to say in regard to a rumor and can be found in ANY fandom. It is where a fan will report the writer or staff has mentioned something to them that is off the record. Not being able to check up on the information, since it was spoken "off the record" at times there will be more gullible fans who will take them as fact.

Trust only SBS responses, interviews and reports on things like the Jump Festa events. The presumption is that if you say "Oda said so" everyone will believe you regardless of the truth on the matter. However, this does not tend to work on bigger forums such as Arlong Park or Oro Jackson where there is a number of knowledgeable fans, only smaller ones where only one or two will know what Oda has and has not said. In regard to seeing or witnessing fans who use this along its a rumor; unless they supply a source of the information, presume the info is incorrect. If you suspect it may be true, ask for confirmation on talk pages, in which other editors will try and figure out if there is any truth in the matter.

This is the safest method of handling the "Oda said so!" issue.

4th Yonko RumorEdit

Myth: Shiki is rumored to be the 4th Yonko, it said so on YouTube!

Fact: Every good editor needs to double check their information with legitimate sources. Rumors can be fake. Rumors should never be used as a fact to add into the main storyline. Rumors are also a weak source and trusting a rumor from YouTube is not a good idea.

In times such as this, both as an editor and/or fan, one must consider if the sources are legitimate. Remember - if you are unsure of a rumor, ask on this site on related talk page (others editors will not bite and will get in trouble if they do), or failing that on a forum such as Arlong Park. Asking questions will get you in far less trouble than posting a rumor!

On November 2009, it was officially stated that Shiki was a pirate who fought Gol D. Roger and escaped Impel Down 20 years prior.

As of chapter 581, the 4th Yonko is revealed to be called "Big Mom" (real name Charlotte Linlin as revealed in Chapter 610).

Fake BountiesEdit

Shanks' Fake Poster

Just one example of a (obvious) fake wanted poster, found by simply googling a character name.

Myth: Example: Dracule Mihawk carries a bounty of Beli600,000,000 and Shanks a bounty of Beli700,000,000.

Fact: If Oda gives a bounty, it will appear in the Manga itself either on a wanted poster or in an info box when the character is first introduced. Outside of that, only the SBS will feature bounty amounts and estimates. Confirmed bounties will also appear in catch up chapters like Grand Line Times or exhibitions like One Piece Ten.

Fake bounties are amongst the oldest of the fake information amongst the One Piece fandom and have been around since the beginning of the series. These rumored bounty amounts were started off by fans, mostly thanks to people who created fan-based posters of the characters, speculated rumors or even fan fiction.

There are many fans who believe them; however, they are not true.

Examples of fake bounties:

  • Shanks, Beli700,000,000
  • Mihawk, Beli600,000,000
  • Ace, Beli400,000,000 (a fake spoiler stated that Luffy and Ace's combined bounties were over Beli700,000,000[1]) [His official former bounty was Beli550,000,000]
  • Gol D. Roger, Beli1,500,000,000
  • Whitebeard, Beli1,200,000,000
  • Kaido, Beli850,000,000
  • Dragon, Beli850,000,000
  • Gekko Moriah, Beli370,000,000 (fake spoiler, as early chapters Robin commented his bounty was higher than Luffy's) [His real former bounty was '''Beli320,000,000 in chapter 455 pages 12–13.]
  • Mr. 1, Beli51,000,000

One of the oldest fake bounties is the notion of all three of the top Baroque Works agents having bounties. Out of the trio of Mr. 1, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei and Mr. 3 only Mr. 2 Bon Kurei is known to carry a bounty.[2] The usual source of this is the Baroque Works' mini-series in which it was stated that the Marines were after all members of Baroque Work, however only Mr. 2 has a bounty mentioned. For Mr. 1 it is often suggested it came from when Smoker was discussing the new bounties issued for the Straw Hat crew at the end of the Alabasta arc. Once again there is no mention of any Baroque Works bounty. For Mr. 3, a bounty of Beli42,000,000 is often noted, however this a misunderstanding comes from his claim that he once took down a criminal worth this amount.[3]

4Kids Promised English "We Are..." IntroEdit

Myth: 4Kids used "We Are" in the convention before One Piece was dubbed. They promised they'd use it, where is it?

Fact: Firstly, it is rare for a company to commit itself to such things beforehand, as once they promise such things they cannot change them or it would make them out to be liars. Secondly, there is no proof this was a promise made by 4Kids. In fact, 4Kids said they preferred the rap they eventually released alongside the series. There is also no evidence supporting the claim that they created the English version of "We Are", only that it was created for promotional reasons. Several unconfirmed sources suggest that not 4Kids but FUNimation had produced that introduction back when the bidding on the series was still going on as an "example", but this has yet to be confirmed.

Lastly, this was a promotional viewing at the time of the introduction. It has not been unknown for anime series to be featured with their original introductions at conventions to hype up the series before release.

Skipping Arcs to get to ChopperEdit

4Kids DVD

The reasons for 4Kids cutting episodes is more myth than truth when spoken about by fans.

Myth: 4Kids skipped straight through the Warship Island Arc, Reverse Mountain Arc, Little Garden Arc and several other episodes to get Chopper in the series ASAP due to his marketing value.

Fact: Some fans noticed that after Chopper joined, the amount of episodes being skipped was cut down. There is no given explanation for the skipping of those episodes and arcs or word from 4Kids on the matter. Without 4Kids's side of the story, it is hard to say what the truth is.

What we do know is that the original networks on which the English dub was featured (Fox Box/4Kids TV and Jetix) did not allow references to blood, violence, or death at all. With that in mind we can only speculate on the reasons that may have caused those episodes to be taken out, and over the years these explanations have arisen:

  • The missing Arlong Park episodes and cut scenes featured blood (such as the wound Zoro received from Mihawk and Nami stabbing her arm) and death (Bell-mère was shot for example).
  • Buggy's Mini-Arc was cut for unknown reasons.
  • The missing Loguetown Arc episodes had little to offer to the arc overall. Usopp's duel with Daddy Masterson referenced fighting and death.
  • The Apis/Warship Island Arc was made for children in Japan; however, it still featured death (in the form of a dragon dying, even though it was reborn a minute later).
  • The Reverse Mountain arc featured Luffy hurting a whale, which would have been a serious issue to an American audience.
  • Coby and Helmeppo's mini-arc is unknown.
  • Little Garden arc featured the start of bloodier fighting scenes and had more references to death, along with hunting/unnecessary killing.
  • The fillers after the Alabasta Arc had nothing to do with the rest of the series. Zoro's backstory was possibly left in due to his popularity with the American audience. Although filler, the Rainbow Mist Arc was written into the story.

Most of these are plausible explanations, however the low-ratings (mentioned elsewhere on this page) are proven false and without final word from 4Kids, none of this can ever be proven. As 4Kids was very ill-received by a number of fans, rumors and speculations as to what caused them to cut episodes have always been present within the fandom, with a particularly loud voice of distaste present within on-line forum communities.

Another important fact to remember is that 4Kids gave up the rights to the show at the start of the Jaya arc. Had they been allowed to continue with the series, it is likely that more episodes would have been cut further along in the series. The only statement to ever be made by 4Kids that can be used to draw a conclusion is the notion that when the company gained the rights to dub the series, a spokesman for their company stated that in order to sell anime series to an American audience that there would have to be changes made to be able to produce them for TV.[4] FUNimation had also later noted there would be changes made for TV viewing also, however since the series aired at a much later time frame and was intended to be sold on DVD uncut, to date no episode has ever been skipped by FUNimation.

Other then this, there is a small note that when One Piece was released on DVD by 4Kids, it was launched at the market of pre-teens (with ESRB stickers to support this on the back). Shonen Jump magazine, however, is intended for teenage boys and older (13+ years old), so One Piece has a different marketing approach in Japan than the one 4Kids intended. This meant there would be elements within the series that, while suitable for a teen audience in Japan, would not be suitable for the target pre-teen audience that 4Kids was trying to sell the series to in America.

Mihawk and ElementsEdit

Myth: Mihawk can cut all four elements, it says so in X Data Book.

Fact: This is an old rumor that has been around since the release of the Data books, with origins currently unknown. There is nothing in the books about such a thing. However, this is one of those rumors amongst the fandom that just does not die easy.

Lucky Roo is fastEdit

Myth: Lucky Roo is the fastest person in the Grand Line.

Fact: This is an old rumor that has been around since the release of the Data books, with origins currently unknown. The original rumor came once more from info in the Data books (which later was confirmed to be absent from any of the databooks). This is based on Luffy's past when Roo appeared out of nowhere to kill a bandit.[5] Again, this is not actually a proven fact. 

The Shichibukai leave their CrewsEdit

Shadowed Shichibukai

Yosaku's description of the Shichibukai usually a source of blame for the myth of Shichibukai abandoning their crews.[6]

Myth: When the Shichibukai gain their rank, they must abandon their crews.

Fact: This is wrong! Oda has not stated this in a chapter or a SBS. It is unclear how this managed to manifest in the English-speaking fandom. There are currently three theories as to how it happened in which one or all may be the source of this myth:

  1. Sometimes a 4Kids mistranslation is blamed as most English fans who state this have not gone over the original Japanese version. An exact source for this has never been supplied.
  2. One source of blame is how the Shichibukai were introduced. Mihawk was introduced without a crew, Arlong was introduced having split away from Jinbe's crew and Crocodile did not have a pirate crew. Both Kuma and Doflamingo appeared at the Shichibukai/Marine meeting by themselves. Later Doflamingo returns to punish Bellamy for disgracing his old flag. These things combined are thought to give many fans the impression the Shichibukai are without crews.
  3. When the fans who make this mistake are questioned as to source, they usually link their information to the introduction of the Shichibukai made by Yosaku. This misunderstanding is however untrue and there is no such statement made in Yosaku's story about who the Shichibukai are.

Since the World Government does not care what a Shichibukai does so long as it maintains the balance in the world it seems unlikely they'd enforce such a rule on the Shichibukai on whom they seem to rely so much. So far, the only Shichibukai who seem to truly be loners are Mihawk and Kuma. This remains one of the strongest myths amongst the English speaking fandom. Even with newer chapters being released that prove the rumor is wrong and evidence from older chapters, every time the subject of the Shichibukai is raised someone will put forward this myth. These chapters include the introductions of the Shichibukai Gekko Moriah (whose former crew was killed by Kaido leaving Moriah to form another crew at Thriller Bark) and Boa Hancock (who clearly remains the captain of her Kuja Pirate crew).

Fishmen and Devil FruitsEdit

Myth: If a Fishman eats a Devil Fruit, he will explode! Oda said so!

Fact: It was unknown before Chapter 613 if there existed a fishman who had eaten a Devil Fruit and despite what some claimed when spreading this rumor, Oda has never given a response to such a question. This rumor came out soon after the explanation on Devil Fruit users and why they cannot eat two Devil Fruits. It was common to see around forums and lasted for about a year, but has become less common now then it once was.

This theory was spawned from the classic problem of why a Fishman would even consider a Devil Fruit, as his strength is in being able to swim, yet a Devil Fruit renders the user useless in water. There are many other theories as people have considered that the Fishmen might have a special condition when Devil Fruits are involved. It was also a theory that their half-fish status would act as a Devil Fruit effect, thus the Devil Fruit would react to them.

The rumor has officially been proven false in Chapter 613, when Vander Decken IX was revealed to have eaten the Mato Mato no Mi, yet is still alive.

Straw Hat DeathEdit

Myth: Oda stated a crew member will die!

Fact: Possibly one of the most famous forum rumors. Back in 2003, Oda was claimed to have given verbal word that a member of the Straw Hats will die. At the time, the series was still in Skypiea.

The story goes (as often told by long-term fans) that later on when this did not happen, Oda said sorry as things had not gone as planned. The member of the crew that was suppose to die in 2003 is said to have been the Going Merry, which was originally planned to go down then. When Skypiea played out for too long, the death of the Going Merry was delayed for 3 years while Oda finished the other arcs before it and (eventually) led the storyline up to the end of the Going Merry at the end of the Enies Lobby arc.

Oda has stated many times over the last few years that the series has gone on longer than he expected. For example, he only planned it to last for 5 years.[7]

Low Ratings for Animated Cover StoriesEdit

Myth: No more manga cover stories were animated because the Buggy and Coby mini-arcs received low ratings. Low ratings are also given as a possible reason why 4Kids did not include these episodes in its dub version.

Fact: The ratings for the Buggy and Coby mini-arcs were not low, and in fact were roughly the same as the episodes preceding and following them. Another cover story will later be animated, the Straw Hat Separation Serial which comes between the Impel Down and Marineford arcs, further making this rumor false.

This rumor has been propagating on One Piece fan forums for years but can be easily disproven by looking at a list of the ratings for each episode.[8]

Hatchan's Sea Stroll AnimatedEdit

Takoyaki TakeOut

Hatchi's mini-series remains to date unanimated.

Myth: Since Hatchan, Keimi, and Pappug were introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc in the anime, the cover arc that introduced them in the manga may get animated as a way to explain their origins.

Fact: This was back when the Sabaody Archipelago Arc was being animated, and some have speculated that the cover arc might be implemented into the story, saying that Hatchan may talk to the crew about his travels, likely when he was on the Sunny giving food or when they were at the park. As the arc progressed people gave their ideas of how they could do so, like when Hatchan was being treated after the incident at the Auction.

When the arc ended, people believed there would be a filler starring Hatchan wondering where Luffy's crew had gone, whilst remembering how he got away and met Keimi and Pappug, and may include a flashback in that fashion. This same theory also applied to the ends of the Amazon Lily and Separation Arcs.

A reason why people felt this arc should be animated is the fact that the Buggy and Coby stories had been built up to later major arcs, such as Buggy arc's leading to his appearance in Loguetown, and Coby and Helmeppo appearing at Water 7 after the Enies Lobby incident, the latter is disproved since they were animated before the Post-Enies Lobby Arc was in manga form. By that same formula, people believe that the arc would be animated since their involvement in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc is undeniable.

No final word has been given and unless proven otherwise there are no plans to animate any of the cover arcs (regardless of the reasons why they should), the cover arcs are stories about what other characters have been doing after said incident and are not direct tie-ins to the main plot, so their involvement in the main story does not give them priority to animate the cover arc. The only exception is the cover stories depicting the Straw Hat crew during their separation, which were animated more as ongoing events than separate stories and tied into their later personal chapters and the over-all story as it was happening.

Crocodile's and Arlong's FateEdit

Myth: Oda stated in an interview that Crocodile and Arlong were executed.

Fact: An old rumor based on unfounded sources that claims Oda stated in an interview that Crocodile and Arlong were executed. However, no such interview has been shown to actually exist. When Luffy defeated Crocodile, he was knocked through the bedrock and fell to the ground outside the temple, wounded. Same goes to Arlong whose nose was broken and his castle fell on him.

But in the Miss Goldenweek side-story, Crocodile was in fact alive in prison and later seen to be still alive in Impel Down, exposing the interview to actually be a myth, Hatchan also confimed that Arlong was in prison as well.

Daz Bones' fate and bountyEdit

Myth: Smoker stated that Daz Bones is dead and his bounty is Beli50,000,000.

Fact: An error found in the German dub. Also, in the FUNimation dub, Smoker explained Zoro's bounty to Tashigi, claiming that he had defeated 100 bounty hunters in Whiskey Peak and killed Daz Bones who had Beli50,000,000 bounty on his head. However in fact; at the end of Alabasta, Smoker stated that Zoro had a bounty for killing the bounty hunters in Whiskey Peak and had defeated Daz Bones, an assassin from West Blue, but never stated that he was killed nor said anything about his bounty. Daz Bones, like Crocodile, was seen alive in Miss Goldenweek's side-story thus dismissing this old forum speculation. Daz Bones is also seen in Impel Down and assists Luffy in his quest to save Ace, proving that he is still alive.

Evil ShichibukaiEdit

Myth: All Shichibukai are evil and they are to be all defeated by the Straw Hat Pirates every time they meet them before going to the New World.

Fact: This is one of the old Shichibukai myths, it's old as the "Shichibukai abandoning their crew" rumor.

This rumor begun with Mihawk facing and managing to defeat Zoro. Later Yosaku described the Shichibukai saying that they target pirates, take the loot, pay half loot to the World Government and were labeled as "Government dogs"; leading fans to believe that all Shichibukai are evil and the Straw Hat Pirates were to defeat all of them.

After the Post-Enies Lobby Arc, many fans believed that before the Straw Hat Pirates go to the New World, there has to be different arcs with each Shichibukai as an antagonist on their own islands.

Fans believes that Jinbe would be the first, until it was revealed that there was a Shichibukai on Thriller Bark. Kuma appeared later in the same arc. This was the first crackdown against the theory.

By Chapter 490, the Red Line made its reappearance, with only two Shichibukai defeated so far. After Kuma sent the Straw Hat Pirates away in Sabaody, Luffy landed in Amazon Lily where he later met Boa Hancock.

At first it was thought that Hancock is the enemy, since she attacked Luffy but Luffy never touched her. Later it was discovered that Hancock was not really a villain once her backstory was revealed. She later befriends Luffy (due to him covering Boa Sandersonia's back to cover her slave mark from being exposed) and aided him to sneak in Impel Down, further dismissing the theory that all Shichibukai are evil. Jinbe would be the next Shichibukai to ally with Luffy.

Later, Luffy met Blackbeard. The two briefly fought before the fight was stopped by Jinbe.

During the battle in Marineford, we see Ivankov fighting Kuma while Jinbe fights Moriah, dismissing the theory that the Straw Hat Pirates have to beat them all up, as anyone can fight a Shichibukai. This also proves that the Straw Hat Pirates do not have to defeat all Shichibukai before entering the New World.

So far, only Blackbeard, Doflamingo, Crocodile, and Moriah have been antagonists. Mihawk, and Kuma appear to be neutral, while Hancock and Jinbe are clearly allies, and Crocodile later switched from antagonistic to an ally and holds no grudge against Luffy. Kuma and Mihawk also ended up helping the Straw Hats to some extent. Kuma not only saved the Straw Hats from certain demise, but also gave them an opportunity to grow stronger and Mihawk helped Zoro become a stronger swordsman.

However, Zoro will have to fight against Mihawk and defeat him in order to fulfill his dream and become the world's greatest swordsman. But this is because of pure rivalry, not because Mihawk is evil.

Shichibukai first and lastEdit

Myth: In the first half of the Grand Line, everything starts with a Shichibukai and ends with a Shichibukai.

Fact: This is a half-true rumor. It's true that when the Straw Hat Pirates entered the Grand Line, they ended up facing a Shichibukai, Crocodile. This led fans to believe that if Crocodile was the first Shichibukai to be faced at the first half of the Grand Line, they were to fight a Shichibukai before entering the New World. However, during the later Whitebeard War saga, it became clear that it will not happen.

Guessing NumbersEdit

1.Myth: The final chapter is 1000.

Fact: It is not known at what chapter One Piece ends on, although nowadays a lot of people think it will go past 1000.

2.Myth: "I heard that Oda would do 600 more chapters".

Fact: Similar to the above, it was seen around chapter 340-400 and even maintained a presence for a while on the Wikipedia One Piece page in late 2004/early 2005. The series eventually reached this mark, however, and is now running over 800 chapters.

3.Myth: The Straw Hat Pirates would reach the New World by chapter 500 for a halfway mark.

Fact: Once they reached the Red Line by chapter 490, fans thought they would enter the New World by chapter 500, but they did not reach it until after chapter 598.

Who will voice Franky?Edit

Myth: I heard that Hulk Hogan was going to voice Franky!

Fact: This rumor has been around since 2006 when there were questions about who will voice Franky in the English dub (which at the time was the 4kids dub) Fans spread then the unconfirmed rumor that Hulk Hogan was to voice Franky due to how Franky was similar to him and how Hulk's gruffy voice would match him. Many fans dismissed the rumor because it would not make sense for a wrestler to voice an anime character.

Franky is now being voiced by Patrick Seitz, who provided the voice role in Unlimited Adventure, which was dubbed by FUNimation.

Ace the lastEdit

Myth: With the death of Ace, the entire Gol and Portgas bloodlines became extinct.

Fact: This rumor arose after the release of Chapter 574 and was discussed on the wikia. However, it was never stated that neither Gol D. Roger nor Portgas D. Rouge had any relatives, and it is not impossible that there might be living members of both families. This rumour cannot be confirmed or disproved and is entirely speculative. To date, we can only confirm "Roger's bloodline", has ended which means no further descendants of the pair will exist. However, this does not confirm that other off-shoot bloodlines from their family exist from earlier ancestors and relations.

Ace's tattoo's originEdit

Sabo's Jolly Roger

Sabo's Pirate Flag looks similar to the tattoo

Myth: Oda stated that the crossed out "S" was a tattoo artist's mistake

Fact: Once again, like with Crocodile's supposed execution, it is a rumor passed off as a fact, which is a growing problem that is filling up the One Piece fansites. Nowhere in any interview, databook or SBS has Oda stated that the crossed out "S" was an artist's mistake. It was instead revealed in One Piece Green: Secret Pieces that the "S" is indeed a tribute to Sabo.

The Revolutionaries did not save SaboEdit

Myth: The Revolutionaries saved an unknown person, but it's not Sabo .

Fact: After the chapter where Sabo was shot in cold blood by the World Noble, Revolutionaries can be heard saying they managed to save someone who was seriously injured.

In Chapter 731, Sabo is revealed to be alive and then in Chapter 744 it was confirmed that he did join the Revolutionaries. Also in Chapter 794, it was revealed that the person Dragon saved on that night was indeed Sabo.

The Japanese DVD Release is Cropped!Edit

Myth: Despite being produced in 16:9 Widescreen from Episode 207 on, the Japanese DVD release of One Piece is entirely cropped to 4:3 Fullscreen.

Fact: This rumor arose from a simple misconception, but is easy to refute once a little fact checking is applied. In Japan, One Piece was originally produced in 4:3 Fullscreen aspect ratio from episodes 1-206. At episode 207, the show began to be produced native to the 16:9 Widescreen aspect ratio. However, Toei's Japanese DVD release remained in the 4:3 aspect until episode 229. (The beginning of the Water 7 Arc) At episode 229, the DVDs began to be produced in Widescreen. Where the misconception comes in however, is that Toei continued to produce 4:3 DVDs for those later episodes exclusively for rental shops in Japan. Since pirates would not usually purchase the DVDs to make their pirated rips, the most commonly seen "DVD Raw" downloads online come from rental copies, thus causing the misconception in fans outside Japan that the DVD release is mostly 4:3. Refuting this is rather easy, simply go to any site that sells Japanese One Piece DVDs (Such as Amazon Japan, or CD Japan) and look up any Enies Lobby or Thriller Bark DVD. The aspect ratio is listed as Widescreen on all fronts. To compound this, Kaizoku Fansubs particularly uses DVD Raws they themselves rip from DVDs they purchase. If one pays attention to Kaizoku's releases around the time of the widescreen shift, they began doing dual releases (Fullscreen DVD and Widescreen TV) for the Long Ring Long Land Arc, but stopped and switched exclusively to Wide when the first Water 7 DVD released turned out to be 16:9. From 229 on, Kaizoku's releases were from the DVDs and were completely Widescreen, until 261 when the HD Raws ripped from TV became available.

Chopper needs glassesEdit

Myth: Chopper has lost some of his vision. In Chapter 598 he uses a stick when walking, also he cannot tell the difference between the fake Straw Hats and the real ones.

Fact: Chopper was playing with a stick as part of his childish personality (similar to Luffy in Skypiea). Likewise, Chopper having trouble telling the distinct differences between people is part of his naïveté which both he and Luffy displayed over Usopp's flimsy disguise as Sogeking. Incidentally, Luffy made the same mistake as Chopper with the fake Straw Hat pirates the chapter afterwards.

Luffy's Bounty Hasn't IncreasedEdit

Myth: Fake Luffy was exaggerating Luffy's bounty increase to Beli400,000,000 to appear more intimidating.

Fact: This popular piece of speculation has led to heated debates on forums. In Chapter 599, the man posing as Luffy mentions being an elite pirate with a Beli400,000,000 bounty on his head.

Fans thought he was lying but in Chapter 601, it was offically revealed by a Pacifista that Luffy's bounty is indeed Beli400,000,000.

Zoro Has a Superior EyeEdit

Myth: He is not blind, he had a transplant.

Fact: After the two year timeskip, Zoro has yet to open his left eye which now has a scar over it. Many fans speculate he is now blind in that eye but this has yet to be confirmed.

Zoro Has the SharinganEdit

Myth: After the timeskip, the scar on his eye is exactly the same as Kakashi Hatake's. Therefore, he must have a Sharingan.

Fact: This is not true, as the Sharingan does not even exist in One Piece - it exists in Naruto.

Myth: Hawkeye's trademark eyes are the OP equivalent of the Sharingan, and Zoro's closed eye is now also a hawkeye.

Fact: This is entirely unconfirmed, and with the scarring of Zoro's eye, extremely unlikey. The logic behind this rests entirely on the mechanics of the Sharingan, which does not apply in One Piece.

New Fleet AdmiralEdit

Myth: Aokiji is the new Fleet Admiral.

Fact: Akainu is now the new Fleet Admiral after defeating Aokiji in a battle that lasted for ten days. Aokiji has left the Marines after that.

Zoro lost his arm!Edit

Zoro Cap 598 Spoiler

The poor quality of the spoiler image mislead some fans in thinking that Zoro lost the left arm.

Myth: Zoro lost his arm while training with Mihawk.

Fact: This rumor was made when spoilers were released for chapter 598. When it showed the Straw Hats in their new timeskip look, the image did not show the entire page full, so one of Zoro's swords wasn't visible and neither was his arm (it was behind Luffy's leg). Many fans argued with this, but it was obvious it was false if you looked closely. This became undeniably false with the arrival of Zoro post timeskip in the manga, where he has both arms.

Luffy as Roger? As Garp..?Edit

Myth: When Luffy becomes Pirate King, a certain marine will be the one to hunt and fight him, like Garp and Roger.

Fact: There have been rumors in both the manga and anime series that if Luffy becomes Pirate King, a marine will chase him around the seas and battle him and tried to capture him, like Roger and Garp did over 30 years ago. Many Fans also have a theory of which Marine will be the one to chase Luffy.


Fans believe that Coby will be the Marine to chase and capture Luffy, as Luffy was the one who helped Coby live his dream of joining the marines. In addition, he and Luffy are both friends and enemies, just as Roger said he trusted Garp as much as any of his crewmates.


As fans know that before and after the timeskip, Smoker has been both chasing Luffy and trying to capture him time to time, Like Garp did to Roger but failed all the time. Interestingly after the timeskip Smoker became a Vice Admiral (like Garp was) and is still chasing Luffy.

Although an alternate theory is that in the future Smoker will become Fleet Admiral replacing Akainu and become the Sengoku of the next generation, while Coby will become Garp.

Strong World; Brook English voiceEdit

Myth: Brook will be dubbed by either Vic Mignogna or Jerry Jewell.

Fact: After FUNimation announced that they had acquired the rights to dubbed One Piece: Strong World, there were numerous fan rumors that Brook, the 9th member of the Straw Hat Pirates, would be voiced by Vic Mignogna or Jerry Jewell.

In the FUNimation dub of One Piece: Strong World, Ian Sinclair (voice of Dandy from Space Dandy and Toriko of the titular anime) is Brook's English voice actor.

Bellamy's DeadEdit

Myth: Doflamingo used his powers to control Sarkies and kill Bellamy with his Big Knife at Jaya.

Fact: Some fans of the manga thought that in Chapter 303 Bellamy was killed off-screen by Doflamingo due to him not living up to Doflamingo's flag. Later it was confirmed in Chapter 704 that Bellamy is indeed alive, with his bounty raised from Beli55,000,000 to Beli195,000,000 during the timeskip.

A new One Piece movie is coming out in 2015! Edit

Myth: This fake rumor spread quickly in several forums regarding the fact that a new movie was going to come out in 2015 called "Conquistadores" with a new villain, Leon Bassecourte.

Fact: The creators of this fake tried to trick gullible people who didn't speak Japanese by linking a page to the official One Piece website showing the designs of the Straw Hat pirates for an Amusement Park in Japan, making them think it was the new designs for the movie. This was obviously confirmed as a clear fake. However another One Piece movie called Film: Gold has been released on summer 2016.

Enel's ModelEdit

Myth: Enel's design is based on the rapper Eminem, according to Eiichiro Oda.

Fact: In an interview featured in One Piece Blue: Grand Data File, Oda lists Eninem as one of his favorite musicians. It was then speculated that Enel, who bears a resemblance to Marshall Mathers, must have been modeled after him. The rumor continued to spread, and was seen on Enel's wiki article for years. However, Oda never said anything about Enel's model, and simply enjoys Eminem's music.

Sanji's "Only Alive"Edit

Myth: The World Government want Sanji brought to them alive because he is related to one of the Gorosei.

Fact In chapter 801, the Straw Hats were given larger bounties and new photos, with Sanji's bounty poster now bearing a picture for the first time. However, his wanted poster stated for him to be brought alive only. In chapter 826, it is revealed by Sanji's older sister Reiju that ever since he left the family at a young age, his father Judge was looking for him throughout the years in order to use him. After the marines got an accurate picture of him, Sanji's father raised his bounty and set the conditions to "Only Alive"

Fact The Vinsmoke family has no ties to the Gorosei, but since they can go to the Reverie it is assumed that they are part of the World Government which is why Sanji's father could put a "Only Alive" bounty on him.

Pudding has three eyesEdit

Myth: Charlotte Pudding is the unnamed three eye girl from Chapter 651.

Fact In Chapter 812, when it was revealed that Sanji (whose last name is Vinsmoke and the 3rd son) is arrange to marry Charlotte Pudding (the 35th daughter of Big Mom) as part of the alliance between both families, many rumors spectacle that Pudding is the three eyed girl from Chapter 651. In Chapter 819, when Sanji saw the photo of Pudding, it showed that she appears like a young and normal looking girl with two eyes. However some fans believed that Pudding is the same girl due to their similar eyes, nose, lips, and facial structure and that she covered her third eye with her hair to be more presentable to Sanji.

Fact As of Chapter 850, it has been confirmed that Pudding is indeed the three eyed girl and that she did cover her third eyes in bangs. She also revealed that she's been working with her mother on an attempt to kill Sanji and the Vinsmoke Family so they can acquire all their advanced technology for themselves.

Yonko Saga plot revealedEdit

Myth: The plot of future chapters was revealed by an editor.

Fact: There is a poorly worded prediction of the Whole Cake Island Arc, which was claimed to originate from an editor. However, ever since this was posted online, the manga has progressed to point it proved that predicted plot to be wrong.

Death of SnackEdit

Myth: Charlotte Snack was killed by Urouge during the two year time skip.

Fact: It was believed by fans that Charlotte Snack, who was one of the then Four Sweet Commanders, was killed by Urouge.

However, in Chapter 894, it is revealed that not only Snack is alive, but he lost his position as a Sweet Commander.


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